Friday, October 8, 2010

fill in the blank friday!

Today is Friday! YAY!!! Fill in the blanks on your own blog & then link up at Lauren's!

The first thing i do in the morning to start my day is get a cup of coffee.

Today i wish i was at home...but it's okay, the workday is finally almost over! I will be home in less than an hour! Woohoo!

If i had $100 extra dollars in my bank account today, i'd break down & buy myself a new cell phone. I really hate buying those, but need/want one. And i washed mine in the washing machine. Nice. Unfortunately, i can't get anything less than $150 so i was putting it off for a bit. But if i found $100 extra bucks in my checking account, that is what i'd get.

Tomorrow will be fun! Family reunion! All day fun, food & family at my husbands aunt & uncle's home.

Two things that don't go together are eggs & ketchup. I know people who do this & i'm sorry, but those things just do NOT go together. Also, french fries & frosties. My husband is one of many who loves this, but...EW!

Something I can never pass up at the grocery store is a rotisserie chicken. Those things smell good, there is no way i can not pick one up! They make recipes easier & go great in a salad or on a sandwich. Yum!

The last time i tried something new was earlier this year when i tried chicken & shrimp on the hibachi grill? Did i say that right? Haha, i LOVED it. I also tried my friend's sushi at that same dinner & yuck. Still hate it. Haha. (Surely i have tried something new since then, but i do not remember!)

Your turn! :)


  1. Those rotisserie chickens get me every time! Fred Meyers has some amazing ones... and I am like your hubs LOVE the frosty/fry combo.... Have a fabulous weekend at the reunion!

  2. I too like frostys with french fries- sorry! But eggs and ketchup sound nasty to me

  3. I have also been known to do the frosty and fry combo.
    I am a ketchup lover. I will put it on anything (including tortilla chips...but lets not talk about how weird I am...) but I will NOT put it on eggs. The thought of that actually makes me want to throw up!

  4. Sorry about your phone. Christian washed his in the machine once by accident. Ugh! We can relate! Do you have insurance? I think it covered his.

    I hope you enjoy the family reunion!! So fun!

  5. Ketchup and eggs...not so much. Eggs and salsa= WINNER! My mom always gets rotisseries and makes different recipes from them. I plan on doing this once I'm married and have to cook! Hibachi is the bomb!!!!!!


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