Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekend plans & such.

Thanks so much to all of your sweet comments on my last post. I love my bloggie friends! You never cease to encourage me & lift me up! Please continue to keep my dear friends in your prayers!

Yay! It's Friday! I'm so glad! Friday is weigh day & i was happy to see that i am done 1.2 pounds! That is a total of 23.2 pounds down & i am very happy! YAY! I am also NOT missing the gym - we FINALLY have gorgeous weather around here, so Brad & I have walked the lakes every evening this week! I took this picture the other day... i am finding i am obsessed with the egrets. I am wishing i had a camera with a bit more zoom on it. But here is my favorite picture from Wednesday. :)

this is with no editing - see the egrets? there is more than one!

Last night i went to see RENT at Baton Rouge Little Theatre for their preview performance & ohmygosh, i was BLOWN AWAY! The vocals were outstanding, i got goosebumps over & over again! You should go see it if you are in the area (make sure to read about it first & make sure you are okay with it...it is definitely adult themed. I knew that going in, but i just wanted to warn you in case you are not in theatre-world & didn't know!). But the choreography & vocals were perfect. They have a STRONG cast of talented people. I was freaking amazed. When it went to blackout before their current call, we all jumped to our feet! Usually standing ovations take awhile...at least until the first bow! HAHA. We couldn't wait. I brought two friends & one said she thought it was the best play she's ever seen & the other said he could not believe we were in Baton Rouge. It was fantastic.

I am so thankful it is the weekend! YAY! Today after work we are just going to RELAX. And then tomorrow we have the Sandifer Family Reunion - Brad's mom's side of the family. I am definitely looking forward to it! This will be my 4th one. It's funny, i have been there in every season of Brad & my relationship. I went to the one when we dated the first time in 1997, i went to one when we were engaged in 2008, married in 2009 & this will be my second one as a married lady. :) They are a lot of fun. They're at Brad's Aunt & Uncle's house & usually outside. Thankfully it has been beautiful here & this weekend is supposed to be the same way. There will be lots of food. I am cooking my usual Chocolate Chip Pound Cake, but i'm also going to bring my Romano Ranch Chicken & Rice dish that i love. It's so good. I was talking to my in-laws about what to bring & Brad's dad suggested bringing that (he loved it when i had them over for dinner last time!) & his mom agreed. It was not what i had in mind for a reunion food, but not a bad idea! I hope people like it! I am definitely bringing my camera & going crazy with it! The last few years i have kind of felt too shy to go crazy with the camera... just because i was all new in the family. But i don't think i'll feel that way this time. :)

Sunday we have nothing on the agenda, except church. We will need to relax after our crazy reunion day!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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