Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Questions

Time for Getting to know YOU Sunday with Keely, from MannLand5. Play along! :)

1. If you accidentally knick a car in the parking lot, do you leave a note or get the heck out of there? 
I think this depends. I was reading other answers to this question & was shocked to see that most said get out of there! Ohmygosh! You are at fault, you should help pay to fix it. Then i read more & realized that not everyone took "knicked" to mean "hit". Obviously if there is no damage, i wouldn't leave a note. But i once hit a car in the parkinglot & it was at school, so instead of leaving a note, i went in to find whose car it was. I was horrified, embarrassed & felt TERRIBLE, but really... i hit their vehicle! & it was obvious damage to a brand new truck. Thankfully, the guy told me not to worry about it.

2.  Love your body or plastic surgery?
I like my body. "Love" would be taking it a bit too far. ;) If you know me or saw me, you would be shocked that i say i like it. I am extremely overweight, but i am working on that...by eating healthy & spending an hour in the gym, four days a week. It's gonna get better. Still, it is my body. And my hubby loves it. :)

I really hate plastic surgery. I get it for certain people, in certain situations, but i don't include beautiful women with gorgeous figures who may have saggy boobs or bellies because of giving birth. I mean, you gave birth! And THAT is a beautiful thing. It is unrealistic to want to look like someone straight out of a magazine. And to me, the magazine image is not real beauty, anyway.

3. What about your favorite blogs continues to drive you back?
They are relatable. They are fun, filled with humorous stories & pictures & honesty. If you don't post very often or only do giveaways & if your blog is cluttered, i probably will not become a follower.

4. What percentage of your blog is BS, just to make your life seem more interesting than it really is? 
None of it is BS. None at all. 

5. If you had to give up one type of meat for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
Pork. I mean, i like it alright, but i don't LOVE it. I could do without.

6. How often do you eat out? 
Restaurants? Twice a month. If you're including deli's & such, i'd say once a week. Either way, i've come a long way, baby. :)

7. Skinny Jeans or Boot Cut? 
Boot Cut. 

8. If you caught your spouse cheating, would you forgive, divorce or plan your kill? 
[shudder] I do not even want to THINK about it! Hard as it would be, i would definitely forgive, but forgiveness doesn't mean you'd take them back! Forgiveness doesn't mean what they did is okay. Forgiveness is for YOU!! The most important life lesson i have learned is about the importance of forgiveness. However... trust would be gone. I cannot imagine staying with someone who cheated on me. Though i have seen God do miracles in marriages that have had affairs. I'm not sure though. I think i would be getting a divorce if he cheated on me. Though i would be devastated.

Ok, your turn!


  1. I agree, if I really HIT the car, I would go find the person or at least leave a note. And on the cheating, I hope I would have it in me to forgive, but I'm also not sure if I could take them back!

    Happy Sunday!


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