Monday, September 27, 2010

Sad face.

I had a miserable day at work today. I really wish i could go into all the gory details, but i will not. I know you shouldn't blog about work & also, i don't want to bore you with the details. But seriously! I am overwhelmed. I am tired. I am sick of going in ready to get all my work done & having 594040 things ruin that. I am tired of being given work to do because the person who is supposed to do it, won't do it. THAT is my biggest complaint.

Tonight this has me so depressed that i want to cry. I do NOT want to go back to work tomorrow. I am DREADING it. It has been awhile since i have dreaded it. Most days i like it okay. SURE i'd rather be home. I don't think i'm MEANT to sit in an office. Sure, there are DAILY annoyances. However... today had me really ticked & holding for dear life onto my sanity!

In case you are going *tsk tsk* at me, please know that i tell my boss almost everything that goes through my brain regarding work & this blog post would not freak her out. Or make her mad. Really.

On days like this, i begin to hate other aspects of my life & wish for too many things that are not in God's timing right now.

Also, today i found out another friend is getting divorced. This makes the third couple in a very short time period. I am heartbroken for them. I always knew i'd go through a season of watching all my friends go off to college, and then all my friends get married, & then all my friends start having kids... but i never guessed that i'd start seeing friends get divorced. After all, they married awesome guys too. They saved themselves for marriage too. They prayed & made sure they were marrying the right person, too. Never would i have guessed that one day any of them would face divorce.It makes me so sad!

I do not judge any of them, for i do not know the circumstances. I think of what could have happened & there is no telling what i would do. No telling what you would do, either, if your husband cheated or if he got addicted to drugs or alcohol or if he became abusive (not that this is what happened in these cases...I have no idea.). I pray that in any case, we would try to work it out, but yeah...who knows?

I just cannot imagine something more painful than divorce. Obviously death would be unimaginable. But even if your husband was an absolute jerkface.. you still loved them at one time. You still are probably reeling with shock that it is over. You still feel rejected, even if it wasn't your fault.

I am just praying & praying for these friends. And their children.

Please pray for these three women that i know as they go thru this difficult time! Pray that God heals their hearts!! Please!

P.S. Please do not comment that (a) i should be thankful i have a job or (b) that divorce is of the devil. I AM thankful for my job. I just have bad days. & i know God does not like divorce. I don't either. But it happens. & it's no picnic.

Sorry for the downer post! Hopefully i'll be cheerier tomorrow!


  1. Everyone has their days. Tomorrow HAS to be better! Divorce is an awful thing. I can't imagine going through it. I've only watched my parents for the last year go through it. It's such a sad process. I'll be praying for them and for you!

  2. isnt it sad that on your OWN blog you have to like write little things to keep from negative comments getting written??!! drives me nuts!!!!

    Anyways, um sister we have ALL been there. Just a day you want to end, but at the same time you would rather wallow at home with your man than have to return the next day!!!!! I had a lot of tough days at my last job too. Yes, a job is a blessing, BUT we ARE humans working with other sinners-whatdya expect?

    I just recently found out a friend has "seperated" from her hubby...they are my hubby's age...only been married for like 2 years...

    I was SHOCKED. and then I found out about other divorces...it is such a strange season i feel like everyone is pregnant or splitting up its crazy!!!!

    Im SO THRILLED for my preggo friends, but SO SAD for my friend's hearts that are hurting so bad.

    I could never imagine it either girl :S

    praying for a better day tomorrow :)

  3. sorry you've had a bad day! lazy coworkers are the WORST. hopefully you'll have a better day tomorrow!

  4. Oh Mel- I'm so sorry to hear that you've had a real downer of a day. It's yuck when things don't seem to be going in the right direction... and when you have to pick up after other people's slack. :(
    Oh and divorce. I can't imagine either what it takes to get to that point, it is so, so sad. And sad for you too as you continue to support and remain friends with both members of the couple.
    I'm grateful to God that He is so big, and that He understands our struggles/ I'll be praying that you will know His comfort and be able to rest in him tonight, before finding your strength in Him tomorrow. Give your hubby a cuddle and have a great sleep.

  5. You are not alone lady!

    My day at work was crap today too and I'm not looking forward to going back tomorrow! I even stayed 4 and a half hours longer tonight and I'm exhausted!

    And divorce is a sucky thing!!

    I also find it crappy that you had to put that warning up on your own blog about this post! People just need to click the X and move on if they don't like your post!

    And little lady, CRY! It will make you feel a little better.

  6. o sorry about your awful day :( I pray that things get better at work VERY soon(like today!) It stinks when you have such a miserable day at a place that you spend half of your life!
    I'm praying for you and for your friend. I can't imagine what she and kids are going through, but I'm sure it's awful.
    I hope today is GREAT for you!!! Love ya!

  7. I feel your pain, my last job was horrible in that same way, I felt like I was always picking up the slack for everyone else and never getting my own stuff done. :( Hoping today goes much better for you!!!

  8. aw that sucks. Maybe God will provide you with a better opportunity in work! Three of mine and Sean's friend=couples are all getting divorced or are seperated. Its really sad and put us in positions where we have to pick sides and it's been awful. All you can do is Pray!

  9. That is so sad that all your friends are divorcing. :( I can't even imagine and I hope I never have friends that divorce.

    Mike's cousin that just got married for the second time married a guy who is also divorced. My understanding is that in both cases the ex-spouse left them for someone else. She said while in marriage counseling this time, it was a class with other couples, and she said she just kept looking around thinking "Oh they are so shiny and perfect. We should be up there teaching this class because I would be all LET ME TELL YOU WHAT DIVORCE IS LIKE! RIP YOUR ARM OFF IS WHAT IT'S LIKE!" It's awful. Just awful.

  10. Oh, my heart just breaks for these families. I am a child of divored parents, and it is most certainly not something that I would wish on anyone. It is sad to see an ending. I will be praying for these families as they face this tough time.

    I hope that your day is better today. Being miserable at work is just awful. It truly does make everything else blah at times..

    Praying for you and these families.

    Lee Ann

  11. Oh man, when I hear of people I know or friends divorcing it physically makes me sick to my stomach with sadness. I cannot imagine throwing away a marriage. I'm praying that God restores their marriages, it's possible!!

    Sorry you had a bad day at work and sorry I've been an absentee blog friend....life is just too darn crazy these days. Geez. :)

  12. I know what you mean. Divorce really breaks my heart. It's so hard on the entire family, and it's a wound that I'm not sure ever fully heals. Praying for them.


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