Monday, August 23, 2010

my current wish list!

So Christmas is not really all THAT soon. And my birthday is even farther away. But i have some things that i kind of want/need lately... Actually, really, these are all wants. I mean, some are borderline need, as in they would make life easier/better, but i can LIVE without them. :) But that's alright. I just felt like sharing what WILL be on my Christmas/Birthday list...when the time comes. Ha!

Here we go...

1. Cute Juice Glasses
I actually saw these in Pier One twice now. The first time they were cute & i loved them & i almost got them. But i didn't. The second time they were still cute & i still loved them & they were on SALE...& i still didn't get them! I don't know why. Oh, wait, yes i do. Because Brad has about 10 jillion ugly plastic cups that i am pretty sure he's not going to get rid of...cute new glasses or not. They are the same size as these cute ones above. There is really no room for these in our cabinets now...unless we get rid of the ugly ones. And as i said, i don't think that is happening! When i get a kitchen like THIS...

...THEN i'll have room for the juice glasses... & the other things that are currently in our junk room since we have not quite enough cabinet space!!

2. A Canon Rebel

Yes. I really want this! I asked for it last Christmas but didn't get it. Then i saved enough money to get one & opted to get a new dresser instead. I was learning a lot on my little point & shoot & decided to stick with that awhile longer. I still think i will stick with that awhile longer. But in the next couple of years, i'd love love love one of these babies!

3. A Reading Pillow
I simply have got to break down & buy one of these. I read or get online in my bed ALL THE TIME & it kills my back after awhile. This would be so much better!!

4. An ipod nano
This is a recent want. And it's not a need at all. I mean, if i really want music to listen to while i'm working out, then i need to buy the pc cord for my phone & put music on my phone. Pretty sure that'd be way cheaper! However, i was looking at my friend's ipod nano last week & i loved it! I'd love to have one of these for working out! i would have to have different ear things though... ear buds hurt my ears! Anyway, i'll probably do the phone thing. Or maybe i'll save up & buy one of these instead. Hmm...

5. Calphalon EVERYTHING!
When i registered at Bed Bath & Beyond, i registered for the Calphalon dishes. I didn't get them. Which was more than fine, because i got the Walmart pots/pans that i registered for & Brad had some already too. Those have done the job just fine! However, i love Calphalon stuff. When we registered we got one of their chopping knives for free & we also got their vegetable peeler. They are 2 of my best kitchen items! Everytime i use them, i rave about them! HAHA (& i use them all the time).  I told brad that I'd love to have the Calphalon stuff & that maybe i will buy a piece at a time. Ya know? It's a little more expensive but worth it!

6. Muffin Top Pans
I had never even heard of these, but i'm a huge fan of Picky Palate & Jenny's cookies are always made with a muffin top pan! And wow! There is a definite difference in the look (& size!) of her cookies. I have looked for them in Walmart & Bed Bath & Beyond with no luck! Did a google search that said Target sells them, so i'll be sure to look for one next time i'm in Target! Just look at these cookies!!! 

I mean, WOW! :) (Don't worry, i would only make these for a party or something! Not just a home at night - 'else i'd be tempted to eat the whole pan!)

7. Sunshine Print
This is one of those things that we just HAVE to HAVE. :) You may not know, but i sing this song to brad ALL the time. Except instead of the word "sunshine", i say "hoobie" (what i call him a lot). I sing this to him probably a few times a day. It goes kind of like this, "You are my hoobie! My hoobie hoobie! You make me HAPPY when skies are grey! You'll never know, HOOB, how much i LURVE YOU! Please don't take my hoobie away!" HAHA. (Yes, i know, I'm wierd!) So anyway...yeah...when i saw that on Etsy, i said, "I have to have that!" :) You can check it out here.

So there's my current "wants". What are yours????


  1. Oh my goodness, I love that print! You found it on Etsy? My sister and I are planning our birthday vacation for next summer so all I want for Christmas is money to go towards that. I would also take a new couch. Ha.

  2. ooohhh now I want to make my "wants" list too! I am in desperate need of some Calphalon pots too!

  3. I have calphalon pans! At this point I only use them for making eggs, I use cast iron for everything else. But they are wonderful.

    Right now my wish list is allllll camera accessories. I would like a telephoto lens, a wide angle and a macro lens (in that order?). It's funny that the camera was the cheap part!

  4. I've been working up a want list in my head. The problem is that all my wants are really expensive. :(

    Love that last thing and your song is hilarious!

  5. Aw, what a fun wish list!
    Sometimes when you post "wants" on your blog, family and friends get the hint and buy stuff for you ;)
    It works!
    Let us know if you get any of these.

    And I like that you do the no-ipod/cheap thing. ha ha ha I have an ipod now but when I started running I used to carry a cd player in my hand to run to :)


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