Thursday, September 30, 2010

Strega Nona

Tonight I worked my very-part-time job as House Manager at the theatre downtown. And once again... i forgot my camera & wished i hadn't! Argh! It's just ridiculous! Sometimes i forget. Other times i assume i am not going to need it. Every time i wish i had it! Maybe this will sink in after i blog this? Except i'm not bringing it tomorrow because it's just a film festival & what am i going to do... Take pics of the movie screen? No.

Tonight was a children's musical...a touring company. The play is from a children's book called Strega Nona.

It was PRECIOUS. Sooo cute. It reminded me of when i did a tour with a children's theatre & i just loved it. SO much fun. This group was FANTASTIC. I loved them. :) They played with the audience & it was hilarious. Great show, so you should take your kids if it's in your area!

A camera would be nice because...well, for the B-52's there was cool decor everywhere...it needed a picture. I would not have actually asked a B-52 to take a pic with me, haha. They pretty much stayed in their dressing rooms anyway until it was time to walk to the stage. Then, a band called The Lost Fingers came & typically i would not ask these groups to take a pic with me, but someone on staff who is in a higher position than i am - well she was with me & she had me take pic of herself with them... & they were so cool about it - i would have done it at that moment, if i had only had my camera with me! Oh-well. No biggie, except it'd add pics to my blog posts... which would be nice. :)

Tonight, i didn't need it for the children's show, but right at the beginning of the show, Neena walked in! I was so happy to see her! Neena was my director for the touring show i mentioned earlier. That was three years ago. She is the BEST! She is actually my role model - she is this fabulous actress AND director AND storyteller...she is a Christian...she is HILARIOUS...and she is married & has two kids. She is amazing. :) And fun! And that is why i wished i'd had camera tonight...to take a pic with Neena!

Not only that. But I got there early tonight...around 5:15 when i didn't have to be there till 6:00. Well, i came in, changed clothes, got stuff ready for the ushers, & then ran next door to pick up my dinner. I'm walking there & this restaurant has tables outside...so at one of those tables, i see a girl i know & as i'm squinting at her going, "is that mary elizabeth???", the chic next to her turns, sees me & screams, "TOOTIE!!!!!!"

The "screamer" was Paige & she was one of the directors when i was in A Christmas Carol in 2006. My character was named "Topper's Wife" & one day, i was rehearsing & she said my character reminded her of Tootie from Facts of Life. So that immediately became my character's official name...everyone in the cast called me Tootie after that. So it is very rare that i hear it anymore, but when i do, it makes me happy. Haha. Idk why. Not that i would love that name in any other circumstance. So then the whole table she is with looks at me (about 10 high schoolers) & i realize i know a few of them from that show! And they were all like "AW, it's TOOTIE!" & they were jumping up to give me great big hugs, haha. I realized that these were our guest ushers for the night! Awesome. :) So i would have loved a pic with all my old friends from A Christmas Carol, too.

Speaking of bringing your camera...after the show, some parents wanted to know if the cast was coming out to sign programs & stuff. I went backstage & talked to their stage manager & found that no, they were not coming out. (Boo.) So i went back & there was a couple waiting with their daughter...she was probably 5 or 6. And i told them i was sorry but the cast wasn't coming out. The girl was disappointed but i mean... she wasn't throwing a fit or anything! She was perfectly fine. But her mom is like, "Well, why don't you take a picture with this nice lady..." talking about ME!

Seriously? Come on. I mean, don't get me wrong... i do not mind smiling for a pic. However, this child didn't want a pic with ME! I mean...i'm just the girl in all black clothes with some sort of nametag! This child has no clue who i am or what i am doing at the theatre! WHY???? I don't know WHY this mom did that. There was no reason at all. But i did it. I held the children's book, leaned down to the kid's level & smiled for the camera. But really? That was DUMB. DUMB! It was just awkward & uncomfortable & silly. The child wanted a pic with the cast. They weren't coming out. She was handling that news just fine... i don't know what the purpose of that was! The sweet girl took the pic with me but she was obviously feeling ...i don't know... like "okay....?! who is this lady & why is my mom making me take a pic with her???" And then the mom said, "tell the nice lady "thank you"" & so she told me thank you. But yeah... that was just....goofy.

Actually maybe she was just a blogger & wanted SOMETHING to capture the night?!? 

Colossians 3:23

You want to know which verse keeps going through my head? This one...

Colossians 3:22-24
"Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it not only when their eye is on you and to win their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord. Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving."

I read it at some point while reading Angela Thomas' book "Do You Know Who I Am?" & it has stuck with me. It is sticking in my brain, which i like. :) I usually have a lightbulb moment or revelation & then it's gone. I forget. Haha. I know...awful. But yeah, this one keeps replaying over & over in my mind now.

I wrote a post earlier this week about having a really bad couple of days at work. It got easier & better yesterday. And it's fine today. But one of my complaints was that so many others here do not do their work properly & i somehow get stuck with it. Which is sometimes okay & sometimes not, depending on what it is.

There is this one thing i do that got thrown on me, and i was not given a choice about it. I told them i couldn't do it, that i was too busy, that i hate doing things like that & i was told i have no choice. Well, i know i complain sometimes... but i like my job. I don't want to lose it. So i did it anyway. It's a thing you have to do each week. Well, after coming back from vacation, i got really backed up on it. And yesterday i stared at it for 30 minutes. I couldn't ever do it because i kept getting interrupted - with things that need my immediate attention. I finally had enough - last time they told me i had no choice, but HELLO - i have been given OODLES of work since then & i now REALLY do not have time. I can't do it. I emailed my boss. She emailed me & said "I can fix this. Come see me."

Well, let me just say... i nearly danced out of her office, shouting hallelujah! Basically... i will not have to do this anymore, after this week.


Now what you don't know is... and yes i know this is a public blog & there comes a great risk in sharing this... but i want to... because i want to share it with you & because i want to remember it... but i have always done something a little wrong with this one thing. See, all my other things i do accurately & quickly. i am on top of things. My boss emailed me yesterday & asked if cloning had become legal yet, because she needs 10 of me! :) I am a hard worker. I am a good worker.

But there is this thing i used to do with this thing (hahaha) & it wasn't really how i should do it. Kind of a shortcut. I will put it like that. And i didn't care. Because i just couldn't keep up. But really - that is not how i'm supposed to do it.

Are you following? :) I know i am being so vague.

So after saying this verse to myself all week, i have been sure that i have to do this the way that it is supposed to be done. I had made that decision before i was told that i won't have to do it anymore (after this month). It was almost like God was rewarding me or blessing me for making that decision. However... i hadn't obeyed yet. I had only made the decision to obey. & as i sit here, i still have to finish this months worth.

And i do not want to. I keep putting it off because i am dreading it. I don't wannaa, i don't wannnna, even as i write this i am thinking "i am REALLY going to have to do this the right way now" & i STILL DON'T. WANNA!" & i have to do it TODAY.

But yeah. I have to do it. It's the right thing to do.

I am so tempted to do it my old way & tell myself that it doesn't matter, but you see, it DOES matter. That is what is getting through this thick skull. :) Because of that verse. It says do it as if i'm working for the Lord & not for man. Well, hello! I asked myself even this morning as i was walking in the door at work, "If the Lord was my boss - sitting in my boss' office right this minute - if HE was actually my boss... would i take the shortcut? Or do it right?"

Well, i would do it right. No question!

