Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Fievel!

Happy Birthday, 
Fievel Bouchee Venable!!

Fievel is 6 years old today! I am telling you, i love this dog! Brad does too... I think. He actually makes fun of him a lot. But he says that of course he loves him. He just thinks he is a little short on brains. (For the record, Fievel is smart, in my opinion! Brad expects him to understand things only humans would get! HA!).

Fievel is so funny, constantly doing things to make me & Brad crack up laughing. He is very well behaved, too (most days!). He is also sweet & affectionate. I love him! Shih Tzu's make awesome pets!
I hope i have this dog around for at least 10 more years!!

Happy Birthday, Fievel!!


  1. awww, I love these pictures! Dogs are the best... even if they take the back seat to the kids now :)

  2. Your pictures are adorable! He's so caaaaaaa-ute!

  3. O.M.G!!! I have fallen in love! Happy Birthday!!!!
    I have a shih tuz named JACKSON! He will be four this November! Aren't they the sweetest? My boyfriend makes fun too!

  4. I had a Shih Tzu growing up and he was the best dog ever! Happy Birthday to your puppy!

  5. He's adorable!!! Happy birthday Fievel!!!

  6. aw Happy Birtha Fievel!! I love his middle name ;) So Louisiana-ish

    How close are you guys to St. Charles..My BIL just moved down there!


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