Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A full calendar - i love it!

Our fall calendar is getting filled up pretty quickly, and i'm excited! I love a full calendar! Not TOO full...not full of obligations. But full of fun things! Fun things that you aren't obligated to do, but are doing because you want to. Know what i mean? Well, that is kind of how our calendar is looking right now & i love it!

This Saturday, I'm going with my mom & sister to meet two potential photographers for my sister's wedding. We'll have lunch together in between. It should be a fun day! And i know both photographers...one was my wedding photographer & the other is a really awesome guy i know (grew up with in church) that takes fantastic pictures!! I wanted him to be my photographer but i could not afford him at the time. :) I loved mine, though, she was wonderful & sweet! So Michelle will be talking to her as well. Yay! We also may have the in-laws over for dinner... i love having them over to eat & watch a movie & we just got The Book of Eli in on Netflix. I've heard it's really good.

Next weekend, we are having our friends Adam & Katie over for dinner. We've been telling them we'd have them over for FOREVER & we're finally setting a date. Yay. :)

The weekend after that we are potentially having two couple friends over for dinner, depending on if they can get babysitters and all that. We shall see.

The weekend after THAT (we're to the second weekend of october now, are you with me?!), we have the family reunion for Brad's mom's side of the family! This will be my 3rd time going - 4th if you count when we dated the first time, back in 1997 - & they've been having these reunions much longer than that! I'm so glad his family does family reunions. My side doesn't & i always wish we did (of course, we are so much more spread out!). But they are always a TON of fun! Definitely looking forward to it!

The next weekend (Oct 16th), Brad & I are going to Natchitoches to spend one night at a Bed & Breakfast & to see our dear friends Tim & Marion in Chicago at Northwestern State University of Louisiana. Tim got cast as Billy Flynn & Marion is playing Mama Morton! How great is that! I met both of them in my first show at BRLT, Beauty & the Beast. They're really good friends. So we will do that & i'm excited!! (They don't know we're coming for sure yet, unless they read my blog. We haven't booked the lodging but we've found it & will soon!)

The next weekend we are having pictures done! I know it is silly but i have decided i want to get pro pics taken every year around our anniversary. They will be like anniversary pics & pics for Christmas Cards. And yearly family pics when we start having kids. Well, to do this, i always look for good photography deals. Photographers start putting out Christmas specials around September. Last year, my friend Amber of White Horse Photography took them for us. She was offering a FREE session & 25% off Christmas Cards. That was a great deal. This year, my friend Amanda of Amanda Blythe Photography offered an AWESOME deal on Facebook the other day...if you booked that day. I checked my finances, talked to Brad & booked it! Yes! I was pumped. Of course, it is coming out of my own spending money. But it's an excellent deal so i'm glad we got it. Will be fun!!

The next weekend is Brad's cousin Blake's wedding. We got the invitation yesterday & wow, it was fancy schmancy!!! Their wedding is at Nottoway Plantation which is gorgeous & so i'm excited! :)

Now we are in the first weekend of November & i'm not sure what is planned, but the NEXT weekend is our 2nd wedding anniversary! No plans yet for that either, but nothing major. Last year we went to San Antonio for our 1 year (which kind of turned out to be a disaster...but it was still fun...). This year, we will probably just go to dinner (unless i can get him to take me to the New Orleans Zoo... i really want to go!). Then after that - it's the HOLIDAYS! Yipee!

So yeah, it's about to get crazy! Can't wait!


  1. I love when my calendar is full of fun stuff! Mine is pretty bare right now until the husband returns home! Hopefully it will fill up when he gets home!

  2. Sounds like things are shaping up famously!

  3. Hi friend, I gave you a little award! Cause you rock!

  4. I tagged you in my post "Come Play Along". Hope you participate!

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