This verse also encourages me when i get so mad at coworkers for not doing work how they should. Or for doing things that cause me to have to pick up the slack. Or for asking me questions when they are the ones that should know (as they are the ones with the degree, the training, & with double the paycheck). Sometimes these things tick me off, but then i have to remember that ALL of us here are extremely overworked. And if we'd all work together to make it a little easier, then that would  help tremendously. So maybe they don't always help out. There is an aspect of their job that keeps them busy enough to where a lot of their other work gets ignored. Even so, I should do my part & not be a slacker. This verse is helping me with that. Because if i am working for the Lord & not for man...yeah...i'd want Him to be proud of me. :) And i'd want the work to get done! So i keep at it, just as i have been. But this verse is helping me to keep my attitude in check.

I kinda like how The Message version says it.

Colossians 3:22-24
Servants, do what you are told to do by your earthly masters. And don't just do the minimum that will get you by. Do your best. Work from the heart for your real master, for God, confident that you'll get paid in full when you come into your inheritance. Keep in mind always that the Ultimate Master you're serving is Christ. The sullen servant who does shoddy work will be held responsible. Being a follower of Jesus doesn't cover up bad work.

Wow. :) Guess I'd better go do "that thing" now. Heehee.

P.S. Thank you so much for praying for me earlier in the week when i wrote that post on Work & Divorce. I really appreciate your prayers. Maybe this lesson on working for the Lord is a direct answer to your prayers for me.  HUGS!

Wee Bit of Me - Thursday!

Apparently Leigh Ashley did not know what day it was yesterday...so Wee Bit of Me comes a little late. I really don't mind... though i did miss it yesterday! So...without further ado... :)

What is your biggest pet peeve?
When people are judgemental...as if they have it all together. As if they know exactly what that person is going through. Yeah...i hate it.

What is your favorite dessert?
It's a toss up between freshly baked chocolate chip cookies & cheesecake.

What is the first thing you notice about people?
I notice whatever stands out about that particular person...if they have gorgeous hair or creamy skin or perfect teeth or an interesting eye color or whatever. That is what i will notice first.

Are you usually late, early or right on time?
Ha...this all depends...For work, late...i know, i know. I am usually somewhere between on time & 20 minutes late. Early doesn't happen. Though i just stay late by that many minutes to make up for it. For church, right on time usually. Though sometimes we're early & sometimes we're late. For stage managing/house managing/rep'ing at the theatre - almost always early. For meeting a friend, early or right on time.

Is this a reflection of what is most important to me? Nope. It's actually a reflection of what time of the morning it is. Notice i struggle more with being on time to those things that are in the morning. But i have no issues with anything that is in the afternoon or evening. I am just NOT a morning person, y'all.

Have you ever fired a gun?
I have this very very VERY vague memory of going hunting with my uncle in Mississippi when i was just a kid. I don't remember being there long, but i do remember shooting the gun. It's so vague though...maybe it is my imagination & not a real memory. HA.

Are you right handed or left handed? 
Right. Though i have a thing for left handers. I'm not kidding. Everytime i see someone write with their left hand, i'm like "aw! i love left handers!" i like how they write & i like their brains. :) I'm weird, i know. But left-handers are cool. (Brad is left-handed & i love watching him write.)

Which do you prefer? Coke or Pepsi?
Coke. Though i have broken this addiction. :)

Do you dance crazy when no one is looking?
ahhh, no. Sometimes a crazy dance will hit me, but it's rare & i don't care if someone is looking. :)

What's your favorite movie snack?
I love nachos. But i hardly ever get anything unless i am just dying to have it. I normally bring a bottled water & a small m&m's in my purse (if anything). I get outraged just talking about how much movie food is...it's insane...it should be a crime to charge that much. So, no, i do not mind breaking the rules on this one!

Do you scream on roller coasters?
Yes. And laugh hysterically. I have no idea why. Hahaha.

Great questions! I would love to see your answers! Link up at Leigh Ashley's!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

honesty & instant beautification

If you have not gone to GIRL TALK yet, you are in big trouble! Ha, just kidding. But seriously, it is AWESOME & i wish you would check it out!!!

Today is a blog hop asking two questions. I love both of these questions. :)

1. If you were to identify the most important quality in a friend, what would you say it is?
2. If you could have a single button beside your bed that would do one thing, what would you want it to do?

Well. :)

1. I think the most important quality in a friend is LOVE. The reason i say love is because that kind of encompasses everything that would be important in a friendship: patience, kindness, not self-seeking, not easily angered...yeah, you get the picture. :) But that is not really a fair answer, right? Wait. Is love even a  quality? Haha. It's late...sorry...

The most important quality in a friend is Honesty.

I think you have to have honesty in friendship. A friendship with fakeness & lying wouldn't be good. It wouldn't be a REAL friendship. I mean if both people can't be totally real with each other, how can it be a  friendship at all? It can't. I think it is important to have a friend who will tell you the truth. Not in a mean way, but in a kind way. In a loving way. Not things like "your hair is a mess" but things like "mel! what are you thinking!?" Haha. My closest friends are always honest with me. If i ask their opinion, they are not going to say what i want to hear (unless that is actually what they want to say). They will disagree with me in a loving spirit. I think that is most important. It is also admirable... because it is not always easy to be that honest. It would be easier to say something easy. But that is how you know they love you. They love you enough to tell you the truth.

I think i'm rambling. And i thought of so many other qualities... compassion, understanding, loyalty, but yeah. Honestly seriously tops them all.

2. I have ALWAYS wanted an "instant beautification" button! I mean, i think i've said probably a hundred times: "I wish i could get ready in an instant! I need a button!" Ha! I hate getting ready in the morning. I hate it. I don't mind it if i can wake up without an alarm & get ready at my own pace. Ok, scratch that... i do mind it then too. Because i don't mind taking a bath or getting dressed, but i hate picking out my clothes, i HATE drying my hair & i hate styling my hair. And yeah... i put my makeup on in the car. I do. (At red lights & i always make sure i can see when the light turns green!).

It all takes too much time! Plus, if i had this button, it'd give me time to read a novel in the bath tub. :) Yeah... i want an "instant beautification" button...where - in an instant - i am clean, hair done, makeup styled & cute clothes picked out & ready to put on!

Seriously... i despise blow drying my hair & i'd like to have 'salon hair' when i go to work. Not Plain Jane hair, which is what i do have b/c i want to spend as little time on my hair as possible in the morning.

Ok, that's it! I hate that i always do these so late... i feel like i could get some of you to join in if it wasn't 11 pm by the time i posted. Argh! You can still do it though.. go to GIRL TALK.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sad face.

I had a miserable day at work today. I really wish i could go into all the gory details, but i will not. I know you shouldn't blog about work & also, i don't want to bore you with the details. But seriously! I am overwhelmed. I am tired. I am sick of going in ready to get all my work done & having 594040 things ruin that. I am tired of being given work to do because the person who is supposed to do it, won't do it. THAT is my biggest complaint.

Tonight this has me so depressed that i want to cry. I do NOT want to go back to work tomorrow. I am DREADING it. It has been awhile since i have dreaded it. Most days i like it okay. SURE i'd rather be home. I don't think i'm MEANT to sit in an office. Sure, there are DAILY annoyances. However... today had me really ticked & holding for dear life onto my sanity!

In case you are going *tsk tsk* at me, please know that i tell my boss almost everything that goes through my brain regarding work & this blog post would not freak her out. Or make her mad. Really.

On days like this, i begin to hate other aspects of my life & wish for too many things that are not in God's timing right now.

