Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Photographer Friend Show-off 3!

Time to show off my 3rd photographer friend!!

If you haven't been around long, i have been featuring some photographer friends on my blog once a week. The first week i featured Amanda's pics & the next week i showed off Laura's pics. Check them out!

This week i am featuring...

Amber & i were friends in high school. I had not seen her in YEARS & one day one of us found each other on Facebook (of course! Isn't that how it goes these days?!). It was fun seeing her on facebook & looking at pics of her gorgeous family!! It wasn't long before i realized she takes some GREAT pictures! I needed a photographer to do some one year pics/christmas card pics for us last year & she was offering a special so i booked her! We went to City Park at LSU. What a great place to take pics! We had a great time & her daughter was a big help with Fievel. One of the pics from that shoot is at the top of my sidebar..the one of Brad & I on the bench with Fievel in between. I absolutely LOVE that picture!!

Here are some more pics by Amber at White Horse Photography. Enjoy!
(please note i can't do the horizontal pics in x-large. click the pick to see it larger!)

Sweet Family Pics...


Babies! Love this one!!

These are two of my favorites. Love the one in the field & the headshot is fantastic!

Engagement shots. Beautiful.

Bridal sessions & Weddings!

I love these two (above & below)!

Had to save my favorite for last... isn't she a cutie?!!

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek of Amber's photography! Be sure to check out her website & blog at White Horse Photography! Thanks, Amber, for letting me show off your gorgeous pics! 


  1. She is so talented! Beautiful work!

  2. Great work! Love all the photos... especially the one of that girl in the field.

  3. Wow! I love all of these! :)

    (I'm also loving how cute your blog is. Go you! ;) )


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