Saturday, September 4, 2010

Exhaustion... & fill-in-the-blanks!

I am just SO exhausted. It's out of control. I don't even know why. I feel jet-lagged. We had an almost 7 hour trip by car & while that is longer than it should have been, it certainly could have been worse! It could have been a 10 hour drive or 13. Or we could have had to fly! I mean, really, i didn't expect to feel THIS tired! I feel like i'm hungover or something (though i've had nothing stronger than coffee today!). I feel like i just got to another country after three connecting flights or something, haha.

I have not gone to the beach today. Is that sad?! I have sat on the balcony & listened to the waves. I have sat on the couch & listened to the waves. I have taken a nap in the bed for a couple of hours. I did manage to get a shower & go to the grocery store with my dad. I've done some reading & blogging. And now i'm on the couch again. Just soo tired. I've been a little grumpy, too. Not all day, but the last hour or so... everyone is chatty except me & my sister & brad. Brad is quiet because that's how he is. :) But me & michelle are all in quiet moods & mom, dad & mike are super talkative!!! For awhile, i was kinda just wishing everyone would shut up! HA! I told Brad that i have never seen men talking so much & women being the quiet ones. HA!

i don't mean to say i'm not having a good time. I am! There is nowhere else in this world i'd rather be!! A condo on the beach! Woo! Love it! Tomorrow i am sure i will have gotten some good sleep & i will hit the beach and the pool & we'll go for a walk, too! :)

Fievel has been tired too. He got groomed yesterday & usually after getting groomed he sleeps for hours. I don't know why! But for some reason, it wears him out! Well, he also does that after spending a couple of hours with Molly (my parent's shih-tzu) & Bali (michelle's cocker spaniel). So today he has been SO sleepy. Like, hardly able to keep his eyes open. He also wouldn't eat. We FINALLY got him to eat & then he was a different person dog. I filmed him playing with dad a few minutes after he ate. Hilarious!

Michelle cooked a delicious & healthy dinner tonight. Baked Tilapia with a crawfish topping, brown rice, broccoli. Cooked perfectly. So good! YUM!

We're now hanging out - me, mom & brad on our laptops, michelle reading a novel, mike & my dad watching the LSU game. And we hear waves in the background. So nice. I love vacation.

Earlier, we stepped on the balcony & there was a bride & her groom taking pictures. Not sure if it was before or after the wedding - it was just the two of them & the photographer. Love it! :)

I thought it was fitting that the theme for today's yesterday's Fill-in-the-Blanks Friday was TRAVEL. :)

1. If i didn't have to work {outside the home} anymore, I would NOT take it for granted. I hope that I would keep my house so much cleaner, have dinner ready almost every night, & take care of my kiddos, enjoying them & taking them on playdates & to their activities & such. I would possibly do more acting, too. I wish i could say i'd do more traveling, but sadly the time to do a lot of that has passed. We are saving money for a house & for me to be able to be a stay-at-home mom. This is probably our last one for awhile...

2. My favorite thing about vacation is not having to set an alarm. :) & relaxing & doing whatever the heck i wanna do. But mostly, my favorite thing is being able to spend time with the family 24/7.

3. When packing for a trip, I am not all that organized about it (though i am a very organized person). I used to make detailed lists & always forgot something. Then i started just throwing stuff in my suitcase & not forgetting anything! How weird is that?! My packing style is just to think in my head what i need (outfits, toiletries, etc) & write down those things that i think i might forget (camera, phone charger, etc). This time the only thing i forgot was the Phase 10 cards...

4. If i could choose to do on a roadtrip with anyone (dead or alive), i would choose Brad because he is the only person that i really enjoy being with 24/7. Also we're kind of the same with how we like to vacation. He likes to relax & not have a detailed agenda, but is also willing to do stuff if i would like. We would go to Charlotte, NC or Savannah, GA - two places that i really really would love to visit!

5. My Top 3 Absolute Travel Essentials are: reading material, chapstick & my camera.

6. Vacations are important. It's good to get away from day-to-day life, spend time with your family &/or friends, relaxing & discovering new places. I know i said that this is our last vacation for awhile, but that is just for a season of life where we need to focus on other things. That doesn't mean we won't go on them in the future. Some of my fondest memories of growing up are family vacations & I want that for my own family.

7. On vacation you must realize that it's not just YOUR vacation (unless, of course, you're alone). I hate it when people try to force you to go do this & go do that, see this or see that, etc. We have different vacationing styles & it's nice to let everyone enjoy it in their own way. (& if you want them to do certain things with you, that's fine - just do what they wanna do as well!)

Ok... see ya later! :)

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