Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vacation - Thursday

Last day in Destin!! I'm sad!! I seriously could stay longer. But we are leaving in the morning. Actually, all day today i was saying i felt ready to go home. It's just that now that it's time, i'm maybe not so ready?! Ha! We've had a really good time!

One thing for sure - i'm so NOT ready to go back to work! But i am ready to go home. I just wish i could take the beach with me. Or at least the great view! :)

We didn't do too much today & of course, the day flew by (as all last vacation days do!). We went to Panera Bread today for lunch. My bloggie friend, Laura, is always going there & she loves it! I have been before (only on these trips to Destin) but i'd forgotten how WONDERFUL it smells in there! YUM!! I really love that place. I can see why it's Laura's home away from home. :) Lunch was delicious!! I wish they'd open one in Baton Rouge!!

When we got back, we just spent hours relaxing & lounging around. You know Fievel's favorite spot is on the back of the couch, right? I've posted pics of them before? Well, today after reading on the couch for awhile, with Fievel in his spot, i got up for something & saw this...

Yes, that is a paw you see!! He fell between the cushion & the back of the couch!

& he was in no hurry to get out either!! he kinda liked it!

Snug as a Bug in a Rug!!! 

& then i had to capture this...how cute!!! 
mom, dad & molly... sacked out!

Then i got some more ocean pics... i hope i am not boring you with these! I just am loving taking pics & the ocean is a great model. :) Haha! You know what i mean - It's so beautiful!

And i got one of the pool, too...from our balcony. 

Later, we all went to dinner together. We chose The Back Porch & i'm so glad we did! I highly recommend it! We got a table right on the beach! It was at sunset & it was beautiful & felt so nice! It was windy & not hot at all. The food was also DELISH! Loved it!!

 before dinner. aren't his eyes gorgeous?! :)

We had a great time tonight & a great trip overall. Tomorrow - we go home!!

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  1. Your hair looks super cute pulled half up to the side..you should do it MORE often..love and miss you mel. Glad you had a great time!! AND we have panera breads here..i should try it!


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