Sunday, September 12, 2010

church, friends & baby fever

Tomorrow I go back to work after a week off. SAD!! It's always harder than ever to go back after vacation (but totally worth it!). I'm thinking tomorrow will fly by, though, considering all the work i will have to catch up on! I'll also be going back to the gym tomorrow! I had thought i gained over 3 pounds on vacation, but turns out that was just temporary?! Whew! I'm (just about) back down to what i weighed before my vacation, thank the Lord! :) Now, i can get my booty back to the gym tomorrow & lose some more weight!

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I won a giveaway on i love it all, & i really encourage you to check out monika's blog! She is so creative! What is funny is i found her Rules of Love print in her etsy shop & loved it & thought i would buy it one of these days. But then i somehow found her on blogger & said, "wait a minute...that's the girl with the cute stuff on etsy!" Haha. I ended up winning this print in her giveaway...it arrived yesterday & i love it! Though i still really want her "Rules of Love" print!

 ...thanks, Monika! :)

 In other news...

We went back to church this morning. I say "back to" because we had SO gotten out of the habit of going consistently. I've always been very much involved in church & in youth group. But then there was a church split, then i found the church i currently attend, then i got involved in theatre & couldn't really be involved in church at the same time (though i did still go on Sunday mornings, but i was nowhere near how involved i was before). Then i got involved again, sang on the praise team & got married. Brad was on the praise team too. But we took a break from that for awhile, because we couldn't really be as committed as we needed to be. And then we got out of the habit of going to church altogether! Geez! I have really missed it & am really glad to be back. I'm looking forward to getting involved again. There are so many new faces that i want to get to know! I sat by a guy from Nigeria this morning, i had seen him before but never met him. He is so happy & nice! The guy on the other side of us was also new. Love it!

Brad & i have a list of friends we want to have over for dinner. You know the ones, the ones you say "hey, we really should have y'all over for dinner!" but then never do? Not because you never intended to, but because life gets in the way... non-stop theatre, a paid musician job with a deadline, vacation, etc?! Well, now we're back from vacation, the musician job is done, i'm taking a break from theatre until late this year!! So yeah... we have a couple coming over on the 25th & then we're just going to go down the list of people we have been wanting to come over... i'm looking forward to it! :)

We also have two theatre friends who now are theatre majors at a university three hours away. Well, they BOTH got lead roles in Chicago & we are making plans to go see them in it! We have been promising & promising them we'd go see them in something & now is the time! We will get a bed & breakfast, but i'm sad because we really can only stay for one night. And i know i'm going to want to stay a lot longer because it's going to be so nice! HA! (The one i found is no more expensive than any of the others. But it looks beautiful & cozy!) Maybe we should just stay at TravelLodge so i won't want to stay so bad?! We have got to save money, so staying an extra night or two just really isn't a great idea right now. 

i have baby fever. really, kid fever. i like these two.
{images from we heart it}

Speaking of saving money... well, we have got to be stashing money away for baby. It is no longer a secret that i have baby fever... but maybe you should know that it is only increasing everyday. Maybe if you could remember us in your prayers... I know it seems silly, but we are worried about money & i am worried about having trouble conceiving (I have no reason to worry about this that i know of). As far as the money goes - we have got to get these finances in order! Brad is awesome with money, but we seriously do not make a lot to begin with. I know, i KNOW, you can never be financially prepared for a baby (please don't comment that, i'm starting to get tired of hearing it... i know God will take care of us but you actually CAN have a little bit of financial preparation!). We have a plan & we've already started working on it: Knocking out our 2 debts & saving up income so that i can be a stay-at-home mom! That is my prayer! I am asking for your prayers because we worry too much. I am 32 1/2 & not getting younger & i'm ready to start a family. How's that for sharing our personal business?! (I usually try to keep the baby fever posts to a minimum!)

I will end with this verse, since i seem to need the reminder!

"So do not worry about your life, saying "What shall we eat? What shall we drink? What shall we wear?" For the pagans run after these things, and your heavenly father knows that you need them. But seek first His Kingdom & His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." 
Matthew 6:31-33

SO yeah. That's it for now! Have a great week!


