Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Soup tastes better in the Fall.

Time for another blog hop with Girl Talk! If you have not hopped on over to Girl Talk yet, you really should. It's a pretty awesome place...more like a community. I love it. You should check it out!

On Tuesdays they do Blog Hops so we can all get to know each other a little more. The topic of today's hop?

My Favorite Thing About Fall.

{Squeal!} I LOVE Fall! It is my favorite season! & you know what? I'm finding there are A LOT of people who also love fall. Sure we have our spring & summer lovers...& even a few winter lovers. But i think most of us can agree that Fall is pretty awesome. I have always been a spring & fall lover myself, but it seems in the last couple of years fall has won my affections. I love it.

What do i love about fall?

Everything tastes better. Well, hot things taste better. Mainly, coffee & soup. I love coffee & drink it year-round, but it's SOOO much more wonderful when the weather gets cooler.
Mmmm...delish! (no, i do not drink mine black. But i wish i did. i think people who drink it that way are just way cool).

& Soups! I love to cook & my favorite thing to cook is soups, chilis, stews - yum yum! Delicious & nutricious! But it's just too hot to eat that stuff in the summer... so i always look forward to cooking up some delicious soups in the fall! (P.S. Next blog hop is favorite fall recipe. You should play along.)

My other favorite thing about fall is walking the lakes. Sure you can walk them any time of year, but i skip the lakes & hit the gym during the grueling hundred degree weather! I don't know how people continue walking the lakes in summer without having a heat stroke! But now it's fall & - as long as it's not raining - i can hit the lakes...it makes exercise sooo much more enjoyable!
So our leaves aren't changing colors yet. Still beautiful & the weather is gorgeous. (Was. It's now raining. We had two weeks of gorgeous fall weather though. Hopefully the rain will go away soon!)

Of course, there are TONS of other great things about fall. But these are my top two. :)

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  1. I love to make soups in the fall! You're right, it just doesn't feel right when it's summer. Way too hot!

    I'm not a coffee drinker. I've always wished that I was, but I can't stand it. My sister says after I have kids, I'll become one. My husband drinks his coffee black and it's disgusting! At least I think so. Ha!

  2. Okay, so when I do my blog post and I'm talking about making soups and stews in the fall, know that I'm not copying you. :) Seriously, before I left this morning and saw what the blog hop was about, that is what came to my mind first.

    I'm a bit jealous that you have such beautiful lakes to exercise around. My trail is okay, but not nearly as pretty.


  3. Mmmm... and Kim brought me chicken noodle soup today and it's in my crockpot looking and smelling all yummy! Soups are a love of mine in the cooler months. Can't wait for everyones recipes in the next blog hop!

  4. I had to chuckle when you wrote that your leaves aren't changing... :) Louisiana doesn't even come close to Arkansas with a leaf changing fall.

  5. and ps... I love soups too. We pretty much eat soup from October thru February in our house. SO easy to make, and it freezes well too!

  6. I have been craving soup, and as a result printed off 14 soup recipes today!! I cannot wait!!!! love, love, love it!!! But, I do need a good chili recipe.. I had one a long time ago and lost it, and now cannot find a good one without cumin (I HATE cumin) :)


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