Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Attention Mom Friends!!

Do yourself a favor & watch this video! Seriously! It is so cute & funny! & you will likely relate to it!

My BFF Sarah works with the MOPS group at her church. She did this video as a promo at her church to get moms to come to their MOPS meeting. I think it is precious & asked her to let me share it! It features her beautiful daughters: Cassie, Olivia & Hannah.

I know you can't exactly come out to our city to go to this MOPS group, but just so you know, they have MOPS all over. :) I just had to share this because all you moms will understand & love it!! 

You can also check out Sarah's blog here. :)

ENJOY! (& have your volume turned up!)

Great job, Sarah!


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