Also, today i found out another friend is getting divorced. This makes the third couple in a very short time period. I am heartbroken for them. I always knew i'd go through a season of watching all my friends go off to college, and then all my friends get married, & then all my friends start having kids... but i never guessed that i'd start seeing friends get divorced. After all, they married awesome guys too. They saved themselves for marriage too. They prayed & made sure they were marrying the right person, too. Never would i have guessed that one day any of them would face divorce.It makes me so sad!

I do not judge any of them, for i do not know the circumstances. I think of what could have happened & there is no telling what i would do. No telling what you would do, either, if your husband cheated or if he got addicted to drugs or alcohol or if he became abusive (not that this is what happened in these cases...I have no idea.). I pray that in any case, we would try to work it out, but yeah...who knows?

I just cannot imagine something more painful than divorce. Obviously death would be unimaginable. But even if your husband was an absolute jerkface.. you still loved them at one time. You still are probably reeling with shock that it is over. You still feel rejected, even if it wasn't your fault.

I am just praying & praying for these friends. And their children.

Please pray for these three women that i know as they go thru this difficult time! Pray that God heals their hearts!! Please!

P.S. Please do not comment that (a) i should be thankful i have a job or (b) that divorce is of the devil. I AM thankful for my job. I just have bad days. & i know God does not like divorce. I don't either. But it happens. & it's no picnic.

Sorry for the downer post! Hopefully i'll be cheerier tomorrow!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Married Meme

I just read this meme on Rebekah's blog & loved reading her answers...of course i wanted to do it, too. You should do it also! It'd be fun to read about your life with your husband! :) 

Here we go... 

1. When is your "engagement" anniversary?
March 15, 2008

2. When is your "marriage" anniversary?
November 14, 2008

3. How long have you known your spouse?
Our parents met when i was an infant & he was three.  

4. How long did you date before you were engaged?
We were "official" 2/16/08 & engaged 3/15/08. One month.

5. Where did you meet your spouse for the first time?
Church. I was too young to remember, though.

6. What is your spouses full name?
Brad David Venable. I know people don't like putting their names on their blogs, but yeah... i don't really care...haha.

7. Do you have any children?

8. How many? Boys/Girls
Brad wants two kids. I thought I wanted three, but now i think two would be fine. I can't believe I'm saying that... this is the girl who at one time wanted eight children! Yeah. But 2 or 3 sounds good to me! I can't really answer the boy/girl part because i just don't know. I see Brad having a "daddy's girl". I see myself as the mom of girls. But i used to babysit families of all boys & think that's the cutest thing ever. Then again, my BFF Sarah has three girls, & i also somehow think that is the cutest thing ever! I also have a thing for sisters...i enjoyed having a sister so much that i hope if i have one girl, that i will have another. But i want a boy too. Hahaha. Yeah. This is a long drawn out answer. The main thing is this: Every single family i look at, i think is cute, no matter the combo they have. So i think whatever God gives us will be the best thing for us & for our kids. :)

9. Do you have any house pets?
A shih tzu named Fievel.

10. Do you own a house or rent?
We own a trailer. Can't wait till we can buy a house.

11. Do you live in the country/town/city?

12. What is one of your favorite activites to do together?
We are homebodies, really. We like being at home... watching movies, eating dinner, just talking, whatever. When we go out, we like to see plays (or maybe that is just me & he is along for the ride. HA!). We also like having friends over for dinner.

13. Do you have a favorite vacation spot?
Well, Destin was pretty nice!

14. When did you first kiss?
May of 1997 (my first kiss ever) & then February of 2008 (after not kissing him or anyone else for 11 years...so it seemed like a second 'first kiss'. Ha!)

15. What church do you attend?
HeartsEase Family Life Church

16. Is this the church you were married in?
with Pastor Philip on our wedding day.

17. What town is current address at?
Baton Rouge

18. Do you work or stay home?
i work in an office.

19. Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We went on a Carribbean Cruise with Carnival. Jamaica, Cayman Islands & Cozumel. It was wonderful.

20. What was the funniest gift one of you gave while dating?
The first gift Brad gave me was for Valentine's Day 2008. We were not official until two days later. He gave me this red stuffed monkey that says something funny when you squeeze him. Ha. I wish i had a pic of him. I'll have to do that sometime. He's cute. And he's the only stuffed animal in the house that i didn't end up giving to the dog. Haha.

21. How long have you been together?
We dated in 1997 for 13 months. We dated in 2008 for one month, were engaged for nine months & have been married for almost two years. I guess in total that is almost 4 years? With a huge 11 year gap in between? These questions are always difficult for us to answer. LOL.

22. How long did you know each other before you started dating?
We have known each other forever.

23. Who asked who out?
Brad asked me out. It wouldn't have happened otherwise, i'm too shy!

24. How old are each of you?
I am 32 & he is 35.

25. Where do each of you go to school?
We don't go to school. Thank the Lord!

26. Which situation is hardest on you as a couple?
There are a few things that i want right now that Brad wants later. God has shown me that he is right. So i have to be patient & trust that these things will happen in God's perfect timing. 

27. Did you go to the same school?
We only went to the same elementary school for maybe two years, though he was in my sister's grade & his sister was in mine. 

28. Are you from the same town?
Kind of. Pretty much.

29. Who is smarter?
Definitely Brad. He is so freaking smart. I don't think he would agree with me, but seriously...there is really no doubt about it. He talks about stuff that goes way over my head a lot of the time. He knows a lot about music production & he studies the Bible on a very deep level...it's awesome. Sometimes i'm like "i have no idea what you just said." & he has to bring it down a few levels. Haha. A lot of what he says is VERY interesting, though, if i'm in the mood to pay attention. :) He reads a lot of EVERYTHING...& i know that is part of why he is so smart. (I read a lot, too, but mostly novels. Haha.)

30. Who is more sensitive?
Me. No doubt about that one! I'm such a girl.

31. Where do you eat out most as a couple?
La Madeleine's. Brad is in love with their potato soup, so he always wants to go there.

32. Where is the farthest you two have traveled as a couple?
the carribbean for our honeymoon!

33. Who has the craziest exes?
We are each other's exes. Haha. We dated in 97 & got back together 11 years later (see my sidebar for the story). I had two boyfriends before him, but they were very short relationships & not serious at all. He had a couple of relationships like that too. We didn't date anyone else after our first relationship in 97. A few dates here or there, but that's it.

34. Who has the worse temper?
We are really exactly the same in this department. We are pretty laidback & when it comes to people or major situations, it takes a lot to get the temper flaring. We remain pretty calm about the big things. But we always get really crazy mad about the smaller things: traffic, dropping things, spilling things, etc. Haha.

35. Who does the cooking?
Me. I love to cook. Brad cooks eggs for breakfast sometimes. That's about it.

36. Who is more social?
Definitely me. I'm not necessarily Miss Social Butterfly or anything, but most people compared to Brad would be considered 'more social'. Haha. Don't get me wrong, i love my friends & hanging out with them, but i definitely love my alone time, too.

37. Who is the neat-freak?
Hmm...I guess me.

38. Who is more stubborn?
Brad? I'm not sure. I think it depends on the situation.

39. Who hogs the bed?
Neither of us hogs the bed, but i hog the covers. :)

40. Who wakes up earlier?

41. Where was your first date?
December 1996 - a christmas banquet with his work.
December 2007 - dinner at bennigans (i hate that restaurant, by the way. haha.)

