Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Theatre & proposals & stuff.

Goodness, I am SO tired & SOOO ready for the weekend. As always. :)

It's been an okay week! Tonight i have my "new member's orientation" at the YMCA. I'm kinda nervous because i have no clue what to expect. I'm always nervous for new things, but then i get over it in about 5 minutes. :) Anyway, after that they are supposed to set me up with a personal trainer. One free session. So that should be good!

Tomorrow I am going to see The Last Flapper, a new show that is playing at BRLT next week. It's a one-woman show & the lady in it asked me if i would stage manage. I didn't have to attend rehearsals, though, so that's cool. I am going tomorrow night just to watch it & then next week is the show! HA! (Yikes?) It will be okay. (I am running sound & lights & have about 1 day of practice. But it should be fine...i hope...) :)

Then Friday, it's back to the Manship Theatre to house manage Goin' to Jackson. I really enjoy house managing there. It's fun - & you get to see the shows (if you want to). Goin' to Jackson is HILARIOUS. Jamie Wax is the actor in it - he plays about 6 different roles - a doctor & some patients in Jackson Mental Hospital.  It is amazing watching him play each role & they are completely different from each other. He wrote this show himself & has been doing it for 20 years now. I saw it back in high school & now i'm seeing it again. It is very funny - you laugh until you cry, but it is also very touching & has some meaningful lessons in it. Here are two of his characters:

I'm looking forward to working the show again!! He's retiring the show after awhile so this will be the last chance if you are in town & wanna see it! You can buy tickets here. It's this Friday at 8 pm at the Manship!

 Then Saturday I am going to a wedding. Jennifer & Kirby. They are the youth directors at Victory Harvest, the church that i attended for about 17 years or so. I only recently met Kirby, but i have known Jennifer forever. I remember bringing her a Psalty tape when she was about 5, she was recovering from getting her tonsils out (or something... i have no idea....i was a kid too!). Anyway, i can't believe she is old enough to get married...but she is. SCARY! Anyway, i look forward to seeing her get married. Brad can't go. He's working SO HARD on his music project, but his deadline is getting close. It's okay - i will have fun anyway. Lots of my girlfriends will be there!

*photos by Tabitha Taylor

Sunday = relaxation!! & church. :)

By the way...Sound of Music is over now. The last show was this past Sunday. But guess what!? On Saturday night's show, there was a proposal at Curtain Call in front of a sold out house!! I am sad i missed it! Lee, who played the Butler, proposed to Paula, who was Sister Sophia! She was VERY surprised & so was the cast (only the directors, stage manager & 2 lead actors knew)! How exciting! Thankfully they got a pic!

You can also watch the video - i couldn't hear everything he said, but it's still cute!(It made me laugh that apparently 2 of the Nazi's didn't know about it!)

And so you can see them NOT in costume -
Congratulations, Lee & Paula!!!

So that's all that's going on for now! Hope your week is happy! :)

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  1. What a fun way to propose!! I personally would have hated it but I love seeing things like that happen for other people.


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