Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boring post...sorry 'bout that.

I'm so tired. I don't even know what i'm doing still up. It's 9:46 pm. Not too late, but i was planning to go to bed early tonight. I will, after this.

I didn't go to gym tonight. 2nd night in a row. Which is fine, as long as i get in 4 days a week. Which means i gotta do it Thursday, Friday AND Saturday (i did Monday). I can do it! I'm just so tired this week. I moved my work schedule up a half an hour. Not that big a deal, right? Well, it is seriously making me quite exhausted! Who knew?! Next week i'll be used to it. Then i'll go on vacation & have to get used to getting up with an alarm all over again. Of course, i don't care. It's worth it! Vacation = thankfulness!!

So tomorrow is a long day. I'm House Managing at the Manship Theatre. Work 8-4:30. Gym 4:40-5:40ish. Shower & dress at the gym. Make it to the theatre by 7. Since i get off at 4:30 now, that will give me time to grab dinner between gym & theatre. I should get home from theatre around 11. Ick.

Saturday, we are having a jewelry party at my house. I hope a bunch of people come! So far it's only 7. So if you are reading this blog, please come to my jewelry party! It's at my parent's house! Please!! :) I don't really care if you buy anything. I just need bodies there. PLEASEEEE!! :) Seriously. I'll be your best friend. And it will be fun. :)

Other than that, this weekend is completely free. YAY. And then Friday, i'm going to FLORIDA with the fam. YAY! I cannot wait.

So that's it for now. Sorry for writing the most boring post EVER. I'll have better ones this weekend.

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