42. Who had more boyfriends/girlfriends?
I had two before him but i really don't count either one of them. He had one or two before me, too.

43. Do you get flowers often?
No...not really, haha. But he will get them for me for valentine's day & maybe my anniversary & that is fine with me. As long as i get flowers sometimes!

44. How do you spend the holidays?
We take them as they come. We always have Thanksgiving & Christmas with my immediate family, and his immediate & extended family. All are in our city. But my extended family is spread out & i try to go to Mississippi to see as many of them as i can about once a year... sometimes around the holidays, sometimes not. Last year, we did go to Mississippi for Thanksgiving but stayed here for Christmas. I think this year we will stay here for both, but try to make it to Mississippi in the spring.

45. Who is more jealous?
Neither of us are jealous. At all. Ever. We've never been the jealous types.

46. How long did it take to get serious?
Not long at all, this go round!

47. Who eats more?
Brad! Seriously. So not fair. Haha.

48. Who does the laundry?
Me. I don't mind doing it at all. Sometimes i will ask him to throw a load on if i have to work at the theatre that night or something.

49. Who is better with the computer?
Brad, for sure.

50. Leave a piece of advice for other couples.
 Talk about everything.

Adam & Katie

Last night, we had our friends Adam & Katie over for dinner. I made my favorite recipe & they loved it! They also got to have some of Brad's coffee, which is the best coffee ever, & they loved that, too. Adam made  Banana Bread for dessert & it was so yummy! :)

I have known Adam for years & years, but I had only met his wife two or three times...we've never really had a chance to get to know each other. I wasn't sure how it would go because I am usually shy around new people & i thought Katie might be the same way. I knew Brad & Adam would totally hit it off, because they both are musicians & they both are into deep study of the Word (i.e., learning Hebrew & Greek & studying language & culture in relation to the Bible).

Well, they came around 7:00 & they left at 3:40 in the MORNING!!!!! OHMYGOSH! Needless to say, we all got along just fine! Haha. And yeah... we missed church this morning! I do not think i have stayed up that late since my very early twenties...& even then 1 or 2 am was a normal bedtime for me...not 3:40! Ha! I do not think Brad & i have ever stayed up that late since we have been married. We slept till 11 am this morning & are still tired. But seriously - we had the best time with this sweet couple & i'm so glad they came over. We are definitely going to get together again (& again)!

After dinner, we played Phase 10, a card game that Brad & I love. Brad won. :) It was a fun game. By then it was 11 pm & i thought the night would be ending soon. I told Brad he had to let them hear Alicia's keys before they left. So he played that for a little while & then they got to talking more about music & then Katie & I came back into the living room & got to talking about everything...our homes, work, church, friends, married life, etc..we had plenty to talk about!! At 3:40, they left...we couldn't believe how late it was! The time flew by. It was great!

We had an awesome time & can't wait to do it again.

I had a camera on the counter the whole time & didn't take a pic once! By the time i thought of it, it was 3:40 am & well, i just didn't think anyone wanted to say "cheese" at that point! HA! But next time i'll be sure to take some! :)

Actually... just because i think you should have faces to go with the names... here is a pic of Adam & Katie at our wedding... almost two years ago, but still. :) Hope they don't mind! Ha!

We had a wonderful time!!

Sunday Stealing

1. Where are you from?
Baton Rouge

2. If you could live any place in the world, where would you live?
Charlotte, NC or Savannah, GA. I have never been to either place yet am convinced i would love it there. If only i could get my family to come with... :)

3. What's your favorite blog? I'll check them out of course!

Life Happens, Well, this is growing up..., Project 365... to name a few.

4. What is your biggest blogging pet peeve?

I really don't like when people comment on a post & say nothing about that particular post...they just leave me the link to their blog. Sometimes they'll throw in some random phrase that leaves you going, "Huh?!" It's obvious you didn't even read the post. And you don't need to do that...just leave me regular comments & one day i'll automatically want to check out your blog without your asking me to... You don't have to advertise your link everywhere.

I also wish people would put their emails in blogger so that when they comment on my blog, i can reply to their comment thru email. More about that here (#4).

5. What's your favorite TV show this season? I need a new show! :)
I never watch TV, but since the new shows are starting i'd like to get into one... maybe Modern Family or that new show Hawaii 5-0 (which i missed last week). Yeah, I'm really not a good one to answer this question!

6. What's your favorite 'down' time {nothing computer related}?

Reading or napping. :)

7. Are you a parent? If so, what's your favorite thing to do with your children?
Not a parent...can't wait to be one...

8. What about your blog have you considered changing?

I am happy with it right now.

9. What do you do for a living (if you work outside the home or if you work at home)?
I work with a non-profit that helps the elderly or disabled get long term care in their homes. I mainly work with the provider companies that actually provide the care. It's challenging & sometimes very stressful, but it's a great job.

10. What is your favorite song at the moment? What is your favorite song ever?

I could never pick my favorite song EVER! Haha. There are far too many! Right now, my favorite song is "I know that you are for me" by Kari Jobe. 

11. What is your favorite niche TV channel to watch?
I seriously never watch TV. Used to be a TV junkie, but married a guy without a TV. By the time we got one, I was already out of the habit & didn't care. LOL. We mainly only use our TV for movies.

12. If you could have any career, what would it be and why?
I would love to have an acting career in theatre. That would be awesome. I wouldn't have to be famous or anything... i could be a chorus member! I also think it'd be fun to be a casting director. Or a paid stage manager. But actually... i'd never see my family... because plays are mostly at night. :o/

13. What is your favorite outfit?

This emerald green dress i have that i only wear for special occasions. I love it!

14. If you could tell your teenage self something, what would you say?
"Seriously, Melissa. Don't worry about what they think of you. It doesn't matter."

15. What is your favorite recipe?
Romano Ranch Chicken & Rice Skillet. SOOO good, y'all! Had friends over for dinner last night & made it again...they loved it!

16. What is the funniest joke you've ever heard?
Bleh...I don't know!

17. What is your favorite vacation spot and why?
Well, i am a fan of the beach & we usually go to Destin. Just went three weeks ago. It is BEAUTIFUL! Although for our honeymoon we went to the Carribbean...wow. LOVE IT.

18. What are you most excited about with fall here?
Cooler Weather!!!! Thank you, God!

19. Did you envision yourself to be where you are today ten years ago? If not, what did you envision?
I did envision myself to be happily married, which i am. But it took longer than i thought it would to meet the right person. I definitely thought i'd be a teacher or an author or a stay-at-home mom by now, but nope. Not starting a family yet...but didn't finish school to be a teacher & can't finish a book to save my life! Haha.

20. If money were no object, what would your dream house look like?
It would have a wrap around porch with rocking chairs & a hammock or two. :) It would have lots of bedrooms. It would have a huge backyard. Actually, it would look just like my husband's aunt's house...

21. What is your all-time favorite Disney movie?
I love The Emporer's New Groove. :)

22. What blog do you think isn't getting enough notice?
Girl Talk! Go visit! Now. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Triple Date!

Do you ever say things like this...

"Girl, i miss you so much! Let's meet for lunch one day soon!"....but then it never happens?

Or "We ought to have you guys over for dinner!" ...but that never happens either?

