Monday, October 4, 2010

another beautiful day at the lakes!

We went back to the lakes today & I happened to have my camera in my purse so i took it on our walk. I snapped lots of pics & had to share them with you. I really like photography but i know people are wondering why that girl is snapping pics while she exercises...ha! I hardly even pause at times (gotta keep that heart rate up!). I think it would make sense if i had a more professional camera, but i just have a point & shoot. Which is fine... i like it & it works for now. I'm learning a lot on it. But yeah... i am definitely the only person snapping photos on my walk! I can't help it though - it's just too beautiful out there!

Usually i cannot see the screen on my camera out there because it's too bright! I like coming home to see what i got & to edit as needed. I thought i got some great shots today! :)

a crane! you will see that i became a bit obsessed with the cranes. :)

a weeping willow (...right?)

another crane! all by his lonesome!

woah... i didn't mean to get the entire sun... not sure if this is awesome or not!

look at all the cranes! they were all over this tree! how many can you see?


This is my favorite picture of the day! Love! :)
(Click to see it larger)

Thank you, God, for a beautiful day!


  1. Beautiful pictures!! I love them!

  2. I love the cranes in the tree! Beautiful!

  3. those pics are great! That last one needs to be enlarged & framed! That would look great in your house & would be motivating to go back!!! :) I love the lakes :)

  4. wow great photos! I love the last one!! I promise I will send you over some photos of mine one day...I've been so busy!!

  5. When I come visit you you will have to take me here. :)

  6. neato! My parents have a pond right outside their backyard and have cranes (we call them egrets, but same thing) all over the place. Also, they have cow birds (that's what someone told mom they are called... still wondering about that! LOL) EVERYWHERE. You're making me want to go for a walk around the lakes!

  7. Hey the same day you posted this, I was reading a People magazine and there was a little write up that Patrick Dempsey (Dr. McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy) likes to bike around the LSU lakes. It's one of his 3 favorite places to bike. I can't believe I remember that much detail about such a small article. Guess it stood out cause it's here!


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