Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baby Fever

I guess i should just come out with it... I have baby fever so bad, y'all! Have had it for awhile, but i guess i can just go ahead & admit it on my blog!

I just can't wait to be a mommy! We are not starting a family quite yet, so don't get TOO excited! But we do have a time frame in mind. Hopefully all will go as planned?!

Anyway, i found this picture on Etsy a week or two ago & i saved it to my computer. I just can't stop looking at it. i swear. I fell IN LOVE.

I want this baby.

Or at least a baby girl with this baby hat. :)

In case i forget about the baby fever, i can just take a glance at this picture & it's all over for me. Again.


  1. hahaha. You are too funny. Does Brad know about the picture haha? You should just delete it. No need to torture yourself!

  2. Glad to have you on the boat with us! :) That baby and hat are PRECIOUS!

  3. See now I'm in just the opposite boat. While that baby is very sweet, I watched my nieces yesterday (5 years and 9 months) and I completely DO NOT want anymore kids. I forgot how much you need to watch a 9 month old. She was into EVERYTHING!

    Anyway, hope you get your sweet baby girl when you want it.

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  5. Shes too cute!!

    I also have baby fever and hopefully april of next year we will start trying!

  6. I find myself wanting a baby now, but know that I need to wait for the time to be right.. Le sigh.

  7. hahaha I have a baby...and that makes me want a baby girl!!!


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