Yeah, we're like that too. We don't MEAN to be. It's just that I was always working a show & then Brad was working on his music project, which he had to devote every second at home to, & then we went on vacation & then we had plans the next couple of weekends. But now...it's time! :) We have made a list of people that we have said these things to & we are just going down that list & having these people over! Because we WANT to & because we can! :) Some of them are couple friends of ours & some of these are girlfriends that i want to catch up with. But i am so excited about it! Friendships are important. I miss these people! It's people that we only see on Sunday mornings or people that we no longer go to church with so we don't see as much - unless we make an effort to do so! It's people that i once did a show with but now the show is over... so if i wanna see them, we gotta make plans!

Two of these theatre friends i have been missing are Charlynn & Danielle. Charlynn & I kept saying to each other, "i miss you! let's meet for dinner soon!" & Danielle & I were saying the same thing to each other. Then i noticed on Facebook that Charlynn & Danielle were trying to get together with each other too! So i contacted them both & said, "why don't we make this a triple date?!"

It took some emailing back & forth, but we finally set a date...Friday after work at Bistro Byronz. Perfect. We met there yesterday & had a great time, laughing & chatting! I miss these two!!! :)

I was so mad that i forgot my camera. Thankfully Charlynn takes hers everywhere. :)

Charlynn, moi & Danielle. I love these girls!

Mmmm...Charlynn brought us some cake balls from Brew Ha Ha. One for each of us. They were DELISH!!!

me & charlynn. :) 

We had a great time, but i'm sure we have lots more to talk about! We decided to do this again in a few weeks!

Next up...Adam & Katie over for dinner (tonight)!


Friday, September 24, 2010

another friday meme!

I am sorry I keep doing memes, back-to-back, with nothing in between! I will have more exciting things to share in October. Ohmygosh, i'm so excited about October! Why? Well...
  • Going to see The Pirates of Penzance at BRLT. 
  • Going to see Rent at BRLT. 
  • Family Reunion (i love those).
  • My friend Brittany K is coming in town!
  • Going to see Chicago in Natchitoches at the NSULA - two of my theatre friends got lead roles (billy flynn & mama morton) & we've been promising them forever we'd come see one of their shows! We are staying a night at the Church Street Inn. I wish we could stay longer, but we really can't afford to. Trying to save money. But i told brad if i love it, he has to take me back someday. :)
  • Having friends over for dinner. 
  • Having pics done. 
  • Going to a wedding at Nottoway Plantation, which is just gorgeous!!
That's not even all of it! So yeah... i will have good stuff to share with you soon! :) But for now...it's another meme. You know you love me anyway! :) (Mama M, i am sorry i keep saying "meme". I know you hate that word! Haha!)

1. If you could speak with a different accent, which would it be?
English. I love it. I'm not bad. Brad is really good! Our pastor actually is British & Brad sounds just like him when he does that accent. It cracks me up! I think my mom does a perfect english accent! Hilarious! Brad & I talk that way at home a lot. Sometimes we like to do it in public so people will think we're from England.

...i don't think i've ever told anyone that. Oops.  Haha.

2. Can you fall asleep anywhere? (Couch, floor, deck, etc)
Um, no. I can't. Well, I can sleep on a couch, of course, but that's about it. I can't sleep on the hard floor or sitting in a chair - & certainly not on a deck! Haha. I did sleep on a very hard dirt floor outside on a missions trip, but on missions trips, you gotta do what you gotta do! I'd have to be REALLY tired to fall asleep somewhere other than a bed or a couch!

3. Do you use public restrooms? If so, do you sit on the toilet? 
Well, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go! But mostly i hate public restrooms. I can deal with the ones at work & the theatre - they're really really clean. But i'm scared of the ones in grocery stores & fast food joints & gas stations...ew. As far as sitting - sometimes i do, sometimes i don't... why are we talking about this again?

4. If you were stuck in an elevator for 24 hours, which celebrity would you want to be stuck with? 
An actress who i would hit it off with immediately & who wouldn't mind telling me all about her experiences as an actress. I would love that & the 24 hours would fly by because i would be so engrossed in everything she was saying. i see this happening with drew barrymore, jennifer garner, or amy adams. Like, they all seem sweet & friendly & like they wouldn't make me feel stupid. Ha!

5. Where did you & your significant other go on your first date?
The first time we dated was when we went to a Christmas banquet for his work - December 9, 1996. The second time we dated was when we went to eat at Bennigans - December something, 2007. Crazy.

Your turn!!! :) Link up at My Little Life!

Yipee! It's Friday!

In the story of my life, the actor who would play me would be Reese Witherspoon because i'm constantly told i look like her & we both have that slight southern accent going on & we seem to have similar personalities (how would i know that? it's not like i know her! but yeah...) I think she would be a good fit!

If i could change one thing about the world, it would be that no one could tell a lie! I have had some issues with a liar this week at work (not a coworker) & it has been a very stressful situation & i'm thinking the world would be a better place without liars! My workplace would change completely...we deal with a lot of crooked people...just sayin...:(

Yesterday was stressful & upsetting because of the above mentioned issue, but it got much better when i worked backstage for a Canadian band called The Lost Fingers. They were super laidback, really nice & had great music! They also spoke to each other in french, which i thought was cool. :)

My favorite comfort food is mama's roast, potatoes, gravy & green beans.

My new favorite blog find is Krystal at Well, this is growing up, though she is not technically "new". We found each other ages ago & then Blogger stopped showing me her new posts, so i just thought she stopped blogging or something. MUCH later, i saw a comment of hers on someone's blog & i was like, "KRYSTAL!" :) I've enjoyed getting to follow her again. She's pretty awesome.

If i could meet any blog friend (who i haven't met yet) in real life, i'd choose to meet Laura at Life Happens, though i'm pretty sure y'all know that by now. She is my BBFF (best bloggie friend forever). I met her on myspace long before i was a blogger, about 5 years ago. We'll meet in person in the next year or so, i hope!

My favorite breakfast food is consumed at my mother-in-law's! Homemade biscuits, bacon, sausage & eggs any way i want 'em! Delish!!

Your turn! Head on over to the little things we do to add your link to the blog hop! :) Oh & happy friday!  

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wee bit of Melissa

Time for Wee Bit of Me Wednesday!

What is your happiest childhood memory?
I think i have told this on my blog before, but it's been awhile. When i was about 8, i loved jumping on our neighbor's trampoline. She was a friend & i thought she was so lucky, because she had a trampoline and a swimming pool! Her house was just down the street, & i'd go over there everyday & we'd jump for hours! One day my sister walked over & said, "Lissa, mom & dad said you have to come home now." I was SO upset. I was having so much fun! I pitched a little fit, said good bye to my friend, & left. I believe i was whining & stomping my feet nearly the whole way home! When we were almost home, instead of walking thru the door we normally did, she covered my eyes & guided me to the backyard. She led me back there & moved her hand & said SURPRISE! & there was a TRAMPOLINE!!! Mom & Dad were out there laughing & smiling & dad was just finishing up putting it together! How great is that!? 

What is your middle name?

What's the habit you're most proud of breaking? 
the coca-cola addiction. i used to drink WAYYYY too many a day. I would say maybe 6-8 a day. Now i have one about every 2-3 months! Now i drink Sprite Zero occasionally & TONS of water!

What do you order when you order chinese food? 
I almost never get chinese food. I'm just not a big fan. I get a craving for chinese maybe once a year. And i like the Sesame Chicken.

What's the best bargain you've ever found at a thrift store or a garage sale
Not a clue. I never go to thrift stores. And i might not mind a garage sale, except i'll never get up early on Saturday morning just to go to one.

What's the best costume you've ever worn?
When i was about 11, i had the lead in the church Christmas Play. I played the Mayor's Wife...i forgot her name now. But it was set in the 1800's & my mom made me this gorgeous red dress that was the style of that period. I had a parasol, too. I still have that costume somewhere. 

