Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photographer Friend Show-Off 1!

I love photography, don't you? I just use a little point & shoot, though I hope to one day get an SLR. I love learning how to edit. I love taking pics at all of our holidays & parties & such. It's fun!! I have always thought that it would be SUCH a fun job, being a photographer. Even so, i know i'll never be one. And that's okay. I don't think i am supposed to be a photographer. But i do have lots of great photographer friends. Some of them have awesome businesses & have been doing this for awhile. Others don't have a business, but should! ;) I always love looking at their pics & i am amazed by their talent!!

Recently, i had this idea to start showcasing them. I mean, I'm always looking at their pics & wanting to show them off. I emailed several of them to ask their permission & immediately got a few resounding "YES" responses. YAY. :)

So - here we go...Photographer Friend Show-Off  #1!

Amanda of Amanda Blythe Photography.
 *this photo was taken by Amanda's assistant, Amy K.
(I'm sorry - i forgot to mention that Amanda is also Gorgeous!)

I met Amanda at church a few years ago & i had no idea she took amazing pics!! I know at the time she had no clue she'd be entering the world of photography. All i knew was that (a) she was nice & an awesome christian & (b) that she has a beautiful singing voice. Later, we didn't go to the same church anymore but we kept in touch on facebook. She started posting pics all the time & her statuses on FB were always about how she was falling in love with the world of photography. I was in awe of her pics, & thought she was fantastic, especially for a beginner! I remember one particular FB status that said, "i so wish i was a photographer. i love it so much!" & i commented, "what are you talking about? you already ARE a photographer!" because whether she had a business or clients or not - she was GOOD.

Pretty soon, Amanda had started her own business. Amanda Blythe Photography.
Take a look at some of my favorites!

Little Ones Sessions

Finally Graduate Sessions


Blushing Bride Sessions

And some VERY COOL Trash-the-Dress Sessions
(Forgive me, i couldn't pick just one! Check out the whole shoot here.)

Isn't that trash-the-dress session brilliant?! I just love it! 

I would love love love to show you even more of Amanda's pics, but this is really intended to be more of a teaser, so you will go check out her site!! So do it! :)

Stay tuned for the next Photographer Friend Show-Off, coming next week! :)


  1. love her work!
    and this blog is the cutest!

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the kind words!!! You are so sweet for posting this for us!!! Love it!!!! ~Amy K

  3. Wow! Those trash the dress pics are stunning! I'm in love with the idea. Fabulous photos. Will have to check out her blog. :)

  4. She is really talented! Beautiful work! And she is so pretty too.

  5. Oh wow you are right she is amazing! I'm adding her to my list of photog. i like!! Thanks for showing her off!

  6. Thanks Melissa for showcasing Amanda and Amy's work. Both these young ladies have grown tremendously over the last year and I am so proud of them both. I love your pics BTW and don't know if you remember Mark & Susan from church; take care & God bless!


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