Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jewelry party & shopping. & a prayer request.

Yesterday was my jewelry party. I went to one in May at my friend Shannon's. I usually will not go to parties like that... you know, pampered chef, mary kay, etc. But Shannon is sweet & i promised i'd go.

I had a ton of fun! More fun than i expected. I bought a cute heart necklace that's reversable. Super cute! I loved it! It was my 20 pounds lost present. :) She got a bonus if 3 people signed up to do a party. She had two sign up & then i decided to do it, too. Called mom to see if we could do it at her house & she agreed. So i signed up & it was scheduled for August 28th.

It went really well! We had a great time. 7 ladies showed up, which was a small group, but it was still fun! It was mom, my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law & her friend, my friend Shannon (the one whose house it was in May) & her friend Danell, my (very prego) friend Amy, & my coworker friend Wendy. I got all kinds of free jewelry for having the party... i got 137 bucks in free jewelry & i could get 4 items at half off. I got 3 pair of earrings (i am short on earrings!), a necklace/earring set & a watch! I haven't worn a watch in years because with cell phones, you got the time right there! But lately i've been wanting to wear a watch. So i got one. I only get the necklace/earring set right now. Everything else is ordered & will come in later. Can't wait!

Then...today after church, i wanted to go to Lane Bryant. They were having a 40% off of everything sale & can i tell you... i NEED bras. NEED! Not want! HA! Mine are worn out! Anyway, they have the best bras for my size women. And if you're plus size like me & know of cheaper bras that are JUST AS GOOD as the t-shirt bra from LB, let me know! Anyway, i got 2 bras, a cute shirt & a CUTE pair of pj's! It's like a blue floral babydoll top with short pj bottoms that match. SUPER cute & sweet & cozy! :) Wearing them now!

I also ran to Kirklands next door (LOVE that store) & got us a welcome mat. It has poppies on it. I love Poppies.

So it was fun.

Other than WORK, i'm looking forward to this week. I will workout everyday after work, except Friday because we are leaving for FLORIDA on Friday!!!! :) WOOHOO! We will not return until the following Friday! I will also be getting a pedi this week & hopfully buying Brad some swim trunks. Also, Brad will be completely done w/ his music project in about an hour. YES! OH & my dear friend Brittany is gonna be in town & i'm having dinner w/ her on Wednesday night!

Side note: Please pray for my sister. She was in a car accident this week - a 4-car pileup. At first she thought she was fine, then her leg was hurting her very badly.... We have discovered that the car accident caused Rhabdomyolysis. She will go back to the doctor tomorrow & if the toxin levels in her bloodstream have not gone down enough, she will have to be admitted for dialysis. Please pray for quick healing & recovery. And that she can still go to Florida!! (Michelle, if you are reading this, do not kill me! I figure if mom posts it on FB, & some people put it on your FB, then i can put it on my blog! Besides, these are strangers reading, not mom's friends! HA! ...love you.)


  1. I ONLY wear bras from LB. My chest is definitely plus sized and they are without a doubt the most flattering and comforable bras out there. I don't mind spending more on them because they actually lift and support these bad boys. :)

    Glad your jewlery party turned out well! How fun! I'm praying for your sister.

  2. What company did you do your jewelry party from? That sounds fun!! =)

  3. Jewelery parties are so fun! I heart Kirklands. I miss that store. I don't think they have them anywhere near us. Have a great week!

  4. i will keep her in my prayers!!! you must show off your jewelry when it comes in!! i love jewelry!!

  5. So sorry to hear about your sister. Lifting her up in prayer!


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