Who's your favorite game show host?
I like Pat Sajak. 

What's your favorite breakfast food?
pancakes, muffins, or homemade biscuits! But not together! Haha.
i rarely have these though. on weekday mornings, i'll have cereal. on the weekend, i sometimes make omelettes or a fritatta. We're really lucky if the mother-in-law invites us over for breakfast, because that means eggs however you like 'em, homemade biscuits, sausage & bacon! mmmm!
What's your least favorite word?
There are a few dirty words that i hate so much i don't want to spell them out on my blog. :) I don't mean cuss words, actually, i'm talking about dirty words...slang words that mostly guys use to describe parts of the anatomy....

Describe something that happened to you for which you have no explanation? 
I know i've had times like this, but i can't think of anything right now!

Head on over to Leigh Ashley's to link up! :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

you're it!

I have been tagged in two of these question games that are going around & i'm ready to play! I love these things! I know, i'm goofy! (Actually, my husband just called me that about 2 second ago! Ha!)

Laura @ Life Happens tagged me & Krystal @ Well, This is Growing Up tagged me. These are two of my very favorite bloggers. Laura is a great mom & photographer & she writes very honestly. I love that. Krystal is engaged & her wedding is just around the corner! She is funny & cute & I can't wait till she gets to be a newlywed! I wish her & her fiance the best!! Go see their blogs. You will love them. :)

So i'm supposed to answer the questions they asked, tag some people & ask whoever i tag whatever i want! Here we go...

Questions from Laura: 
1. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A stay-at-home mom. And a homeowner. ;)

2. Are you afraid to die?
I'm not afraid of actually dying because i am a Christian. I can't wait to see Jesus face-to-face & give Him a big hug! :) However, he has given me so much on earth & i want to enjoy it a bit longer! I want to see what else He has in store for me & my husband. Today we were talking about how awful it is for people to lose their spouse (through death or divorce) & i actually got teary-eyed just thinking about losing Brad. i pray we both die at the same time when we are 99 years old!! While we are sleeping!

3. What is your favorite color? 
I think i like them all. I have always loved every shade of blue. Royal, baby, teal, aqua, you name it, i love it. I used to hate purple but it is growing on me. I used to think pink was "okay" but i like it more & more. Yeah, i think i like all colors. :) But green & blue are my favorites. And red. Ha!

4. What was your favorite vacation?
Our honeymoon - duh! Cruise to the Carribbean. It was lovely. Relaxing. Beautiful!

5. A favorite childhood memory? 
Selling lemonade in our neighborhood. We had our own lemonade stand. I also remember our slip & slide!

6. A family tradition you wish to carry on? 
i like our christmas get-togethers...It's just the 6 of us. We open gifts, put on christmas music (or a christmas movie), & have appetizers & desserts. It's a lot of fun!

7. Your favorite book?
Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers. If you haven't read it, you need to!!

Now, questions from Krystal:
1. How do you resolve conflict in your life? 
This kind of depends on the situation. If it is a conflict with a person, i try to talk to them about it. If it is my husband, we will talk it out for however long it takes...until we are both okay. If it is a friend, i will try to talk to them about it. We may have to agree to disagree. If it is not a relationship issue...well, i'm not sure! It just depends on what it is. But always through communication - whether with a person or with God. :)

2. Is the glass half full or half empty? 
Depends on my mood. ;)

3. If you could tell a certain someone something, what would it be? (No names, please.) 
Ah, there are so many things i could tell so many someones, but what good would it do?! They either wouldn't listen & continue to live life as they please or i would have been wrong to tell them in the first place... acting out of anger or arrogance & not love. I'll leave this one blank. :)

4. Have you ever volunteered? If so, what for? 
I volunteered for about 9 years as a youth leader in my church. I volunteered at a home for troubled teen girls with some friends of mine (we wrote & taught them bible studies once a week for about 7 years.) I volunteer at the theatre every time i stage manage or perform.

5. Do you keep a personal journal or is blogger your journal? 
Blogger is my journal. If i have something too personal to say, i usually just talk to my husband or a good friend about it or email my bbff Laura. :) Before most of us had internet, i wrote in journals - i have a bin full of them under my bed... my friend ali gave me one for my birthday when i turned ten... & that is when i started writing in them! I wrote in them until i was in my mid-twenties. I'm kind of sad that i don't anymore.

6. What is your most embarrassing moment? 
I will say this as vaguely as possible, because in detail it is 10 times worse! & i can't believe i'm going to give as much detail as i am. For years i wouldn't even tell people this one as my most embarrassing moment because it was not even the "funny afterwards" kind of embarrassing! I was MORTIFIED!

But yeah - in high school, when i was a freshman & my sister was a senior...for some reason i decided to sleep on the couch in the den one night. And i thought her boyfriend had gone home, but he was still there. I thought everyone was sound asleep. So just as he walked through the den to leave, i was changing clothes... i will leave it at that! Yikes!

7. What are your Christmas traditions? 
Usually my side of the family picks a day that we can all get together. It might be as early as December 20th & that is fine with me. It's good that way because then Brad & I don't have to choose which family we will have Christmas Eve/Day with. We are able to do Christmas Day with his family. We started this because Michelle was often in England for Christmas (visiting her best friend) & mom & dad often went to Mississippi for Christmas. Anyway, like i said above, as my favorite Christmas tradition, we have an evening (just mom, dad, me, brad, michelle & this year, Mike) with appetizers & desserts on the menu, we play games or watch a movie or listen to Christmas music & we open gifts. :) Fun times!

8. When you are having a bad day, what never fails to cheer you up?
Brad-Hugs. They are the best. They kind of look like this...

This was at the shower the theatre threw for us before we got married. I love it! It's Brad's FB profile pic. :)

Well, that was fun! Now, i'm supposed to tag 8 people & ask them 8 questions. I am going to cheat & pick my favorite questions from above. I will also use some of my own. But they asked some really good ones! & i may not feel like coming up with new ones! Also, i'm going to try to tag people that i do not think have already been tagged in this game. If i tag you & you've already been tagged, just ignore me. :) Or do it twice. Whichever! And if i tagged you & you have not already been tagged - well, you still don't have to do this if you don't want to! Though it'd be fun to read your answers!!

I tag -

1. Ginger @ The Neff Family
2. Patti @ Emersyn Grace, our biggest little blessing
3. Jenna @ Jenna's Jargon
4. Michelle @ Just the 7 of Us
5. Ashley @ Queen Mom
6. Shayla @ Scripture Sprinkles
7. Sarah @ Steudlein's... Party of 5
8. Brittany Ann @ Living in the Moment

Here are the questions for you to answer. And remember, i'm keeping some of the questions above. :)

1. What is your favorite color?
2. Are you afraid to die?
3. If you could trade in one of your talents for another talent - which talent would you want to have & which talent would you be willing to give up? (I stole this from Stealing Sunday.)
4. Puzzle, cards, or board games? If you picked cards or board game, what are your favorites?
5. Have you ever volunteered? If so, what for?
6.What are your pet peeves?
7. What is your favorite family tradition?
8. If everyone was going to give you a gift card for Christmas this year... where would you most want your gift cards to be from? Top three places.

Ok, that was fun! :) Happy Saturday!

shopping with mom & sis!

