Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vacation - Wednesday

Yesterday was a great day! Mom & Dad did a little shopping, but Brad & I stayed at the condo all day. We relaxed that morning & then headed out to the beach around 11 am. It was so beautiful! First, we got in the water & rode some waves! But woah, the waves were pretty strong! There were two guys out there surfing, but most everyone else was sunbathing! We had a blast for a little while, but then decided it was time to get out... which took forever... there was a slight current pulling me sideways pretty quickly! Ha!

We finally got to our beach chairs :) & hung out a little while - reading, talking, laughing & (me) taking pics.

surfer dude!

i was in love with this little bird. he was so cute!

i don't tan. i freckle. ;)


me & hubs!

After the beach, we came in for lunch, relaxed awhile & then hit the pool! We had so much fun! We had it all to ourselves & played silly games like Marco Polo. I was laughing so hard...i can be on the opposite end of the pool & brad can still get me!! Argh! It was funny. I also did handstands like i was 7 again & we just swam around & had a blast!! 

We finally came in & i took a long hot bath. i am so gonna miss the jacuzzi bathtub here!! It's in the master bath where my parents are staying, but i've been using the bathtub! I love it!! 

I made dinner last night! My favorite - romano ranch chicken & rice. So good! 

Oh, and the dogs have learned the meaning of the word "vacation". 

Fievel in his favorite spot! 

mom's dog Molly

We're having a great time! Can't believe we gotta go back tomorrow! I'm kind of ready but i wish i could take the beach with me!!


  1. that looks like exactly what i need! great pics!
    what a cute pup!

  2. The beach is so pretty! I don't tan either! I burn then freckle.

  3. What a BLAST!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE that final shot :) such a cute doggie


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