Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursdays!

Today I am joining Krystal & Kristen in Thankful Thursdays! All you gotta do is tell 5 things you are thankful for this week. I'm all for that! It's good to focus on the positives sometimes. :)

Dinner with my BFF last night. Yay! My BFF & I have such busy lives, but i love it when we make it a point to spend time together! We can talk for HOURS. Last night we met at Portabello's, a delicious italian restaurant, & had so much fun catching up. Love that girl! :)

My sister. She has come such a long way since her divorce a few years ago. She sent us an autobiographical essay thingie she had to write for school & i was so proud of her reading it. Divorce is TOUGH, but sometimes you can still come out smiling. I asked her if i could post her story to give encouragement to friends who have been through this - & she said yes! So that is coming soon. :)

The upcoming weekend. I am so excited, it is going to be great! Saturday morning i am meeting my friend Becca for breakfast... another dear friend that i miss spending time with! We will talk & catch up & i can't wait. After that, Brad & I will be heading out to Natchitoches to spend the night at a cute place called The Church Street Inn. Our friends Tim & Marion got lead roles in their school's production of CHICAGO & we are going to see them in it! I cannot wait! :)

I am feeling very healthy lately. I have been at this weightloss journey for over a year now & i have lost 23 pounds. Though that doesn't sound like much to some, i am very happy & proud. I am not sure if i would have developed some of these good habits if i had not taken it slowly. This week (despite a pulled muscle in my upper back/neck!), I am feeling healthy & in control of my eating & exercise habits. :) Yay!

It is soooo important to find a doctor you love & that happened for me this week! I didn't like the obgyn i went to last year, so i tried a new one this year...and my appointment was Monday. She was awesome & i am so thankful to have found "the one"! Haha!

You should play along! You can do that here!


  1. I'm looking forward to reading the post on your sister's story!

    That's awesome about your weight loss.

    Yay for finding good doctors! I'm kinda stuck with what I have, and I'm not a fan of mine.

  2. Thank you so much for participating!!!!! woohoo It got me excited haha.

    Take pics on your little getaway this weekend! I would love to see them. I like all of your thankfuls :) I think your weightloss is a really great accomplishment! I admire you wanting to be healthy and doing it in a good way and not crash dieting or using medications or surgery.

  3. Good doctors are sooooo important. I think sometimes we feel like we have to just stick with one or we will offend them or something - at least I DID. Since getting preggo the first time, I now know the importance of standing up for what I am comfortable with.

    Way to go on the weight loss too - you rock!


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