Sunday, October 10, 2010

the Sandifer Family Reunion!

Yesterday was the Sandifer Family Reunion.... the reunion of brad's mom's side of the family. I love that his family has reunions! Our never did & they are so much fun! I'm glad i get to be a part of it. :) I got up Saturday morning & cooked my Romano Ranch Chicken & Rice (as requested by my father-in-law) & my Chocolate Chip Pound Cake, which i make every year. Brad helped me by making the rice & shredding the chicken for the Romano Ranch dinner, thank goodness for that! We didn't get up early enough & i was running short on time! 

 Brad & I at the reunion!

We had a fantastic time at the reunion. The food was delicious! We always vote on the best food... best dessert & best "everything else". :) Brad's Uncle Jerry made THE BEST jambalaya i might have ever had. That is who i voted for & he won. Brad's Uncle Kenny won second for his fried turkey....yes, that was delicious too! YUM! Brad's mom won the dessert category but i didn't even get any...they do the voting RIGHT after the eating & i was too full from lunch to eat dessert already! 


They always take pictures of each family & each group at these reunions. This is my 4th reunion with them: i went when we dated the first time in 1997, i went again when we were engaged in 2008, and this was my second time as a married lady. :) I always enjoy going. They take tons of pics & there are always albums from previous reunions ... they have been doing these reunions once a year forEVER. There are pics from long  before Brad was born at these events! Awesome that they continue to keep it going every year, without fail. 

This is Uncle Lon & Aunt Margie. Aren't they cute? I think so. Aunt Margie had a stroke recently, so we were surprised & excited to see her there! She looks just as wonderful as always. :) Uncle Lon is the last left of his siblings. Brad's Maw Maw would normally be in this picture, but she passed away this year. :( This is the oldest generation now at the family reunions. It all began a generation before this. So these are the children & next are the grandchildren. Got all that?! :)

the Grandchildren

the Great-Grandchildren
the Great-Great Grandchildren!

and the Great-Great-Great Grandchildren! Wow! These are cousins - Tucker & Audaleigh. Baby Fever was in full swing at the reunion... haha. Aren't they precious?!

 our part of the family

We also do a pinata for the kids. :)

SO sweet...Brittany & baby Jessica.

Brad with his sister Jaimie 

HA! SO typical... I handed Brad my camera to take a pic of me & Jaimie but then we turned around immediately to take a pic with HER camera first. I knew he was going to do this! "Well, you SAID take a picture of y'all!" LOL. Here is the real pic... :)

Cousin Matt & his friend Lynde. She was so sweet, we enjoyed meeting her!

Another of Matt & Lynde with another cousin Trent & his girlfriend Brooke. Cute!

Cousin Brittany with Jaimie!

me & my love :)

me, my husband & my in-laws! I freaking love them!!! :) 

So that was our day! We had a great time! Can't wait till next year! Hope it is as beautiful weather as it was this year!


  1. OMG!! Girl next time ya'll have one I ya'll need to tell me when and where and I will be there that food looks AMAZING..lol. Glad you had a Great time.

  2. MMMMMM Did you say fried turkey????? UGH my mouth is watering. I love fried turkey!!!!!! We have one every year for Thanksgiving.

    The pictures of you and your husband are so cute. You can tell you both have a genuine happy smile. Awwww so sweet!!!

  3. Oh wow! This is great! I can't believe it's been going on for so long and that they don't miss! I would love it if my family did something like this. Neither side does. Mike's family tries but the reunions are always pretty boring. And they are always at 12:30 and I have kids that nap at 1:00 so it just doesn't work out well to go. Someday though. Because I love reunions.


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