Today i had plans with my mom & sister. I love spending time with them, just the three of us. :) We met with two photographers for her wedding. I met my sister at mom & dad's at 10:30 & we road together to the first appointment. Mom got there about 15 minutes later, she was coming from church choir practice. This first appointment was with Aaron of Eye Wander Photo. I grew up with him in church youth group & i remember him first getting into photography back then. It was good to see him! He is a fantastic photographer! Seriously! Love his work! Very creative! Michelle also loved his work! We had a great time visiting with him & looking at his photography. :)

After that, we headed to Perkins Rowe to meet dad & mike (michelle's fiance) for lunch. At first we went to California Pizza Kitchen but it would be a 15 minute wait & we had to meet the other photographer in less than an hour, so we headed to La Madeleine's instead. Yay. I love La Madeleine's. I had the small potato soup & a petite ceasar salad. Yum!

Then Dad & Mike left & the three of us met Amanda of Amanda Meyer Photography at Starbucks. I love her! She was my wedding photographer & she is a true sweetheart. :) She was such a great help at my wedding, i just love her to death! So we had fun visiting with her.

Then we went to Charming Charlie! I have been dying to go there & everyone keeps telling me i need to! :) It is an accessories shop FULL of purses, jewelry, hats, etc. LOVE IT! It is divided up by color, which i LOVE - they have red section, a green section, blue, aqua, pink, silver, etc! It was very crowded & hot though! The prices are hard to beat! Very reasonable. :) I got a birthday gift for a friend. I hope she likes it!

 charming charlie, in perkins rowe. (google images)

I also was a dork & took a picture of myself trying on a hat. i like hats. My hair looks kind of fonky in the second pic though. :) I didn't buy it. But i kind of liked it...

Then we passed through Barnes & Noble & i got a few cards... & then we left. I was SO TIRED from staying up late last night & waking up early this morning! I got home around 4 & took a nap. Had a sweet conversation with Brad first. He is so good to me! I love him!

Then i cooked dinner. I had yummy pork chops in the crockpot & made parmesan mashed potatoes to go with it. YUM! You can find that recipe here. Seriously - easiest & best pork chops EVER!

Hope your day was wonderful!

Coming Soon: Book Review!

Remember when i wrote this post about Angela Thomas' teachings at the Beautiful Conference? How much i loved her? Well, after the conference i immediately looked her up on Facebook. Of course. :) And earlier this week, she had this post:

Attention Bloggers... Want to review my yet-to-be released book, Do You Know Who I AM?? If so, please email...

Wait, whaaaaat?! :) I was scrolling really fast thru facebook & had to go back when i realized i saw "attention bloggers"! So i emailed them & quickly got a response. She asked if i could write a 200 word  review (minimum) & if i could do it by the first week of October. Woah! I used to read books really quickly, but now not so much! It's much harder as a working adult! HA! I didn't even finish a whole book on VACATION (though that one was quite thick)! So i wrote back & said i could do the 200 words, but wasn't sure about having it ready the first week of October. I mean, i don't want to SKIM the thing... i want to really read it & let the words soak in! So I asked if i could email them the first week of October & let them know if i was close to being finished. And she said that was great! And yesterday, it arrived! :)

I'm really excited! It looks really good! I had no idea what it was about. I read the back & I'd like to share what it says: 

Women of all stages of life will identify with honest questions from the heart of Angela Thomas as she asks God if He knows her - and loves her - just as she is...right now. In each chapter, she asks a different question that only God can answer: questions like, "Do you know i am trembling inside?" "Do you know i am lonely?" and "Do you know i am ordinary?". Each time Angela voices these questions to God, she finds that God's answer is always, "Yes. I know your heart. I see your struggle. Do you know who I AM?"

With her innate ability to connect with women on both an emotional & spiritual level, Angela reveals that the secret to being known & loved lies in an intimate understanding of who God is. Each struggle is explored through vivid storytelling, biblical teaching & practical application. This teaching assures readers that their personal, spiritual & eternal fulfillment is not dependent on getting themselves together first. Rather, God has a purpose for them just as they are - even if they feel broken, afraid, disappointed or disillusioned. 

Sounds good, huh?! And trust me... if she writes as well as she speaks, you're going to love it! 

Wish me luck!

love shack, babyyyy

Last night was crazy! I worked backstage for the B-52's. Ohmygosh. Haha. The minute i walked in the door, i realized i should have brought my camera. I don't usually, it's work, but I've been wanting to bring it at some point to get pics with coworkers & such. Anyway, tonight was the night i needed my camera. The entire lobby was all decorated in cool 70's decor. They had round tables everywhere with cute tablecloths & little spinning disco balls. Upstairs they had a reception with DELICIOUS food. And furniture that was donated from Goodwill. I was clear furniture... chairs & tables... in a retro style & they had little gerber daisies in a vase on the tables. They had a cute 70's-ish couch with a pillow that said "love shack" on it. And EVERYONE dressed up. Not everyone, but most people wore all that 70's garb with their hair done in beehives & such! Man, i wish i'd had my camera! Some of the head staff at the Manship had their hair done by Rigsby Frederick Hair Salon. It was just...awesome. I said at least 10 times last night, "i'm so mad i didn't bring my camera!!"

I was rep'ing, meaning i'm basically there to do whatever the artists need. It can be kind of boring, because most of the time they don't need anything. The only request i had last night was for some CHOCOLATE (& it was not a female!). So i solved that by grabbing him some Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies from the bar. It did the trick. :) And then you're also there to keep audience members from coming backstage. We only had one issue - a slightly drunk guy just came on backstage. There were two of us, but Sam got to him first & she's like "you have to go back in the lobby. You can't be back here." & he kept saying, "come on... i wanna talk to the b-52's...." Um, yeah. That's not how this works. LOL. So anyawy he went back with no problems. Thank goodness!

I spent a lot of time sitting with one of their crew members & one of their truck drivers. They were very nice. The truck driver was telling stories about driving for Lady Gaga & Rascal Flatts. (Apparently the guys in Rascal Flatts are super nice & Lady Gaga is super weird...surprised? I didn't think so!) But it was fun hearing all his stories.

Anyway, it was a good night & it definitely went by quickly - i was hoping it would!

I missed Fill in the Blanks Friday & I always like doing those... so here we go... a little late. ;)

1. When i get a day to myself, I like to relax. Hang out at home. Read magazines & books, blog. Maybe watch a movie. Yeah, that's about it. :)

2. High School was okay. It was a hard time, but i had tons of sweet friends that made it worthwhile. And i was in musical theatre class which made it worthwhile! But yeah...P.E. class was no fun (i was picked on) & things at home were kind of crazy too.

3. A little dream i have is to have my bloggie friend, Laura, come visit me!! We would have so much fun! I'd also love to go visit her...see Pennsylvania, meet her hubby & cute kids, spend lots of time at Panera, & meet her friends Rainey & Kim (who have also become my bloggie friends)! :)

4. A big dream i have is to start a family & be able to quit my job & be a stay-at-home mom. & also to afford a house. I know people do this all the time, but it seems so impossible right now. It's not, though. It'll happen one of these days!

5. If i could drive any car, my pick would be a mini cooper. Except not. I mean, the time to get a mini cooper was in my twenties, before my husband was in sight! And now, by the time i get a mini cooper, i'd have to turn around & sell it because i'd get prego & need room for car seats. And actually they do fit car seats but i don't want to have to break my neck trying to get my kids out of the car. But yeah. I adore mini coopers. I told brad that maybe it can be my "mid-life crisis" car when the kids are grown & gone. (Really, though, i want a newer SUV. I love SUV's...& I don't care what kind...just a good kind that is a bit newer than mine!)

