Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the ugliest shoes. ever.

My friends Laura & Linds have an awesome blog called Girl Talk. I love it, it's just for us girls to talk about GIRL things. :) You should check it out!! Today, Girl Talk is having its very first blog hop!!! And the topic today is SHOES.

Woohoo! I love shoes!! I am not as in love with shoes as SOME people i know... people who have multiple pairs of shoes for every outfit! That's not me. I pretty much stick to my favorite black flats & my favorite brown flats & some awesome black heels for dress up. But i do love cute shoes. They're fun! I just wish i could do better in heels! Heels are sexy but i about break my neck trying to walk in them!! 

However, this post is not going to be about my favorite pair of shoes. They are going to be about my LEAST favorite pair of shoes...

[insert scary piano music here]

I know some of you think that i must have married an imaginary man. I often talk about how much i love him, how wonderful he is, how perfect he is for me, how sweet he is, how romantic he is. My coworker has never met him & says she doesn't believe he's real. That i'm making it all up. ;) Well, he really is an awesome person! However. I am about to reveal a part of his life to you that i'm not quite sure you knew about. I'm about to reveal something about him that is ... eh... not so perfect!!?

[deep breath]

Brad has black velcro sneakers...And he likes them!

It's not that he likes them because he thinks they are stylish! He just likes that they are cheap & that they are practical. Easy to get on & off, etc. Which i totally understand.

Really, Brad doesn't have a whole lot of fashion sense! And he fully admits that! He just doesn't care! & it's fine w/ me that he doesn't care... i mean, he's a guy! :) And, really, he's come a long way! Though i am not miss fashionista, i still like fashion & what is stylish. I don't like all things that are considered "in style". But you can pretty much bet that i do not like all things that are considered "out of style"! HA! Brad tries to do as i please in this area, even though he really could care less. He has come a long way! It matters to me, so he does it. Now, that's love. :) He used to have a closet FULL of clothes that i didn't love... but he did let me go through them & get rid of a whole bunch of them! A miracle! Now he mostly sticks to polo shirts & khaki's or jeans. He does pretty well! He knows now to put the brown belt with the brown shoes & the black belt with the black shoes. :) 


He still loves those black velcro sneakers! When we first got back together, i would laugh on the inside about those terrible black velcro sneakers. I mean, i wasn't going to say anything to him about it. I didn't know at that point how he would react. If he would get offended or whatever. And i didn't want to be a naggy wife! At some point, i was more relaxed & comfortable enough to tell him that these shoes are honestly the ugliest things i've ever seen. And that he should stop wearing them. NOW. :) But i didn't tell him all that at first. Instead i just bought him new shoes, hoping that he would do what most people do - get rid of the old ones to make room for the new ones. Yeah, that didn't work.

 the shoes i bought brad, hoping he'd ditch the black velcro sneakers.

You might think the black sneaks are okay...not THAT bad. But i just think they are AWFUL! I also think shoes with velcro are only for two types of people: Grandfathers & Toddlers! And look - i don't mind if you wear ugly shoes. I'm okay with them. I can be seen with you! But THESE?! Yeah...call me superficial or materialistic or whatever you want... but these are actually kind of embarrassing!  The other day it was pouring down rain & he put these on because we had to go to Walmart! I felt a little freaked out about him wearing them in WALMART! Then i remembered that website of pics from what people wear at walmart... & decided he was safe, in comparison. :) 

He says that he wears them when he's going to get dirty or when it's raining, so his Nike's won't get dirty/wet. So the Nike's will last longer. Okay, honey. :oI
hmmm...black velcro sneakers? or nikes? i'm gonna choose nike's! 

 What's really funny is that for our engagement pics, i wanted to make sure he was dressed appropriately...i mean, this was a photo shoot after all! SO i told him what to wear. We were going to do a casual outfit & dressed up. So i told him to wear his black shoes with both outfits. Meaning the GOOD NEWER black shoes!! So he gets to my house to pick me up for our engagement pics & he had on the BLACK VELCRO SNEAKERS! For PICTURES!!!! GASP! I was a big girl. I didn't say a word. :) He had brought the nice black shoes, like i said, but he thought those were for the dress up outfit. He didn't realize he could wear those with jeans & a polo. I still didn't say a word. We took those pics with his black sneaks. And now we have this picture framed & HUGE in our bedroom.

i spy black velcro sneakers! ahhhh! :)

I know this is odd, but i'm actually glad they're in the pics. I think it's funny. Seriously - Brad has come a long way! I mean, i was SURE that he had at least 4 pair of them!!! But today when i went to take pics, i only found 2! Maybe we are making progress?! Also, when i asked him if i could write about the black velcro sneakers, it began a long conversation about these shoes & WHY he wears them & in the end, he told me all that matters is that they are cheap. He likes one pair of nice shoes & another pair of cheap shoes just to get dirty in... i assured him i can find CHEAP shoes that are not quite so ... ugly. :) 

Thank you, hoobie, for letting me tell about your black velcro sneakers!
I love you, shoes & all!

Please feel free to write your own "shoe story" or show off your favorite shoes in your own blog & then link up here! I'm sure they won't mind if you're a day late (since i didn't post this till 9:30 pm!)


  1. ahahhaaha.. hilarious! love the velcro! I def have a pair of hideous fluffy pink slipper booties that I inherited from my grandma... I LOVE them though... wearing them right now as a matter of fact ;)

  2. This is hilarious! My husband doesn't own anything like that. If I don't like something, I make sure that it gets donated. I go through our stuff every 6 months and get rid of stuff. His stuff especially. And, really, he doesn't notice that it's missing!

  3. Haha! Oh Brad! You know, I think it's a guy thing though. My dad has a pair too, but they are white... so the velcro stands out more! My dad isn't even an old man, by comparison of who usually wears these shoes. I actually don't mind them, but that is funny that more than one adult male has them... and Brad has 2 pair! :-)

  4. Oh Melissa!!! This was just tooo funny haha. I was laughing. I love it! It's a great story to have haha.

  5. That's such a funny story! It is a man thing. PS...I was looking at your book montage and I read "Hissy Fit" too1 It was such a cute book.

  6. OMG I love this story!! I was cracking up! Matt had a pair of velcro shoes as well!! I hated them! He let me throw them out the week before we got married! :) He still wears tennis shoes with jeans..pretty much wont wear the cute brown shoes I bought for him to wear with jeans for casual days. He's had the same pair of new balance shoes for the 3 years we dated...he wont get new ones yet. I'm working on it. AND he wouldn't wear anything but tall socks. So with shorts he would wear tennis shoes and tall socks. (he finally likes flops...) Well the week before the wedding I also introduced him to ankle socks. It looks soo much better. He always thought they would slip down, but they didnt :) He's made major progress too. Its kinda fun to watch. He's the greatest!

  7. My husband lacks any and all fashion sense as well! Though, he has yet to find these shoes, and I hope he never does!

    Still, I think it's sweet that you love him all the same!

  8. OMG, I totally laughed OUT LOUD reading this!! So funny!! I completely agree that velcro shoes are only for toddlers & grampa's! So, if this is Brad's "flaw", he's still a keeper. You just need to shoe shop for him...forever...until he's a grampa. :)

  9. I don't know why I am just now reading this post, but I almost threw up in my mouth a bit. I have issues with velcro sneakers-- even for toddlers. Perhaps I need to have a little chat with Brad when I come down to BR next time? LOL.


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