Sunday, October 10, 2010

Medicine Head

Today has been sooo weird!

Last night i started feeling bad - my throat started killing me. I was hoping i'd feel fine by morning, but i didn't. I felt terrible. I woke up at 7:30, drank a cup of coffee & asked brad to bring me whatever medicine we had that had the most antihistamine in it. If i am getting sick, i want to be well ASAP. He brought me Sudafed Sinus. And it knocked.me.OUT.

After eating breakfast, i went back to bed to read. I got myself two novels last night & am already sooo into this book called 'the blessings of the animals', which is about a vetinarian & her troubled marriage. I don't love the title, but the story is really really good. I picked it up on a "noteworthy paperbacks" display at Barnes & Noble & got into it before i even got home. Unputdownable. But after only one page, my eyes were heavy & i fell asleep.

I woke up four hours later. FOUR HOURS LATER! I mean, i'd slept 9 hours the night before. And then i slept 10 am - 2 pm! WOAH. i just felt blah. Yuck. Ears, nose & throat - not so good.

We got Happy Feet in on Netflix & sat down to watch it around 3. We were very disappointed. Didn't even finish it. I thought it was a PIXAR movie but it's not. PIXAR would have done a great job with that. We had both heard it was SOOO cute. Not so much. Did not love it enough to even finish it! And i was still drowsy, believe it or not. We turned it off. I blogged awhile & got back in bed with my book.

Suddenly around 8, i started feeling a LOT better. And now i feel fine! And it's 11 pm & way past my bedtime & of course, i'm wide awake.

So i hope this was all just a farce. I hate getting sick. I have things to do. October has lots on the calendar! Hopefully i am going to feel just wonderful tomorrow. :)

Well, yeah. Boring post. Whatdoyaexpect?

Time for bed. Goodnight!


  1. Looks like you showed that sickness who's boss! LOL.

    So glad you're feeling much better!!!!!!!

    P.S. Happy Feet is now OFF my list of movies to see ha ha.

  2. We didn't like Happy Feet either. It was pretty disapointing! Hope you feel better!!

  3. I think I remember not being too pleased with Happy Feet as well.

    Hope you are still feeling better today! I've been waking up in the mornings with a sore throat. Not so fun. Hope it quits!

  4. grrr, i hope i didn't get u sick! i wasn't supposed to be contagious anymore. doctor said after 24 hours of antibiotics i wouldn't be. otherwise, i wouldn't have left the house, hehe! hope u continue to stay well! love ya

  5. That is a whirlwind cold, sound like a nice day though

  6. Hope you're feeling MUCH better by now. Rest up!


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