  1. Thanks for the awesome blog award!

    Im thinkin I may share mine with others via Vlog...but I cant find my camera so who knows LOL

    returning to work from an AWESOME vacay is always tough, but your positivity is going to help you ease back into it :D

    I LOVE those shots, especially the first one!! I have a soft spot for little rugged boys- they are just the cutest, I want to be a mommy to a group of boys!!! haha

    Ahhhh baby fever!!! I have 2 blog friends that are in my prayers for conception I am so thrilled to add you as well!!!

    I cannot wait for some awesome excited posts from yall sharing the blessed news of a new arrival :) it will be so beautiful I cannot wait!!!

    Thank you for sharing so that I can lift you up in prayer :)

  2. Girl, I have baby fever bad! I'm so ready, but I know we have to wait a bit longer. I agree with you. There is such a thing as being a little more financially stable for when a baby comes!

  3. I can't wait for the day that you say your preggers!!! HAHA!! You are very right though about financially preparing for baby. And it's true to a degree that God provides, but He also wants us to use wisdom in our finances!(i got sick of hearing the whole, He'll provide thing when I worried too because that goes both ways!) And kids are VERY expensive! LOL!
    I totally worried about not being able to conceive, mainly because I had some problems and my doctor said it would probably be difficult, so RIGHT after getting married, we decided I would get off the pill and we wouldn't prevent, that way MAYBE we would get pregnant in a year or so because we only wanted to wait about a year. WELL, 3 months later.....I was PREGO!!! SHOCKING!!! not quite enough time just us!!! HAHA! Brayden was born 1 year, 1 month, and 1 day after our wedding!! That being said, don't worry about the whole conceiving thing! Doctors don't even always know! LOL!

  4. Love the post and LOVE the verse at the bottom :) I'll keep ya'll in my prayers. My hubby and I are being really strict with finances too. I am pregnant and due in January and would love to just be on 1 income so I can be a stay at home mom.

  5. I am so thrilled to know that you loved your print, and I wanted you to know that I have a 10% discount on any one item in the shop until midnight tonight if you use the code on this post:


    Maybe that will help push you over the edge, ha, ha. Thanks for featuring me on your blog...gotta love that!

    As for the baby fever...go with it. Children are not cheap, but I found that there were things we did not miss once we had kids, it all just kind of worked out. God provided for us and we are grateful.

  6. I hope you can reach your financial goals. I agree having a plan helps! We used Dave ramseys Total Money Makeover and it helped us learn a lot! I wish you all the best! Have a great week.

  7. Praying for you that your financial plans go well and that baby comes easily:)

  8. I was worried about conceiving too and I was a good 40lbs heavier then I am now and we had no problems so don't worry over nothing yet. I'll pray for your financial situations friend, I can relate. God is good!!

  9. I am with you. I have a little baby fever also. I have recently started going to find out what thing I need to do to get my body in to pregnancy shape. I have a little fear as well with getting pregnant and if I am going to be a good mommy or not. I know God will provide and assist me in what I and my hubby need as parents. I will keep you in my prayers as you start your journey.

    I have also tagged you. Please check my blog out to see what to do.

  10. I can't believe you only temporarily gained 3lbs on vacation, that is awesome! I think I gain 3lbs each weekend.... vacation is more like 10lbs. ugh! So great job on not really gaining weight at all on vacation! THAT sounds like its definitely a life style change to me!
    I think we should just have a baby fever blog place. I agree with you about the finances... and am so tired of everyone saying you can never be ready because I do agree, you can at least sorta get ready! Good luck with everything to plan for it, I'll be praying for you guys financially and that when the time is right things work out perfect! What an exciting time!

  11. Those pictures are just too cute!!!

    And I too have a list of friends that I need to have over. A friend called today saying she wanted to have us over for dinner. I was like "I would LOVE to! The problem is that this weekend we are celebrating Liza's bday. The next weekend we are celebrating mine. The weekend after that is Mike's bday and the weekend after that I have to go to Ohio for a reunion." So we put something on the calendar for the weekend after that haha. I'm never this busy... except for when our bdays come around every year.


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