Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good day at the CAAA!

Today was a much better day. Of course, it was our annual event... we have it each year in Gonzales (about 30 minutes from our office) & it's this great big event where all the Councils on Aging bus in their clients. We had around 600 people there, a great turnout! There are booths all over the place for our guests to have screenings, get flu shots, or just find out about certain programs available to senior citizens in their area. They have a coffee station, a cookie station & a soda/water station too...all free to our guests. We are all assigned a spot for the day. This year, i got to work with my [favorite coworker] Tonya. We just took the door prizes from vendors & set them up (& passed them out when it was time). There's a meeting at 11 & everyone is served lunch.We eat after everyone is served. When it's over we don't have to go back to the office...our director gives us the okay to go home! In years past, that has happened between 2 & 3 o'clock...this year it happened at 12:45!! Reason being, because they did the meeting DURING lunch instead of having the meeting & serving dinner afterwards. Great idea, haha!! I took pics today & here are a few. :)

 Wooo, i look rough! TIRED. Haha. This is me with my two favorite coworkers. :) Wendy & Tonya.

 Jan & Tracy (Tracy is my boss!)

the great grandparents of the kids i used to nanny... i love them! Was thrilled to see them. aren't they cute?! :)

 My coworker Billy...he CRACKS me up! (He's supposed to be giving out cookies, not EATING them! HA!)

Brand new mama Alaina & soon-to-be mama (with baby #3) Tonya.

 Judy & Debbie...love them! 

All of us at Capital Area Agency on Aging.

Usually i carpool with people from work, but this year i decided to go on my own. Why? Well, next to the Expo Center (where the event was held) is a huge outlet mall. So many were planning on going shopping after the event, but  i knew i'd want to go home. Well, as i'm leaving Gonzales, at the last second i hopped into the turn late to hit the mall! I only went to one store though...Old Navy Outlet. I got myself three shirts & Brad one shirt. His shirt & one of mine are what we will wear for pictures this weekend! One of my shirts is a black light sweater & it says LOVE on it. I LOVE that! :) And they were VERY inexpensive! SCORE! I ran to the grocery store after that & then came home. Brad is home sick today - he went to the doctor & has a bronchial infection. I'm not feeling too great myself. YUCK. But i'm cooking us some hot & healthy comfort food tonight.

Anyway, thanks so much to all of you who prayed for me & encouraged me after my post yesterday. It was a tough day, & i always am reminded of my regrets & wishes regarding career & education when i have days like that. However, on days like today, i am reminded that it really is a good job & that some of the horrible things about it will get better. And that this isn't the end.... God has great plans for me & no matter what that means i know that it is all for my good. :) Not to say i won't look for something else in the future... but i can take a deep breath & be content with what i have right now. I was amazed at all the comments here & on facebook & emails sent to me last night & today - FULL of encouragement. It truly meant a lot! HUGS!!


  1. So glad you had a better day today. That picture of the old man made me laugh, he looks very suspicious. Probably thinking something like "what is up with all these young people taking so many pictures all the time? in my day.... :)"

  2. I have that same sweater! :)

    Glad your day went better and woo hoo for getting to go home early!

  3. All the pictures are so cute! I love the one of your co-worker eating cookies. So cute!!


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