Sunday, October 17, 2010

Breakfast at LaLou's - & a surprise!

So, 2 of my best friends are Amanda & Becca. I love them both dearly. We all started going to church together years ago, but i didn't know either of them very well. Becca led a ministry where she would go with some other girls from our youth group to Springhouse, a home for troubled teen girls, and lead a Bible Study. At some point Amanda & I joined this ministry as well. I was a part of that ministry for 7 years...maybe more, i'm not sure. It was during those years that Amanda, Becca & I became really good friends. We still are to this day & even though we don't go to the same church anymore (Amanda's not even in our state anymore!), we love & think of each other often!

Amanda got married in July & that was the last time i saw her. I've talked to her some on the phone & facebook since then but of course miss her like crazy! I also miss Becca. She lives here & we always try to get together but it just never happens. Becca & i finally set a date! I was heading out of town around noon on Saturday, so i suggested breakfast. She agreed & we set the date for 9:30 Saturday morning at LaLou's (aka Another Broken Egg Cafe...they changed the name).

Well, a few days after we planned all this, Amanda messaged me to see if i had plans Saturday night. I told her we were going out of town & she was kinda bummed. She told me that she had come in town at the last minute. I was like, "well, what about saturday morning? because becca & i are having breakfast together!" She was like "OMG ARE YOU KIDDING!!?!" She asked if i minded if she imposed but of course i did NOT. Most of my Becca memories include Amanda - it would be more complete with her there!! I told her to join us & we decided to keep it from Becca. Make it a surprise!!

I got there first & planned to text Amanda when Becca arrived. I was told there would be a 15 minute wait, so i took a seat. After awhile, i decided to tell the hostess because i didn't want her to say "Melissa, party of 3" & becca wonder who was joining us! So i told the hostess what was going on & she loved it! I told her our mutual friend from Cali was in town & becca had no idea. She said she would call for "Melissa, Party of 2". Well, Becca comes in & sits next to me. The restaurant entrance was right behind her. Becca & I got to talking while waiting for our table. That area was full of other people also waiting for a table. Anyway, I see Amanda coming in right when Becca was in the middle of telling me a story. I said, "Becca. Turn around." She turned, saw Amanda, her eyes got HUGE & she was like "OMG!!!!!". I can't even describe - it was like she had the shock of her LIFE! Everyone in the area was watching us & smiling! Amanda jumped next to her & hugged her & they just hugged & hugged! Becca started crying, as i knew she would! Right then they called for our table & we went to be seated, Becca crying the whole way! HA! The waiter came & Becca is all wiping her tears & going, "Omg...that was the BEST EVER!" HAHAHA! It was GREAT!!!! :) :)

And we had an awesome breakfast just talking to each other. I love love love those girls! So glad Amanda got to come in town for a bit to visit! & so glad i got to have Amanda-Becca time! HA! :)

 Amanda & Becca

Love these two!!!

Outside at LaLou's

It was an AWESOME morning & i'm so glad we got to do that! Love y'all!


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