Monday, September 6, 2010

Vacation: Monday - Gorgeous!

Today is beautiful! I woke up this morning & sat on the couch, sipping coffee & blogging. Mom & Michelle & Brad went out on the balcony & later Mike joined them. I just sat on the couch listening to the waves. Then, Mike told me that all the seaweed stuff was gone. What? I looked at the ocean & sure enough! It was all gone!!! Yesterday, the ocean was FULL of seaweed & algae. Today it's like it just disappeared! Love that!

I said in a recent post that i prefer to lay out by the ocean & swim in the pool. That's because there's usually something in the ocean i don't like. I'm petrified of jelly fish & i don't even like the fish that mean no harm! They make me nervous. Also, the ocean has been full of algae & seaweed & i just don't like it. However, i took a look at the ocean today & knew i'd be swimming in it! It was CLEAR as could be!! Yay!

See? If you look at a this post you will see all the algae/seaweed in the water. Ew.

So, Brad & i got in our suits & headed to the beach!! We had two beach chairs & put all our stuff there. We decided right away to go ahead & get in the water & we had a blast!!! We swam for a good while, riding the waves!! I realized just how scared i am of jellyfish! I kept looking out for them, but i didn't see ANY fish. It was just beautifully clear!!! We laughed & swam & played, etc!! So much fun! We went out pretty far & enjoyed it! Then we started coming back & at some point i saw 3 fish pass by. I knew they weren't jelly fish but it still kinda made me nervous! So i was like rushing towards Brad (who had gotten away from me!). Then just when i got to him, we saw this huge round flat thing come up out of the sand at the bottom! I didn't get a good look so i didn't know what it was - just that it was dark & flat & round & creepy!! I hauled butt out of that water!! HAHA! Brad thought i was just going to put my sunglasses up & he was like "oh, wait, you're going back for good?" & i was like, "yeah! i'm SCARED!" Ha! He was laughing at me. :)

Then we got on our beach chairs & read & talked for awhile. Loved it.

Our white legs! & Feets! :)

Then we saw that big round dark thing coming toward the shore. We were so curious to see what it was! I was scared to get TOO close so i took a couple of pictures like this...
...but i missed him! 

He went away but later on came back! We could see him! We got up again & got close enough to see that it was a CRAB! A big one! HAHA! That kind of made me feel better, for some reason? I went & told a kid that was trying to catch little fish with a net. He was like, "A crab! AWESOME! Where?!" Haha.

Anyway, we had a fabulous time!! We came in & mom had made these incredible ham & cheese croissantwiches - they were waiting in the oven for us. :) Delish! 


  1. How pretty! My husband and I aren't big water people. We don't like to get out to far when we can't see the bottom. It freaks me out!

  2. So pretty! Hope your having a great time. I agree I like to soak up the sun by the ocean and the views, but much prefer to be swimming in the pool!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I've been TO the ocean twice, but I don't think I've ever actually been IN the ocean. The second time was our honeymoon and Myrtle Beach had record-low temps that week, which is why I didn't go in. The first time, I have no idea why. :)

  4. Sounds like you met a sting ray! :)
    It looks beautiful there! Enjoy. :)

  5. Beck - It was actually a CRAB! We saw it eventually & someone caught it later. LOL. But my husband suggested that too!!


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