Saturday, October 16, 2010

it wasn't so bad!

Well, there was a lot of whining going on today on facebook... my facebook, i mean. Yeah. If you don't know already, i pulled a muscle in my back on Tuesday evening. Wednesday & Thursday were spent in bed with a heating pad... it hurt that bad! I couldn't even turn to look at something without excrutiating pain! Well, i had to go back to work today & was not looking forward to it. I figured i could deal for 8 hours, especially because i knew i'd be busy, but after that i had to work at the Manship where i work a few times a month. That means a 15 hour work day with a hurt back. I knew by the time i finished working at the office, i'd be dying to lie down for awhile!

Well, good news! It wasn't so bad! My back got to hurting REAL bad around 3 & I got a bad headache to go with it! I was kind of freaking out a little that i would not get home until about 11. But i couldn't find anyone to take my shift at the theatre, so i had to go.

Well, i got there & within just a few minutes i started noticing my back was feeling MUCH better. It still hurts slightly when i do certain things...so i try not to do them, haha. But i realize more & more that it's getting back to normal. Thank God! :)

The performance tonight was HAIR. It was a Puerto Rican theatre company! How cool! They were all beautiful & SO nice. I do not think i have ever met such a sweet cast, so appreciative of everything. They spoke Spanish to each other & i loved it. :) I was backstage so i only got to see the beginning of the show. They sounded amazing, though.

One of the lead guys was named Orlando. He was cute. He kept flirting with me & the other Rep & gave us both a necklace. I found out later it was his debut... the rest of the cast toured the show in February & March but he was the new kid on the block. He was hilarious.

As i ALWAYS do with my job at the manship, i decided i didn't need my camera. ACK! I hate when i do that! I do that all the time there, thinking i won't need it & then ALWAYS a great photo opportunity presents itself! Liz & I would SO have taken a pic with Orlando. :) One day i am going to put it in my purse & KEEP IT THERE! Ha!

Liz is a new rep - tonight was her first night. I was training her. We hit it off immediately! She was cool & sweet & we seem to have a lot in common! She made 2 years of marriage in July & i will next month. She runs & so we got to talking about exercise. And she also has baby fever, haha. We had plenty to talk about! I look forward to working with her again!

I am so excited about the weekend! I'd started to be kinda bummed, because i had this awesome weekend planned, but then i hurt my back & was starting to think it was going to ruin it all! But it's so much better now, yay! Anyway, tomorrow i'm going to have breakfast with a very dear friend. And then i'm going to come home, pick up brad & we're heading to Natchitoches to see some friends!! I can't wait to blog all about it!

I am going to end this post with today's Fill-in-the-Blank Friday...

1. Blogging is a wonderful place for meeting new friends! Some of you guys are very dear to my heart & i hope to one day meet you face to face. :)

2. A current fashion trend i wish i was brave enough to wear is huh. I have no idea. Most stuff i want to wear but don't is because it's not going to be flattering. Not because i'm not brave enough...

3. My greatest accomplishment in life thus far is performing as Little Becky Two Shoes in Urinetown, the musical.

4. If i had to choose between a mountain & a beach vacation, i'd choose...well, this is really hard, but i would choose the beach. I guess. But don't get me wrong! If the beach vacation was taken away & the mountain one was left, i would not feel upset in any way. I love both! But i do love the beach just a little more. :)

5. A talent i wish i had is tumbling.

6. A talent i do have is singing.

7. This week was a pain in the neck...literally!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Definitely glad for you that it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be and that your back is feeling better!

    You should probably just take your camera next time haha.

  2. I'm glad your back is starting to feel better!

    I tumbled for 10 years and I'm not longer limber like that and as soon as I quit, all of my balance went right out the window! Crazy!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. So glad your back is feeling better! Have a wonderful weekend! Sounds like loads of fun!


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