Tuesday, September 28, 2010

honesty & instant beautification

If you have not gone to GIRL TALK yet, you are in big trouble! Ha, just kidding. But seriously, it is AWESOME & i wish you would check it out!!!

Today is a blog hop asking two questions. I love both of these questions. :)

1. If you were to identify the most important quality in a friend, what would you say it is?
2. If you could have a single button beside your bed that would do one thing, what would you want it to do?

Well. :)

1. I think the most important quality in a friend is LOVE. The reason i say love is because that kind of encompasses everything that would be important in a friendship: patience, kindness, not self-seeking, not easily angered...yeah, you get the picture. :) But that is not really a fair answer, right? Wait. Is love even a  quality? Haha. It's late...sorry...

The most important quality in a friend is Honesty.

I think you have to have honesty in friendship. A friendship with fakeness & lying wouldn't be good. It wouldn't be a REAL friendship. I mean if both people can't be totally real with each other, how can it be a  friendship at all? It can't. I think it is important to have a friend who will tell you the truth. Not in a mean way, but in a kind way. In a loving way. Not things like "your hair is a mess" but things like "mel! what are you thinking!?" Haha. My closest friends are always honest with me. If i ask their opinion, they are not going to say what i want to hear (unless that is actually what they want to say). They will disagree with me in a loving spirit. I think that is most important. It is also admirable... because it is not always easy to be that honest. It would be easier to say something easy. But that is how you know they love you. They love you enough to tell you the truth.

I think i'm rambling. And i thought of so many other qualities... compassion, understanding, loyalty, but yeah. Honestly seriously tops them all.

2. I have ALWAYS wanted an "instant beautification" button! I mean, i think i've said probably a hundred times: "I wish i could get ready in an instant! I need a button!" Ha! I hate getting ready in the morning. I hate it. I don't mind it if i can wake up without an alarm & get ready at my own pace. Ok, scratch that... i do mind it then too. Because i don't mind taking a bath or getting dressed, but i hate picking out my clothes, i HATE drying my hair & i hate styling my hair. And yeah... i put my makeup on in the car. I do. (At red lights & i always make sure i can see when the light turns green!).

It all takes too much time! Plus, if i had this button, it'd give me time to read a novel in the bath tub. :) Yeah... i want an "instant beautification" button...where - in an instant - i am clean, hair done, makeup styled & cute clothes picked out & ready to put on!

Seriously... i despise blow drying my hair & i'd like to have 'salon hair' when i go to work. Not Plain Jane hair, which is what i do have b/c i want to spend as little time on my hair as possible in the morning.

Ok, that's it! I hate that i always do these so late... i feel like i could get some of you to join in if it wasn't 11 pm by the time i posted. Argh! You can still do it though.. go to GIRL TALK.


  1. I agree, honesty is the most important quality in a friend. I hate blow drying my hair, too! I can literally think of 33 different things I could do in the time it takes to dry my hair. I complain every day.

  2. Haha! Just this morning I was thinking that I wanted an instant "ready to go for the day" button. I don't like blow drying my hair either.

  3. I Hate blow drying my hair too!! That's partly why i cut it off! If I had an instant beautification button My life would be perfect! haha! And youre right. With out honesty there is no friendship!

  4. I TOTALLY HATE to blow dry and fix me hair, too. It is curly, and I straighten it every day, and in the summer with this southern humidity, it is gross!!! I do love make up, though. I like to change looks between day and evening, and special events. :)

  5. I love your answer to the friend question. That is what I look for in a friend... someone who won't be afraid to say something like "That is just not acceptable!" I don't want friends like the ones when I said I hadn't read my Bible in a year they told me that was ok and made excuses for me like "you have little kids." No. They should have been saying "That's not acceptable Laura! How can we help you?" By the way... how's your Bible reading going? :)

  6. I agree with everyone...blow drying and fixing hair is the worst. Same ole thing day after day. I'm thinking a wig might be a good idea!


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