Sunday, September 26, 2010

Adam & Katie

Last night, we had our friends Adam & Katie over for dinner. I made my favorite recipe & they loved it! They also got to have some of Brad's coffee, which is the best coffee ever, & they loved that, too. Adam made  Banana Bread for dessert & it was so yummy! :)

I have known Adam for years & years, but I had only met his wife two or three times...we've never really had a chance to get to know each other. I wasn't sure how it would go because I am usually shy around new people & i thought Katie might be the same way. I knew Brad & Adam would totally hit it off, because they both are musicians & they both are into deep study of the Word (i.e., learning Hebrew & Greek & studying language & culture in relation to the Bible).

Well, they came around 7:00 & they left at 3:40 in the MORNING!!!!! OHMYGOSH! Needless to say, we all got along just fine! Haha. And yeah... we missed church this morning! I do not think i have stayed up that late since my very early twenties...& even then 1 or 2 am was a normal bedtime for me...not 3:40! Ha! I do not think Brad & i have ever stayed up that late since we have been married. We slept till 11 am this morning & are still tired. But seriously - we had the best time with this sweet couple & i'm so glad they came over. We are definitely going to get together again (& again)!

After dinner, we played Phase 10, a card game that Brad & I love. Brad won. :) It was a fun game. By then it was 11 pm & i thought the night would be ending soon. I told Brad he had to let them hear Alicia's keys before they left. So he played that for a little while & then they got to talking more about music & then Katie & I came back into the living room & got to talking about everything...our homes, work, church, friends, married life, etc..we had plenty to talk about!! At 3:40, they left...we couldn't believe how late it was! The time flew by. It was great!

We had an awesome time & can't wait to do it again.

I had a camera on the counter the whole time & didn't take a pic once! By the time i thought of it, it was 3:40 am & well, i just didn't think anyone wanted to say "cheese" at that point! HA! But next time i'll be sure to take some! :)

Actually... just because i think you should have faces to go with the names... here is a pic of Adam & Katie at our wedding... almost two years ago, but still. :) Hope they don't mind! Ha!

We had a wonderful time!!

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