Saturday, September 4, 2010

5QF - & we made it!

Well, after a wayyy too long car ride, we finally made it to Florida! Woohoo! It took forever... I should have known. See, i got off at noon, met Brad at Barnes & Noble, picked up 2 books for the trip, & then went to get a pedi. I left the pedi place at 2:15. I got home at 3:15! Grr! I should have been home by 2:45 - at the VERY latest! Traffic was awful. I realized it was because of labor day weekend... & maybe everyone was getting off of work early. We loaded the car right away & left to meet at mom & dad's house.

We left at 4:00 & got to our condo at 10:45! Ahhh! In case you didn't know, it's supposed to be a 4-5  hour trip. We were in traffic a LOT of the time. There was a bad wreck. Plus everyone in BR must be going to Atlanta for the LSU game. (I know you are surprised i knew that. Dad told me.) It was so cramped! But we made it! YAY!!

The condo is really nice. I like it! Went straight to bed last night & the bed was so cozy. It's a three-bedroom, three-bathroom condo. Love that ! I love the living room & kitchen. Comfy couches & a huge balcony. Our room is kind of small - but it's okay because it has two walk-in closets so we can put all our clothes away & the suitcases in the closets. So i'm good (i don't like stepping over suitcases!). I can't wait to hit the beach or the pool & i can't wait to take lots of pics!!

Well, i missed 5QF... & i felt like participating. So here we go. :)

1. What do you do when you have time for yourself? 
Read. Get a pedi. Take a nap. Blog. Stuff like that. :)

2. When you look out your kitchen, what do you see? 
I never look out my kitchen window. I have cutie curtains there. But if i did look out, there'd be another trailer. Not the nicest view...

3. Who/What would you want to be reincarnated as? 
Um...wow... i can honestly say i've never pondered this question. I have no idea.

4. What is your biggest pet peeve about other people's kids? 
I guess if we're talking about the KID, i would say when i used to teach preschool - & i'd be talking to another teacher or another kid - & my three year old would tap me on the shoulder, NON-STOP, saying "Miss Melissa. Miss Melissa. Miss Melissa. Miss Melissa. Miss Melissa...." you get the point? It's funny now. But then it would be this annoying voice in the back of my mind & finally i'd be like - "EXCUSE ME. I am TALKING to someone ELSE. WAIT a minute!" HAHA. Thankfully, i have a little more patience than i did at age 19.

But usually my peeves about other people's kids have nothing to do with the kids - it's the parents. My number 1 peeve that gets me just IRATE? Seeing a kid not in a carseat. I see this way too often. Like, i've seen a mom carrying a newborn in the front seat. I've seen a 2 year old climbing all over the backseat. I'm talking about busy roads, highways, interstates! People are DUMB. I guess they don't value their child's LIFE.

5. Regular or diet soda?
Neither. I mean, i personally LIKE regular coke & diet sprite (sprite zero). But i have cut WAY back & mostly drink water. I was addicted to coca-cola - we're talking...i don't even want to SAY how many we're talking a day. My new year's resolution in January 2008 was to quit soda & i did. I now do allow a Sprite Zero sometimes. 1 a day, max. Which is way better than in the past!


  1. Have fun in Florida! Beautiful place!

    That is aeesome you cut out soda. I cut out soda and sweet tea/and only drink it on the weekends as a treat!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I hope you have a great time! I've cut out soda too. There are times that I crave it, but I usually have a coke 1-2 times a month. I'm trying hard to get away.


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