Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Photographer Friend Show-off 2!

Time for Photographer Friend Show-Off #2!!

If you have no clue what i am talking about, I recently decided it'd be fun to showcase the photography of my friends on this blog. I had realized how many friends i have that are photographers & i am always wanting to show off their work. I sent out an email asking permission & immediately got a bunch of "yes!" responses. The first one was last Tuesday, when i featured Amanda Blythe Photography. You can check out that post here

This week i will be showing off Laura's work. Laura is a very dear friend of mine. I met her online at least 4 years ago. We have never met in person, but she is just as dear to me as some of my very best friends here at home. Isn't it cool how God can introduce people to each other even when they live so far apart?! Love that. i call Laura my BBFF (best bloggie friend forever) & one day we WILL meet. Laura blogs at Life Happens & one thing you will love about her is that she is SO real & honest. It's refreshing.

 Laura & her husband, Mike

At some point during our friendship, Laura began to get interested in photography. She does an AWESOME job. She wants me to make it clear to you all that she is by no means a professional & that she is still learning. And that is true. However, you will see that many of her pics are just as good as any pro out there! She loves learning as she goes, taking pictures that show a person's character or their relationship to one another. She does such a great job. So, without further ado... 

Photographer Friend Show-Off #2! 
Laura at Wix Pix Photography 

 Baby Anna

 Tara - i love this one!

The two above are of Kiera. She is the daughter of another bloggie friend, Kim. Isn't she pretty? I love the expression Laura caught in the first pic. And i love violins, so i like that she took pics with hers. :)

 This is Ariel, Laura's sister-in-law.Love this pic at a church!!

Another good friend that i've met online...maybe i should go to Pennsylvania so i could meet all three of them (Laura, Kim & Rainey)! HA! I think this is a beautiful pic of Rainey.

Laura recently got the opportunity to shoot a wedding! She loved it! I thought this was the cutest couple & i LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics Laura got! Here are just a few of my faves. 


 (this one is my favorite!)

I am probably posting too many, there are just so many good ones to choose from!! Here is a shot of Laura's kids. Are they not precious? She always gets great shots of her kids, you will have to go to her blog to see more of them! 



I know this one doesn't seem like it fits with all the others, but i had to include it. It's so beautiful! 

So there you go! Lots of gorgeous pics!! Head on over to Life Happens if you'd like to take a look at more of them!

By the way, i'm sorry i can not post the horizontal pics in the extra large format. But you can click the pic to see it larger, if you like! :)

Thanks, Laura, for letting me share!!


  1. Awww... Mel! You are too kind! I love the pictures you chose. Some of my favorites too. And it's always fun to see what someone else pics out as the one they like from a shoot. I love that pic of Rainey! I think it is exactly who she is. Strong and confident and beautiful. Yay! Thanks for sharing. :) You rock.

  2. You MUST come to Pennsylvania and spend some time with us! How cool would that be? We could hang out at Panera. :)

    I love all the pics you chose to showcase. Laura just keeps getting better and better!

  3. She is very talented!

  4. cute shots!!!

    love the one with the newlyweds under the veil!!!


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