Saturday, September 25, 2010

Triple Date!

Do you ever say things like this...

"Girl, i miss you so much! Let's meet for lunch one day soon!"....but then it never happens?

Or "We ought to have you guys over for dinner!" ...but that never happens either?

Yeah, we're like that too. We don't MEAN to be. It's just that I was always working a show & then Brad was working on his music project, which he had to devote every second at home to, & then we went on vacation & then we had plans the next couple of weekends. But now...it's time! :) We have made a list of people that we have said these things to & we are just going down that list & having these people over! Because we WANT to & because we can! :) Some of them are couple friends of ours & some of these are girlfriends that i want to catch up with. But i am so excited about it! Friendships are important. I miss these people! It's people that we only see on Sunday mornings or people that we no longer go to church with so we don't see as much - unless we make an effort to do so! It's people that i once did a show with but now the show is over... so if i wanna see them, we gotta make plans!

Two of these theatre friends i have been missing are Charlynn & Danielle. Charlynn & I kept saying to each other, "i miss you! let's meet for dinner soon!" & Danielle & I were saying the same thing to each other. Then i noticed on Facebook that Charlynn & Danielle were trying to get together with each other too! So i contacted them both & said, "why don't we make this a triple date?!"

It took some emailing back & forth, but we finally set a date...Friday after work at Bistro Byronz. Perfect. We met there yesterday & had a great time, laughing & chatting! I miss these two!!! :)

I was so mad that i forgot my camera. Thankfully Charlynn takes hers everywhere. :)

Charlynn, moi & Danielle. I love these girls!

Mmmm...Charlynn brought us some cake balls from Brew Ha Ha. One for each of us. They were DELISH!!!

me & charlynn. :) 

We had a great time, but i'm sure we have lots more to talk about! We decided to do this again in a few weeks!

Next up...Adam & Katie over for dinner (tonight)!



  1. So glad you finally got to get together with some sweet girlfriends! Those cake balls look so yummy. Have a great weekend.

  2. Yaay! It's my birfday! It's my birfday! hahaha. I am having such a FUN weekend! Glad you got to have fun toooo!

  3. Awww looks like you had so much fun and cake balls?! YUMMMMMMMM!!!! I would love to know how to make those bad boys!


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