Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jennifer & Kirby's wedding

Tonight i went to the wedding of a sweet young woman who i have known for a long time! Seriously, i started attending the church where her dad is a pastor when i was 9 years old & she is 9 years younger than i am! So i guess I've known her for her whole life. :) I have watched her & her younger brother grow up all these years, especially in the youth group not all that long ago. She is just beautiful inside & out. A total sweetheart.

Brad couldn't come to the wedding...he is working hard on his music project & he has a deadline to meet! So i went by myself. I sat with my old roomie/good friend Aimie during the ceremony & i sat with my bff Sarah & her hubby & kids during the reception. Had a great time. Saw lots of people i hadn't seen in awhile, which is always fun. I also corrected a kid that wasn't mine (obviously, seeing as how i don't have children!). I was sad Brad wasn't there to see that...he would have been proud (he has this feeling i am going to be a softie in disciplining the kids, obviously he hasn't seen me as a nanny! He would have seen my motherly instinct come out at the wedding! HA!)

But we had a really good time & i am so happy for Kirby & Jenn! Enjoy the pics!

 Just married!!

Cutie little flower girls

First Dance

Me & my BFF Sarah :)

Sarah's twin girls, Hannah & Olivia 

The newlyweds!! 

I am so happy for Jennifer that she has found the love of her life. I know she waited for the right person & they seem like a match made in heaven. :) Even though I do not know Kirby that well, I have heard that he has a heart of gold & he definitely seems sincere & sweet. I am so happy for them! I know they are going to love married life!! 

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