Sunday, October 31, 2010

Congrats, Blake & Andrea!

Last night we went to a wedding at the beautiful Nottoway Plantation! It is gorgeous & the weather was PERFECT for an outside wedding! The reception was inside & i couldn't get over the decor of this place! I loved it! It was really nice. The food was delicious! I was too full for cake, haha. They played mostly Michael Buble at the reception & i just love that style of music! We had a great time at the wedding. I met some of Brad's family that i haven't met before, so that was fun. Ran into some old friends as well. The maid of honor is a girl i went to church with for years, so it was great to see her. My parents & Brad's parents were also there. The groom is my husband's cousin, and the groom's mom & my mom are best friends. We sat with my parents during the ceremony. I haven't visited with my parents in too long! I've missed them! :)

The bride was absolutely gorgeous. When my mom introduced me to her, she said "oh yes! i was actually at your wedding!" & i didn't realize that! I think i did know that, but had forgotten. Funny almost two years ago she came as Blake's date to our wedding... she didn't have a clue then that she would be marrying him! It was just a date & i think one of their first dates! Ha! So that was kinda cool. She was very friendly & sweet. I was kind of obsessed with her dress. It was magnificent. Elegant. And perfect for a wedding at a plantation. I don't know why. It just had kind of an antebellum look to it. I loved it! :)

Ok, pics. I didn't take a whole lot of them. And some are blurry. But here we go...

 Crazy shot of Nottoway from my seat. :) 

 The bride & her father coming... 

 She's gorgeous! 

 Saying their vows. 

 Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Blake Seguin :)

 i'm kind of obsessed with the cello - so i had to take a pic! 

 This is just the side part of Nottoway Plantation.

First Dance! Sorry it is so dark, i was trying to get pics of that gorgeous dress! 

Another shot of her dress! Love it! 

Congratulations, Blake & Andrea! :)


  1. Beautiful! Everything about it looks beautiful!
    And that's a great pic of you & Brad too! LOVE your hair :)

  2. Awwww. She is so beautiful and so is that dress!!!!!!!

    P.S. Your hair looks fantastic!


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