Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Do You Know Who I Am?"

I was recently given the opportunity to review Angela Thomas' new book & I couldn't wait to do so! Angela Thomas was the guest speaker for the Beautiful Conference that i attended in August & i have loved her ever since! I was excited about getting the chance to read & review her newest book, which will be on bookshelves October 5th. I finished the book this week & was thrilled to discover that Angela is every bit as gifted in writing as she is in teaching.

The book is called "Do You Know Who I Am? - & other brave questions women ask". Each chapter answers a different question a woman like you or like me would ask God. At first I wasn't too sure about the title, but i soon discovered that Angela actually wasn't either. She tells in the intro of her book that when the title was presented to her, she didn't get it. How self-centered to ask "do you know who i am?", she thought. However, God showed her what it meant by whispering to her heart, "Angela, the question is for ME." She realized God was saying that He alone has the answers to the struggles we women face. He alone knows who we are, who we really are, & He alone is the one that truly understands. He sees us as we are & loves us anyway. He sees our deepest needs & desires & hurts. He wants to show us that He alone is our answer.

I thought Angela did a great job in tackling each one of these questions. She covers so many topics that  women face. She shares her own stories with us, and she jumps into studying scripture to show us just how God's very character has the answer to our deepest needs. The chapters are as follows:

Do you know I am afraid to dream big? I AM worthy.

Do you know I am Invisible? I AM the God who sees.

Do you know I am trembling inside? I AM your comfort.

Do you know I am Worn Out? I AM your God who does not grow weary.

Do you know I am suffering with a thorn? I AM your sufficiency.

Do you know I am a sinner? I AM your Savior.

Do you know I am lonely? I AM Here.

Do you know I am undisciplined? I AM your strength.

Do you know I am Hesitant? I AM Generous.

Do you know I am Ordinary? I AM your King & Father.

Do you know I am Broken? I AM your Redeemer.

Do you know I am Disappointed? I AM your hope.

Even though I may not be facing all of these questions in my life right now, there was still so much that i got out of each & every chapter. It made me laugh, cry & marvel at the reminder that God sees us, knows us, & still loves us just as we are, wherever we are. It was awesome to see how God answers each of these questions. When we get real with God by taking off our masks & allowing where we are right now to be revealed, He is able to show us that He is our help through any & every situation we may face. Angela did a fantastic job bringing to light who He is when we need Him most.

Now, i can't review the book & not also give it away. ;)

Yes, i will be giving away this book. And i like it so much that i'm buying a new copy to give to you & i'm keeping the one i was given to review. I just know that i will be going back to read it over & over... it's that good. So if you don't win, it is well worth the purchase! You can purchase it here. But first you may want to enter my giveaway! :)

To enter, all you have to do is leave me a comment. Just for fun, let me know in the comment which of the above chapters you are most interested in reading.

You can enter anytime between now & Saturday, October 9th. I will pick a winner Saturday evening. I will most likely do it the old fashioned way (put all your names in a hat!).

By the way, you do not have to have a blogger account to enter. Just leave a comment anyway. Be sure to leave your name so i know who you are. :) 

And if you don't win, you should still buy the book...it's a book that i think i will be going back to over & over again! And i bet you will too. :)


  1. This sounds like a really great book. I am worn out seems like a chapter I could def get something from haha.

  2. I think the suffering and the disappointed chapters sound awesome! If I don't win, I'm definitely going to have to buy this!

  3. I LOVED her at the conference as well!!!! I think I could relate to ALL chapters at some point in my life!!! But I should really go buy the book because I have NEVER won anything in my life!!!! :) LOL

  4. I'm most intrigued by the "Do you know I am ordinary?" chapter! It sounds like a book I need to buy if I don't win! :)

  5. I'm interested in the "Do you know I am undisciplined?" chapter. I've had issues with that lately!

  6. This sounds like a really uplifting empowering read for Christian women! Thanks for giving it away!

  7. Sounds like a great book. I'm new here but I've really enjoyed your blog - I found it through your otehr blog which has provided me with much inspiration as I struggle with my own weight loss. I think the chapters on disappointment or being ordinary speak to me the loudest at this point.
    Becky A.

  8. I've never tried to win a giveaway..so here goes! They all sound like great chapters..but I'm going with "Do you know I am Ordinary?"

  9. This sounds like an amazing book! I am looking forward to reading, 'Do you know that I am undisciplined.'

  10. This sounds crazy... I would be interested in the "Do you know I am lonely?" chapter.

    Lee Ann

  11. I have really been working on this one myself so I would love some more insight...Do you know I am afraid to dream big? I AM worthy.

    Amanda McGee


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