Friday, September 10, 2010

We're Back! & 5QF!

Well, we are home! I hope you had a chance to look at the pics from my vacation posts! I think the beach scene pics came out good! This one is my favorite. Is it odd to consider printing it on canvas? I know i'm no photographer, but it would be as close as i can get to having that view!! i love it!

We had an awesome time, but i am glad to be back. i guess. Sort of. Certain things i will miss. The view, Panera Bread (would someone PLEASE open one in Baton Rouge?!) & that jacuzzi bathtub to name a few! It was wonderful! But i'm glad to be home!! Even though i don't really look forward to going back to work on Monday! Bleh!! Thankful we got to go on this trip, though!! The ride back home went by fast, though we were exhausted when we got home! We have unpacked & clothes are washing & now we are relaxing. Vacationing from our vacation. Ha!

Well, time for a little 5 Question Friday. Thanks, Mama! (Link up here.)

1. Do you feel guilty about spending money on yourself? 
No. I mean, i would if i bought something i shouldn't have... i always get this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach when i do that. But i haven't done that in a long time. If i buy myself something, it's never very expensive & it comes out of money that i have set aside as spending money. So no reason to feel guilty! :)

2. How well do you know your neighbors? 
Not well at all. People move in & out of here so fast that there is not even time to get to know them. I do know the owner of our trailer park (only enough to stop him & ask him a question or something) & i also smile & wave at this other older lady that sits on her porch a lot. That's about it, though.

i really want to be one of those people that bakes cookies & brings them to the new neighbors... So out of my comfort zone, though. My friend Robyn did it once when i stopped by her house & i told her i could never do that. She said she never thought she could either but someone did it for them when they moved in & so she is passing it on. :) I told her next time we get new neighbors, i will have her come over & hold my hand & help me do it. Ha!

3. What age are you looking forward to being? 
I don't know. I kind of like 32. But i have no qualms about turning 33, either. I think it will be fun to be older & have grown kids & be retired & travel & stuff. But i'm certainly not in a rush to get there!

4. Do you get excited when mail comes? Why?
Yes, i do! I'm always like, "Did you get the mail!?" to Brad & if he says, "Yeah...just bills..." i'm disappointed, even though that's usually all it is! I used to be huge into pen pals & i have always been big on sending cards & such. Sometimes i do get a card or an invitation or something & it always makes my day! And i recently got 2 free magazine subscriptions so now i have that to look forward to! :)

5. What is your earliest childhood memory? 
Wow... will have to think about this one. I do have little snippets here & there from an early age. When i was 2, i was very sick on Christmas Eve. We were in Mississippi visiting relatives & my parents took me to the emergency room. (I had meningitis of some kind.) Anyway, i do have a memory of being pushed in a wheelchair down the hall in the hospital, with an IV in my FOOT (they couldn't find the vein in my arm! Or something!). That must be my earliest memory & it's just a moment.

I have another one at age 2... my sister was 5 & went to her first overnight camp. They had bunk beds & she (of course) had the top bunk. She went swimming & came in dripping wet & climbed to her bunk & slipped at the top step & hit her face on the floor! She knocked her four front teeth out (thankfully, they were baby teeth!). Well, i remember seeing her laying on the couch with a big ice pack pressed to her face. (What is funny about this story is that my husband's parents were at the camp - which is why my parents even let her go - being that she was just sooo little! And Brad's parents were the ones who took her to the hospital that night...). It's a great story but they tell it better!

Your turn!

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