Thursday, September 9, 2010

i am versatile!? ...& my favorite bloggie friends...

I have recently received a blogger award from not one, but THREE, bloggie friends! Crazy! I got one from Michelle & Brittany Ann for this blog, and i got one from Jennifer for my weightloss blog. I just want to say thanks to all three of them!!

Michelle @ Just the 7 of Us is a newer blog friend & i love reading her posts. She is hilarious!! She is also a Stay at Home Mom to 5 kids & she home schools. I really have enjoyed following her blog.

Brittany Ann @ Living in the Moment is awesome & sweet & i love reading her posts as well. She is a personal trainer & i enjoy reading her "workout wednesday" posts each week - they have helped me out! Her other posts are always very "real" & i love that.

Jennifer @ Living a Changed Life is amazing! She's lost lots of weight & is such an inspiration to me!! I thank God for people like her because they show me that i CAN lose this weight for GOOD! :)

Thanks to all three of you for the blog award! I really appreciate it! You rock! Now, all three of you did this award differently, so i'm just going to pick one & do it that way... 

I am supposed to tell 10 random things about myself & then pass this award along to 10 of my favorite bloggie friends. & let me just say, if you are someone i awarded, you do not have to do a post like this one! It's really fine! I know some of you get these things all the time & if you did them all, your blog would be full of them! But i still want to pass it along to you because i want your blog to get the shout-out it deserves.

10 Random Facts about Melissa

1. i can handle blood & guts, open heart surgeries & people being stabbed (on tv - no i haven't seen that happen in person!), heads being chopped off....any of that is fine, but i simply CANNOT DEAL with broken bones!! If you start talking about breaking a bone, i will get extremely uncomfortably queasy. So much so that i am praying that you will SHUT UP & yet, i can't tell you to shut up because you are trying to tell me a story, so i should be polite & listen, but honestly, i have no idea what you are saying now, because i'm picturing a bone poking out a certain way &... ok, see? Nauseous now. Moving on...

2. I love to cook. LOVE to cook. LOVE! This is all quite a shock to my family, as i had zero interest before being engaged (at 29 years old).

3. I was a maid for awhile. Just fyi, it is a huge stereotype that maids steal from you. I'm sure some of them do, but most of them just want to get in, get your house clean, and go home!! I did work with maids who liked to do a half-a** job, but none of them were thiefs!

4. I am good at directions. I used to be terrible at them. 2 things changed this: being a maid (where they printed a map for you from mapquest, but you had to find it yourself) & being an actor with a tour company (where i was responsible for printing maps & getting us to the school where we were performing). Now, give me a map to anywhere & i am good to go!

5. i am scared to death of jellyfish. i'll get in the ocean & jump the waves, but i'll be praying the whole time & frantically looking through the water! Actually, this fear really goes for anything that stings...

6. i believe there is a place for everything & that everything goes in its place. (This is also a shock to my family, as i was always "the messy one").

7. i am changing my lifestyle & though i've only lost 22.8 pounds (not a lot for how long i've been on this journey!), i'm proud of myself. i'm feeling & looking better & am not giving up!

8. i am no good at school. i would be a college graduate, except i just couldn't get through the basic science & math...

9. my dog has been lying next to me without moving for so long now that i'm starting to wonder if he's still breathing...

10. i'm not a morning person, though i'm more of one than i used to be. i've gotten up around 7 am everyday of this vacation, which is crazy!! However, even though i'm up... i kind of wish everyone would just BE QUIET!! i hate talking in the morning! just sayin! (i've always been surrounded by morning people... LOL.)

10 of My Favorite Bloggers

1. Shayla @ Scripture Sprinkles - i seriously LOVE her. she is adorable! & beautiful & newly married. :) her hubby is in the US Coast Guard.

2. Rebekah @ Life with the Edwards - Another one i love. Actually, she has some stuff in common with Shayla (as in Rebekah is also beautiful & married to a guy in the US Air Force!).

3. Laura @ Life Happens - Laura is my BBFF (best bloggie friend forever). She is a stay at home mom to 2 beautiful kids & she takes fantastic pics!! I love reading her blog because she is so tell-it-like-it-is, which i find refreshing. Laura also writes at Girl Talk, which you should definitely check out!

4. Linds @ A Dollop of my Life - Linds is hilarious... i love how she writes, she always makes me laugh (even if she is venting...she just somehow makes it funny). She is expecting her second baby boy. Linds also writes at Girl Talk along with Laura.

4. Jana @ Happiness is Homemade - Jana is someone i knew in "real life" first. She is an awesome cook & after much encouragement, she finally started a cooking blog! She posts recipes, obviously, but she also puts up great ideas & pics of her precious children (though some of them are not "children" anymore... i had her now college age kid in my junior high sunday school class! scary!).

5. Elizabeth @ A Whisk & A Prayer - i freaking LOVE her! Her blog is too cute & she posts awesome recipes. The mozzerella stuffed turkey burgers were amazing.

6. Kimberly @ My Perspective - Kim is a stay at home mom to 3 kids & she also takes great pictures! I love reading along with her & she has always been a big encouragement to me in my weightloss journey.

7. Tiff @ Project 365 - Tiff is one of my very favorite people in this weightloss journey. She is so inspirational & gives these awesome motivational posts... they are almost always aimed at herself, but she encourages everyone else by writing them. She's lost 53 pounds so far & is doing great!!

8. Nicole @ Let Them Eat Lettuce - Nicole is also in a health journey - she is so fun! I love her personality & her awesome attitude. She just found out she is expecting their first baby. So exciting! Nicole is just beginning Couch to 5k - pregnancy edition! Go, Nicole!

9. Patti @ Emersyn Grace, Our Biggest Little Blessing - Patti is a huge encouragement to me. She is sweet & fun & we have loads in common. She writes about life with her hubby & sweet little girl & about becoming a Godly woman. Patti is also on a health journey & she writes about that at Less is More. She is a true friend & i hope to meet her one of these days!

10. Lacey @ Our Life: Narrated by Lacey - Ok, this girl cracks me up!! She is really spunky, out-of-the-box & fun! She also has a cupcake fettish, as you will see soon enough if you start reading her blog! She has two cute kids, Jack & Molly. Her posts about mommyhood & (what else?) cupcakes really make me smile!

I hope you check out these awesome blogs!!
& thanks again for the award!!


  1. Thanks for the award girl! I also never cooked before I was engaged. Now that I'm married I cook every single night and I love it!

  2. Congrats! I agree I love to cook. I always get so excited to try new recipes! Have a great day.

  3. thanks for the shout out! It's a good thing you're good at directions-- Baton Rouge is a BIG ol' place!

  4. Awww thanks friend!! I hope to meet you too!! Come visit the pacific northwest!!!!! My guest bed is amazingly comfortable, I can give you references if you want!! :) :)

  5. YAY! So glad you played along! Love learning more about you!

  6. Dude! Thanks for the award and the shout out! You're the best!

    I can't stop using exclamation points!!!!!!!! tehehe!


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