Saturday, October 9, 2010

& we have a winner!

Well, i said i would pick a winner Saturday evening... & here it is nearly 6 pm. I think it's time to draw a winner for the "Do You Know Who I Am?" giveaway! I decided to do it the old fashioned way this time...

Shaking it up... 

drawing a name...eek! 

who could it be???

And we have a winner!!!! 

What? You say you can't read it? Let's try that again... 

Still can't read it? Well, the winner is Amanda McGee!! 
Her comment was -
"I have really been working on this one myself so I would love some more insight...Do you know I am afraid to dream big? I AM worthy."

Congratulations, Amanda! Send me your mailing address & I will send it out to you right away. Or i could just meet you...since you are pretty local, haha! I am excited about your reading the chapter on dreaming big! It's a pretty awesome chapter (though the whole book is!). I think you will enjoy it! 

Everyone else, thanks for entering! I wish i could give away more than one! But you can buy it here or here for right around ten bucks.

Amanda, i hope this book speaks to you as much as it did to me!! 

Thanks for playing! :)


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