Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vacation: Tuesday

Today has been great! We got up early & by 9, we decided to go walk the beach. Yikes! I am so out of shape! It just about killed me but i survived. :) & i got some GORGEOUS pics out of it! Seriously!

 mom & dad walking the beach, & that is brad up ahead.

this is my favorite one :)


crystal clear!


so beautiful!

We came in & relaxed for awhile & by afternoon, we decided to do some shopping! We didn't go to many places. Just the bookstore, a couple of clothing stores & this fun place...

Some guys store...kinda crazy but cool.

His house & his bug. :)

The dock out back.

Then we went to dinner at The Crazy Lobster. It was delish!!! Brad & I both got the shrimp platter. My dad got the combination platter & mom got a steak (she is allergic to seafood). I thought it was really good & we had a sweet waitress. So this night wasn't quite the disaster as Sunday was! HA!

The shrimp platter was delicious!

Us at dinner.

After dinner & after driving around for a bit, we stopped at "Shakes" for some (duh) shakes. I couldn't drink mine... i didn't love it (& not really an ice cream person anyway but thought i was in the mood for it). Not a problem to Brad!! He LOVES the stuff! He drank mine AND his! HA!

We had a great day! I can't believe we still have two full days here. Yipee!


  1. awww what a fun vacay! Enjoy it! Your beach pics make me jealous! It is pouring buckets here in Oregon :/

  2. Looks like a wonderful day! I love the beach pictures ♥ So very artistic and pretty!

  3. I didnt realize you were in Destin. I *love* Destin!! Looks like you are having a blast. I'm glad! You deserve a wonderful relaxing vacation. :)

  4. Gorgeous pics!!! So glad you are having a great time on vacation!

  5. Your pictures make me want to be there.


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