Thursday, September 2, 2010


Almost...done....{pant, pant}

I am so close...

Today, i have been working HARD! I always work hard, ya know. I do. :) But today is my last full day at work until the 13th. {WooHoo!} And i have all these loose ends that need tying up before i leave. So i've been working super hard today to get as much work done today as i can.

Tomorrow I will work from 8:00 - 12:00. And then... I'm DONE! We are not leaving for the beach until late afternoon, but i have tons of stuff to do. Including, but not limited to:

- get a pedi. (yes, this is mandatory. have you seen my toes? ok, then.)
- make a barnes&noble run for books or mags for the long road trip (& for beach reading)
- pick up some stuff at the grocery store, including coffee filters, toilet paper, etc.
- pack whatever i haven't packed yet (i will get started tonight & hopefully finish).
- take fievel to the groomer.
& SOOOO many other things that i seem to have already forgotten. Good thing i make lists!

Then we will head out & i cannot wait!!

I hope i do not forget anything.

In just 24 hours, i will be about to leave for one of my favorite places in the world.


Ohmygosh, i am so excited!


  1. the beach is absolutely my favorite place!! enjoy :)

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  3. How exciting! I'm sure you will have a wonderful time. Even if you don't remember everything. :)

  4. Oh I'm so jealous!! Have a wonderful time!!!


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