Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photographer Friend Show-off 4!

Guess what today is!!! It's time for Photographer Friend Show-off # 4!  :)

This has been really cool. I wasn't sure how it would work out, but i've gotten such a great response!

In case you are clueless, I recently realized how many photographer friends i have in my life. I thought it'd be fun to feature them each week on my blog. So far i have featured Amanda, Laura & Amber's work. Click on their name to check out the blog where i featured their work! It will also have the links to their website &/or blog. :) Today's featured post is...

& it just happens to also be Abby's Birthday!

(This is purely coincidental. I mean i am waiting on 4 others to email me pics & whoever i got them from first was going to be today's featured photographer. She emailed me permission to use hers last night...just in time for her birthday! So hers would have been today anyway, but it makes it super cool that i got to do it on her bday.)

I have known Abby forEVER. Seriously. Forever. I think since she was like 5 or so. Her older sister, Aimie, & i are the same age & went to school together in 5th & 8th grades & high school. I also went to church with their family forEVER. And Aimie was my roommate forEVER (& their other sister Amanda was also one of my roomies for a little while). I mean, seriously... we all go way back. ;)

Sisters Aimie (middle), Amanda (left) & Abby (right - our photographer).
Aren't they GORGEOUS?!

Anyway...on to her photography! I had a really hard time picking favorites...

maternity sessions...
this is another old roomie, ali, & her hubby eric, with their doggie.
she had tons of great pics but i just loved this family one...awaiting baby elijah.

newborn sessions...
And here he is! Elijah (or Eli, for short). i looove his newborn pics!

Children's Sessions...

Heehee...this one makes me giggle...


i LOVE this one below! So sweet!

Sassy Girls...



She even did some prom sessions! How cool is that!?

Bridal Sessions & Weddings...

Abby is truly talented! Check out her website & blog - you can also "like" her on Facebook!

Thanks, Abs, for letting me share your work! & Have a Happy Birthday!


  1. sooo CUTE!!!

    I love the very first picture
    AND the newborn shots!!! just precious!!!

  2. Well i guess if we continue to follow in your shoes we'll get to go to okaloosa island!!!!!!!!! :) haha

  3. Thanks MUCHO for doing this!!! It's awesome!! Oh, and thanks for the Happy Bday :D LOVE YOU ~Abby

  4. I love the last one! I mean I like them a lot but I just LOVE the last one.


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