Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reunition. It's a word.

My dear friend Brittany sent out a FB invite to some of her friends, letting us know that she was in town on a spontaneous trip home & would love to see us for dinner if we could meet her at the Chimes tonight. I was so excited! Brittany has been living in NYC, waiting to be the next big Broadway star (& she will be. She's like, really good.). Anyway, i went & we had a great time. I was so happy to get to see her! I freaking LOVE this girl! (By the way, in case you're wondering - this post title was her facebook invite title.)

I like to tell how we met. Well, not how we MET, exactly, but just a little fun fact about it. During my first few shows at BRLT, i heard her name all the time. Like, ALL the time. And everyone talked so good about her. Everyone loved her. But i didn't know her at all. She had a Wicked-themed party once & i wasn't invited (because we'd never met) & i remember my friends talking about it & asking if i was going. And finding out i don't know Brittany. And they'd say, "MEL! You don't know Brittany?! You HAVE to meet her! You would LOVE her!" Okay.... um....so....!? I ended up getting this all the time. People constantly told me i'd HAVE to meet Brittany. Because i would love her.

Turns out everyone was telling HER the same thing about ME. How funny is that! So one time i went to see a play at another local theatre & she was in it. I was excited to see it & to see her in it b/c i felt like i knew her, like we were great friends but we'd never met. She was AWESOME in this play. And afterwards i met her & it was this funny moment & she was like "OMG! Wait! You're Mel Perry!!!" & i was like "YEAH! & You're Brittany Kriger! Everyone keeps telling me i need to meet you!" & she's like "Are you serious?! Everyone keeps telling ME i need to meet YOU!" HAHA. Ok, so it was really funny. Maybe you had to be there. It's just that i had no idea people were also saying my name around her & telling her she had to meet me. And she had no idea they were saying things to me about her. HA!

We have been great friends (although long distance for much of it...) ever since. 

And i hope it's okay with her that i wrote her last name. I tried not to at first, but really, she's one of those people who you say her first AND last name all the time, b/c it has such a great ring to it. Actually, at some point, i started calling her "Britt K" & she called me "Mel P". But now she has to say "Mel P V". Since i'm married & all.

ANYWAY. I went tonight & had a lovely time. It was me, brittany & rachel. And i was just as excited to see Rachel, because we are always trying to get together. She was the first person i met at BRLT & i love her. :) Later, Brittany's friends Kathryn, Ben & Julia joined us. Julia is actually Ben's friend & she is from Berlin. So - that was way cool. She was beautiful & i loved her accent. Ben & Kathryn are siblings & they are SO sweet  funny. Anyway... pics!

britt k & mel p v! 

2 of my favorite friends. rachel & brittany.

Ok, Ben told me i'd thank him for these next two later. He was right. They totally crack me up.

And finally... 

Thank God for good friends. Love y'all!


  1. so sweet! thank God for good friends indeed.

  2. How fun! Great pictures! It is so nice to catch up with friends.


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