Thursday, August 19, 2010

This weekend & 5QF

I am so excited that it's almost Friday! Whew! What a week! Glad it's (almost) over!!

This weekend i'm going to a women's conference at a nearby church. It's Friday night & Saturday morning. I seriously cannot wait. I haven't been to anything like this in too long & i'm really looking forward to it. Kari Jobe is the guest worship leader. I'm sure many of you know who she is & if you do, i'm sure you love her! If you sing The Revelation Song at church, that is written by Kari! The guest speaker is a woman named Angela Thomas. I don't know her, but i hear she is awesome. YAY! I have been wanting to go to this conference for awhile now but couldn't find anyone to go with me. Then i found out my good friends Aimie & Becca are both going & that several people from their church (where i used to go) are also going. Then, my mom said she would go too & my mom's best friend is going (who is cousins with my in-laws). My mother-in-law & sister-in-law are both going. And just now i found out that Brad's Aunt KK is going - i love his Aunt KK! I'm sure a lot more are going that i don't even realize! Woohoo! Gonna be fun!

The conference will end about 11 am on Saturday & we'll probably go to lunch afterwards. And then from 4-6, i'm going to a fancy schmancy dress-up shower for my friends Chris & Mary, who are getting married in December! I can't wait! Brad is probably going to go, too. I will be upset if he can't, even though i do understand (he's still working on this music project - he has to be done by the end of August, so it's approaching quickly!). But he is 99% sure he will get to come with me. YAY!

Gonna be a good weekend.:)

Decided to go ahead & do Mama M's Five Question Friday now, since the sneak peak is posted. I'll add it to her blog hop tomorrow. :)

1. Do you have any nicknames & if so, how did it come about? 
Growing up, i always WISHED i had a nickname. I thought they were cool. But i didn't. I was just Melissa. My mom & sister called me 'Lissa a lot, but that was about it. That all changed bigtime in my twenties though! In my late teens & early twenties, i was really getting into acting & theatre, & i was talking to my friend DJ online one day & somehow i told him that i was Mel Gibson. DJ wanted to be a director at the time. And so i was pretending to be Mel. It was stupid. But through it, DJ started calling me Mel & then everyone did. It stuck. I was called Mel constantly after that. From about 25-28 i was called Mel so much, people began to introduce me as Mel.. I remember the first time i introduced myself as Mel, it felt weird. HAHA. But i liked it. I still go by Mel a LOT, but Melissa is used just as much. It's about even now. I think Melissa sounds better with my last name than Mel does. Mel just kinda went well with my maiden name. Every once in awhile someone will call me Melanie, assuming that is my name (because Mel is commonly short for Melanie, not Melissa). They're always embarrassed because they've known me too long to not know my name, but it's because they've mainly known me as Mel! Haha.

Through that time i got a ton of other nicknames as well. Mel P, Melba, Melicious, Merlissa, Lemissa, & so many more. And as a nanny, i was called Lilla. My friend's son, Bryson, couldn't say Melissa, & he said Lilla & it stuck with his siblings & another family i babysat. I love that, though. It's sweet.

2. What is your birth order among your siblings? 
There are just two of us & i am the youngest. She is 3 years older.

michelle & melissa

3. In a movie of your life, who would play your significant other? 
Matt Damon. I don't know why, but they resemble each other to me, a little. Something about the eyes & nose & jawline. Brad gets told that he looks like Alan Ruck, though, from Ferris Bueller... i googled it, & yep!

4. What is your current favorite song?
I've been listening to a lot of Mandisa lately. WOW, she's got some great music out! This one is currently stuck in my head. I love it -

These words go out to anyone who's ever felt so unloveable
I'd just like to say to you that lie is so not true
This message is for the broken down
They say you can't turn your life around
No matter what you do, that lie is so not true

How much, how much
Do you really know
How much, how much
Well, let me tell ya
How much, how much
You are loved

Take the depths of the deepest ocean and go deeper
Take the tops of the tallest tower and go higher
Take the best day that you ever had
Try to imagine better than that
And it still don't come close to how much you are loved


5. Are you saving money for anything right now? Big or small purchase?
We are saving money for a house. So, i'd say "big". HA! I will be saving for a camera again at some point though. And new couches. To go in new house. (Long term, people. No house in our near future, as far as we know!)

That's all for now! Have a great weekend!


  1. I wish Matt Damon would play my significant other! he's my fav! My husband knows it, and thinks it's funny how much I love him!

  2. LOVE Kari Jobe :) I've loved her with Gateway for a long time, and am so glad she's got her own stuff out now!


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