Friday, September 10, 2010

what i will miss most...

{about Destin}

1. this awesome view...

2. this balcony... 

3. this restaurant... 

4. this jacuzzi tub!

5. and these waves... 

I will also miss getting up whenever i felt like it (which was usually quite early, but at least i didn't have to get dressed!), playing marco polo in the pool with brad, sleeping in a super cozy bed (though i do have a cozy one at home, too!) & doing whatever i felt like...which was mostly swimming, reading, & blogging. i also loved being with brad 24/7. But i am looking forward to a few things here too. Cooking. Having friends over for dinner. Going to my in-laws for coffee. Getting back to church. Etc... I am so thankful we got to go & that we had a great time!! Can't wait to go back one of these days!


  1. hahaha... It probably would have been pretty funny to see you guys playing marco polo.

  2. Oh Melissa, your pictures make me yearn for a trip to the coast - and that's saying alot, I'm a mountain person!

  3. I've never been but by your pictures I MISS IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!! hehe. Glad y'all had such a great time :)

  4. WOwo it looks so beautiful and relaxing!! Glad you guys had a great time!


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