6. A time that i felt really & truly beautiful was on my wedding day.

7. Tomorrow I will be going to church, then coming home & hanging out. Likely cooking dinner & having the in-laws over to watch The Book of Eli (our latest in on Netflix).

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Friday!

Today is Friday & i am on my lunch break. Today is going to be a lonnnng day. I have to go straight from work to rep at the Manship Theatre. The B-52's are playing & i am a backstage Rep, meaning i do whatever is asked of me by the B-52 members or their production team... within reason. :) I think it is going to be crazy. Reps can't leave til the artists leave, so... it might be a long night! (Hopefully i'll be home by midnight!)

Time to answer some question for you! Five, to be exact! Head on over to My Little Life to link up!

1. What is the first nightmare you remember?
I saw monsters. Three, in my bedroom, standing in a line. I felt like I was awake & i truly saw them. Yes, i'm serious! Monsters, like the kind on Monsters Inc (long before Monsters Inc). Crazy.

2. Even if you're not a sports fan, what is your favorite sport to watch/play?
I'm not a fan, but i'll watch an LSU football game & i'll play kickball. If you don't laugh at me. :)

3. If you could pull off one piece of trendy fashion, what would it be?
Just a cute summery dress. I can't pull them off right now at all. But when i lose all this weight, i would probably wear dresses everyday.

4. Did you make good grades in school?
Nope. Not at all. I was quiet, paid attention & took good notes. I did my homework. But i had a REALLY hard time studying & memorizing info for tests. I failed 7th & 9th grades. I graduated on time because i went to summer school after those two years. I had a hard time getting thru math & science & that is really the reason i dropped out of college. Sad, huh? People sure thought i made good grades, though! I had a friend cheat off me...she copied all of my multiple choice answers verbatim ... only to find out after the test that i had guessed on every one of them without even reading the questions.

5. What magazines do you subscribe to?
Ohmygosh, i LOVE magazines. i can go to Barnes & Noble, grab a stack of them & sit down and read them. I used to HAVE TO HAVE all of the People magazines. Then i lost interest in People (for whatever reason) & also can't be spending so much money on magazines. HOWEVER! When i did the CSN giveaway not too long ago, they asked me to do a survey. And because of that survey, i got three FREE magazine subscriptions!!! I picked Entertainment Weekly, Real Simple & Health. I haven't gotten my first Health yet, but i've gotten two Real Simples & several Entertainment Weekly's (good choice since that mag comes once a WEEK!). Anyway, i was excited! Usually that stuff is a scam, but this one wasn't. Yay!

Ok...your turn!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A full calendar - i love it!

Our fall calendar is getting filled up pretty quickly, and i'm excited! I love a full calendar! Not TOO full...not full of obligations. But full of fun things! Fun things that you aren't obligated to do, but are doing because you want to. Know what i mean? Well, that is kind of how our calendar is looking right now & i love it!

This Saturday, I'm going with my mom & sister to meet two potential photographers for my sister's wedding. We'll have lunch together in between. It should be a fun day! And i know both photographers...one was my wedding photographer & the other is a really awesome guy i know (grew up with in church) that takes fantastic pictures!! I wanted him to be my photographer but i could not afford him at the time. :) I loved mine, though, she was wonderful & sweet! So Michelle will be talking to her as well. Yay! We also may have the in-laws over for dinner... i love having them over to eat & watch a movie & we just got The Book of Eli in on Netflix. I've heard it's really good.

Next weekend, we are having our friends Adam & Katie over for dinner. We've been telling them we'd have them over for FOREVER & we're finally setting a date. Yay. :)

The weekend after that we are potentially having two couple friends over for dinner, depending on if they can get babysitters and all that. We shall see.

The weekend after THAT (we're to the second weekend of october now, are you with me?!), we have the family reunion for Brad's mom's side of the family! This will be my 3rd time going - 4th if you count when we dated the first time, back in 1997 - & they've been having these reunions much longer than that! I'm so glad his family does family reunions. My side doesn't & i always wish we did (of course, we are so much more spread out!). But they are always a TON of fun! Definitely looking forward to it!

The next weekend (Oct 16th), Brad & I are going to Natchitoches to spend one night at a Bed & Breakfast & to see our dear friends Tim & Marion in Chicago at Northwestern State University of Louisiana. Tim got cast as Billy Flynn & Marion is playing Mama Morton! How great is that! I met both of them in my first show at BRLT, Beauty & the Beast. They're really good friends. So we will do that & i'm excited!! (They don't know we're coming for sure yet, unless they read my blog. We haven't booked the lodging but we've found it & will soon!)

The next weekend we are having pictures done! I know it is silly but i have decided i want to get pro pics taken every year around our anniversary. They will be like anniversary pics & pics for Christmas Cards. And yearly family pics when we start having kids. Well, to do this, i always look for good photography deals. Photographers start putting out Christmas specials around September. Last year, my friend Amber of White Horse Photography took them for us. She was offering a FREE session & 25% off Christmas Cards. That was a great deal. This year, my friend Amanda of Amanda Blythe Photography offered an AWESOME deal on Facebook the other day...if you booked that day. I checked my finances, talked to Brad & booked it! Yes! I was pumped. Of course, it is coming out of my own spending money. But it's an excellent deal so i'm glad we got it. Will be fun!!

The next weekend is Brad's cousin Blake's wedding. We got the invitation yesterday & wow, it was fancy schmancy!!! Their wedding is at Nottoway Plantation which is gorgeous & so i'm excited! :)

Now we are in the first weekend of November & i'm not sure what is planned, but the NEXT weekend is our 2nd wedding anniversary! No plans yet for that either, but nothing major. Last year we went to San Antonio for our 1 year (which kind of turned out to be a disaster...but it was still fun...). This year, we will probably just go to dinner (unless i can get him to take me to the New Orleans Zoo... i really want to go!). Then after that - it's the HOLIDAYS! Yipee!

So yeah, it's about to get crazy! Can't wait!

wee bit of me!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We're almost to the weekend...hooray! :)
Time for a little Wee Bit of Me! Head on over to my leigh ashley to link up!

Have you ever one a trophy? If yes, for what?
Only the dance trophies that everyone got their 1st & 5th year (i think). And i got the backstage volunteer award last year at Baton Rouge Little Theatre, if that counts! (Not really a trophy, but...)

What was your favorite subject in school?
In high school, it was always English & Musical Theater.
In college, i liked Psychology & Political Science the best.

What time do you get up in the morning?
My alarm is set for 6:30. I drag myself out of bed around 6:45. Ugh! I have to leave the house no later than 7:30. On weekends, i'm usually up by 8 or 8:30.

If you could open your own business, what would it be?
Panera Bread. It's a franchise, so that counts, right? I would open one in Baton Rouge if i had the funds & any idea at all about how to run a business! (I usually say a gift shop for this question but i'm officially in love with Panera Bread after revisiting it in Florida last week).

If you could spend the evening with one rockstar/band, who would it be?
No idea. Could Kari Jobe or Mandisa or Sarah Bareilles count?

What sitcom character reminds you of you?
Hm...none? I don't know...Can't think...Haven't watched TV in so long...

What are the three most important things to you?
relationships, integrity, love

Chips or popcorn?
Chips. Hands down.

Have you ever ordered anything from an infomercial?

What is one thing you are grateful for today?
a day that is much less stressful than yesterday... so far... :)

Your turn!