Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Beautiful Conference!

Oh, y'all! I had such an amazing time at the women's conference this weekend! It was such a great time & so refreshing! The conference was called "Beautiful" & the subject was how beautiful we are to God. And how Beautiful HE is!! Kari Jobe was the guest worship leader - she was FANTASTIC - and by the way, she is cute as a button! Really tiny & adorable. If you don't know who Kari Jobe is & you go to church - you probably have sang some of her songs & just didn't realize it. Anyway, look her up!! I bought all 3 of her cd's b/c you could get one for $15 or all three for $25. :) Angela Thomas was the guest speaker & wow! I absolutely LOVE her. She is my new favorite person. Seriously, she's right up there with Beth Moore for me. She is SO funny & easy to relate to & a great teacher. WOW. I am going to share some of what she talked about in a future blog post. :) What an incredible weekend.

I had the privilege of going to this conference with some of the women in my family. Well, me & my mom & a bunch of my in-laws. Usually i go to stuff like this with church friends. I don't usually get to do that with family. It was wonderful being with them for this conference!!

The weekend went like this:
Friday, 4pm - i left work early & went & got us a table at Cracker Barrel. Table of 10 crazy loud women! We had dinner together before the conference & had a great time!!

my cousins-in-law, megan & whitney 

my sister-in-law Jaimie (right) with her friend Delana. 

Mrs. Melanie & her friend, Becca

Aunt KK & Melanie! HA!

me with my mom & mom-in-law!! We were mid-laughs!:)

whitney! all saddy because she almost didn't get told about Kari Jobe being in town! & she freaking LOVES kari jobe! 

my mom being silly in the cracker barrel shop! 

now y'all see where i get it from... 

After dinner, we headed to the conference! We got great seats! i was surprised. We got there about an hour early, i think. Kari Jobe led worship & then Angela Thomas spoke & then Kari Jobe led worship again. AWESOME!!! 

ran into some girls from Victory - my old roomie Aimie, her sister Abby, & Kristin :)

It was cold in there!! Megan & Whitney got a quilt out of Aunt KK's car!

The service was truly awesome!! & Istrouma does a great job of putting on a women's conference! They had a break & upstairs they had baskets full of snacks, everywhere...no extra charge! And bottled waters. And coffee & bagels on Saturday morning. It was nice. :) Saturday i did not get to the conference till about 10 minutes after 9, when it started! But it's all good! We had the same seats as the night before. YAY! Kari led worship, then we had two sessions with Angela Thomas & then we had another worship session with Kari. It was truly awesome! Pardon my eyes in some of the pics, i was so tired!! HA! 

me & my old roomie, Aimie! love her!

see what i mean about the eyes!? i rarely blink in pics. i was just so tired! But i LOVE ashley & was thrilled to run into her at the conference!

me & whitney! :)

ROBYN!! One of my favorite people. I want to be like her when i grow up! ;) 

more victory girls! abigail, rachel, laura & becca

becca. one of my dearest best friends. :)

 Whitney got a pic with Kari Jobe! :)

After the conference it was lunch time, so we went to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, the cheesecake bistro. YUM! almost everyone got the Crescent City Chicken Wrap - that thing is so good! 

me & Jaimie!

HA! I love her!! (Her reaction to having to take a pic all by herself!)

 me & my mom

Mrs. Cheryl, Aunt KK, Becca & Mrs. Melanie!

Me, Whitney, Megan & Jaimie!

Sadly, i missed the cocktail party i had that afternoon! My good friends Chris & Mary were having a shower today at 4pm. I left lunch, ran to the store to get their gift, got stuck in traffic & got home sweaty, not feeling too well & EXHAUSTED. Plus, it was 4pm when i got home - time for the party to start! And i had to get all dressed up! Needless to say, we did not make it! But we are going to have the newlyweds-to-be over for dinner to make up for it! I CRASHED & did not wake up till almost 8pm! But what a wonderful weekend it was! I think i will visit Istrouma Baptist in the morning to hear Kari Jobe one last time. :) 

Thank you, Jesus, for an awesome weekend! I will fill you all in on the details more later. Sorry for the picture overload... i'm actually only apologizing because everyone else does that when they put up so many pics. But that's what blogs are for! To store memories, right? And share stories. So i'm really not sorry for the picture overload! Just saying... but i love y'all if you stuck around to look at them all! :)


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  2. It was amazing! I am SO glad I went too! And of course, I'm glad I ran into you!!!!!
    Crescent City wrap.....yummmmmo!!!!!!

  3. Sounds like an amazing weekend! I hope to find something like that in my area over the winter.


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