Friday, August 6, 2010

Fill in the Blanks: Food!

Today is Fill in the Blank Friday, one of my favorite things! If you wanna play along, answer the below questions in your own blog & then head on over to Lauren's at the little things you do & link up! 

Today's questions are from Lauren's friend Liz at A Whisk & a Prayer, which is a cooking blog...& now i'm a new follower because it looks like a fun blog! You should check it out! :)  Naturally, today's questions are about FOOD. 

1. Today for breakfast I ate...
nothing but coffee & a little orange juice so far. I'm off today so i'm taking my time. :)

2. My go-to never-fail recipe is...
Chocolate chip pound cake, it's delicious! It is always a hit at parties (& sometimes a request)! I also recently found this dinner recipe at Picky Palate & it is DELISH! (You should go to Picky Palate, the girl has some fantastic looking recipes!)

3. Something i like to eat that other people think is weird is...
gosh, i can't really think of anything weird that i like to eat... i always get ketchup with my steak... & for whatever reason someone always has something to say about that! But that's not that weird at all, really, is it? I mean, it makes sense!

4. My worst cooking disaster ever was... 
I can't think of anything... i know i've burned cookies or something, but nothing sticks out in my mind. Once i ruined my dutch oven though. I threw a block of ground beef in a very hot dutch oven & it cracked the enamel off the bottom of the pot. Apparently the beef was still frozen & i didn't realize. But my MIL told me that i should send it back b/c that might be a defect...haven't done it yet, though. I mean, it makes sense that throwing frozen meat into a scalding hot skillet wouldn't be a good thing, right?

5, If i could eat one flavor of ice cream forever for the rest of my life, it would be...
it's killing me not to say something with chocolate involved, BUT... I had Bluebell's Blackberry Cobbler Ice Cream recently & Oh.my.gosh. It tasted like Blueberry Muffin Batter. It was AMAZING. 

6. One food i hate & avoid at all costs is...
SUSHI. Barf.

7. What is your favorite meal? Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? 
Dinner, for sure. My breakfasts are so rushed, i don't have time to fix anything more than cereal (though i'm working on that!) & my lunches tend to get boring - i pack a sandwich, chips & fruit for lunch at work. But dinner is something i can cook, or something someone else cooks, or a night out at a restaurant. :) Love that!

Hope you join in!! & have a happy friday!


  1. Happy Friday! I agree I tried sushi once and it was not for me!!

  2. ketchup with steak makes sense to me! yum

  3. I've never heard of ketchup with a steak-- that's a new one! And I might have to try that ice cream-- I love blueberry muffin batter!

  4. That recipe from Picky Palate sounds delish - thanks for sharing it!

    Happy Friday!


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