Monday, October 4, 2010

theatre makeover!

Saturday night, Brad & I went on a hot date. :) We went to La Carreta & sat on the PORCH...such beautiful weather here, y'all! The food was delicious as usual - we hadn't been there in too long & we used to go all the time! After dinner, we went to see The Pirates of Penzance at Baton Rouge Little Theatre. It was a fantastic show & we really enjoyed it! Funny, too, we laughed the entire time. I enjoyed seeing lots of friends from the cast after the production.

But what i really enjoyed was BRLT's new seats!!! And i just have to share them with you!

I have been SO excited to see their new seats. They had a campaign all last year where you could buy a seat or two - & buy them we did! Everyone wants BRLT to get new seats, so patrons were more than happy to contribute. The first seats have been there since BRLT's new playhouse was bought in 1960! Ok, so yeah...those seats were 50 years old! Trust me when i say this: new ones were NEEDED! :) It has been the number one complaint from our audiences.

The new seat installation began right after Sound of Music closed...and Sound of Music was my last show for awhile! So i did not get to see the new seats until i had to work a rental last Wednesday. And i did not get to sit in the new seats until we our date Saturday  night. But wow! They are definitely more comfortable. But not only that...the walls are now a light gray color, the aisles have really nice new carpet, & the lobby has been totally redecorated. It looks awesome!

We got to the theatre just in time for the show, so i couldn't really take any pics. Thankfully i have some friends who snapped shots back when the installation process was taking place...

the old seats being taken out...good riddance! ;)

this was taken from the light booth - seats almost gone!

& they are gone! (the theatre looks so weird like this!)
*above pics by my friend Davis.

new paint, carpet & SEATS!! (& the pirates set!)
*taken by my friend Leonard.

sorry there are people everywhere, but it's the only good shot i could find of the new seats!

 the box office...new paint & that green curtain thingie is new too. Love it!

 Our "new" lobby! I wish i had before pictures, but you are just going to have to trust me...it looks a million times better!  LOVE IT! New carpet, new seating area, new cool curtain thingie above the bar! Love!

 Close up of the seating area.

That water fountain has been broken forEVER. Not anymore! Woohoo! Love this seating area too.
*above pics by my friend Mary.

Ok, so that's all the pics i have! What a great change! My friend Albert is on the board at BRLT & also an interior designer & i believe he is behind all of these changes! Thanks, Albert! I am so excited about all of the changes! It looks great! Can't wait to sit there again this Thursday night for RENT! :)



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