Saturday, October 23, 2010

whatever pops into my head!

This post is gonna be random. Just whatever is on my mind. So... here we go. :)

Hubby & I are not feeling well. I can't stop sneezing, he can't stop coughing. Blerg! But hopefully we will be feeling better in no time, right? I hope so!!

Today i had a hair appointment. Yesterday i was feeling REALLY bad & thought i might have to cancel. But i haven't had fever at all & thought i was feeling much better. Of course, once i got out & about, it started to hit me that, yeah... not feeling so great after all! But I really wanted to chop this hair! Once it gets on my neck, i start hating it! I used to just do a ponytail for that, but then i discovered how great my hair feels short! So i went & got my hair did! Lesli at On The Boulevard. GO THERE if you need a stylist or colorist. She is awesome. Not to mention Yvonne, the chic who washes your hair. She massages your neck & scalp as she washes your hair & ohhhhhhhmyyyyyygosshhhhhhh. It is AMAZING. Seriously. I told her i wished i could have her do that everyday. If i was a rich woman...oh, the things i would do...

After getting my hair done, i went to Target. I am sooo glad i do not have a Target near my house or my work. Or a Chic-fil-a. I could do serious damage at those two places. Thankfully, i ONLY go there if i have to go to my bank or to get my hair done. Which is not often at all (last time was early June). Both the bank & my hair place are right by Target & Chic-fil-a. There is a facebook group called "petition to open a chic-fil-a in central". (Central is a suburb of BR, where my parents live & a lot closer to my house than BR (even though my house technically IS in BR.) I am undecided on whether or not i should join this group. I am not sure a chic-fil-a in central would be a good thing for someone who is trying to quit fast food. Seriously. I love me some Chic-fil-a.

I am currently reading "One for the Money" by Janet Evanovich. i have been looking for her books for too long. I assumed they were just with the other fiction books. Didn't realize they were in the Mystery section. Anyway, i love this book. I love it. Stephanie Plum cracks me up.

Last night we watched Bridge to Terabithia. It was good. I'd read the book in elementary school & LOVED it. That's why we got the movie. I forgot it was a tearjerker, though! But it was still good! Next we get How to Train your Dragon, which i hear is FANTASTIC! :)

I found out that auditions for Crimes of the Heart are going to be November 29th & 30th. I can't wait. I haven't auditioned since 2008, but i'm not too nervous about it. If it was a musical, i would be totally freaking out & considering bailing on the whole thing. But play auditions are easier. You just get up there & read a side (section of the script) with another auditionee. Easy Peasy. Well, not as easy to get CAST, but it's not too scary or embarrassing to get up & do a cold reading! The play is about 3 sisters. There is another girl role, their cousin. It's funny, but not. A dark comedy. The three sisters live in Mississippi. The youngest sister murders her husband. Yeah. Haha. I would love to play Lenny, the oldest sister. Although i would take any of the roles - they'd all be fun to play!

Tomorrow we are having pics done for our Christmas cards. Every year i find a photographer doing a special & book them for christmas cards. It kind of doubles as anniversary pics for us too. :) I asked Brad how we are going to do this feeling kind of under-the-weather. He said we will fake it till we make it! HA! Sounds like a plan to me! Thankfully it doesn't take too long. I invited Brad's sister to come with us to hold on to Fievel when he's not in the pics. We're going to have her get in some pics too. :)

Well, that's all i got for now. See ya!


  1. Love Stephanie Plum also! I have read probably every Janet Evanovich book there is. Seriously.

    Also loved Bridge to Terabithia. Bawled like a baby though. We might have to buy that one.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE How to Train Your Dragon. I want one. A dragon, that is. I want Toothless. He's so darned cute!!! We rented the movie last weekend and I went out Monday and bought it. That's how much I love that movie. We watched it again tonight. You will love it!

    It must be great fun to be in a play. I've thought about trying out but with Doug's work schedule, it would be nearly impossible for me to make rehearsals and such. Maybe someday. Anyway, hope you get a part in it!

    And I hope you and Brad are feeling better soon!

  2. Hope y'all feel better soon! :)

    You'll have to tell me when Crimes of the Heart is at BRLT. That was my sister's fave! She won a national monologue competition from a scene in that. I can't for the life of me remember how it went, or even what character, but I know if I heard it, I'd probably remember the whole thing! HAHA!
    Come to think of it, you and her would have gotten along GREAT! She used to do the BRLT workshops every summer, but never auditioned for ANYTHING! After she got married and moved to TX, she joined their theatre and was in many plays and musicals there!
    Ok, anyway, RANDOM!!


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